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    Reason 5451254785469884123654123 to Love Cool and Imprudence


    You know in the past I have refered to Cool Viewer, and Imprudence, with the many reasons that I embrace both viewers as part of my every day. Todays reason would have to be one of the most beneficial to all content creators in Second Life.

    Most people know there is a Beta grid in Second Life, a seperate grid that is for testing the RC software before it hits the main grid, and is mandatory to upload. But it eventually ended up also being a testing grid for avatars to upload textures, animations and other items to see if they were upload worthy in the main grid.

    LL Gives you 9K roughly to play with, that money is fake, and the uploading you do with it does NOT stay in your inventory, it is as stated a test grid only, you can upload a texture for clothing, skins and so on, try it on the body, and if it is as perfect as you can get it then you can upload it to main grid to proceed with your creation.

    But this system always prooved to be a pain, as you had to log off main, then sign into beta, and while in Beta no one could contact you, and it gets lonely. The other option was to log in an alt, have them check out whether or not the item was worthy, but then you would find that you forgot to pass all the new pieces you need to check it against, have to relog on to the main and bah humbug that sucked too lol.

    Well now thanks to Fia’s brilliance, and him having two computers and a daring nature, today he discovered and I had to check to see if it was true, you can in fact be in two places at once.

    I logged into Imprudence Viewer into the Beta Grid – it has a drop down to choose which grid you want, without having to upload it seperate – and in I was, not only was I in there, but it was same outfit I was wearing in Cool Viewer, but different group title, but Fia was in a totally different outfit and different title, very strange indeed.

    But to save money as uploading textures and such can get expensive after a while, this is definitely another huge plus in the alternative viewer stakes, so thank you Imprudence and Cool viewers for making my day.

    Links to both viewers are on my blog roll, check it out for yourself.


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    Thanks to Creamy

    In my post last night I forgot in my haste to make one clear Thank You.

    Creamy Cooljoke of FreeStyle posted some amazing links to us on Fashion Finds at Ning, for us to play with background and colour stuff and this awesome site she gave us for doing MORE to your pics , I played around with it last night , which is why i did my Robin Hood pics lol.

    For me though wayyyy to much time was spent on the link for one picture lol, so its not exactly useful for how I blog , I’d be there for ten hours and lose track of all time lol.

    But it issss so much fun, and so many different tooks you can use , its kind of like having PS on a website. You can find it HERE , and if it changes your life. make sure you thank Creamy too ♥.

    You may need to click on the photo to see the water move,or it may not work at all lol but it does I swear , so go play with it yourself.

    xox Sasy xox

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    Ok I had a mini rant, now I’m doing a plea/rant/thingy majooga :P.

    When I was typing my mini rant, I was trying not to get all ranty, as it was a post on wonderful things and didnt really want to change that fact, but Efe commented in IM and in the post about the individual prim issue, I forgot about that.

    The resizer script does allow for individual prims to be shrunk or bigguned – dont care if thats not a real word :p – but some dont allow for you to actualy move those devil prims that stick out in odd places. I remembered and told her why that was and realised that its something that has to be thrown out there.

    Now working closely with a hair creator, Aleri I am about to tell the world you have big ears SORRY :P, you see even though Aleri and many hair creators include their head size in a notecard for that ‘perfect fit ‘ it always seems that its not so perfect,and try and you might you cant work out how thats possible if you do follow their guidelines.

    I never followed them, but I do know my hair , and my head as you all do I am sure, and I always know that with HCT Hair I wear small and have to raise it a smidge coz Boo is a shorty puff. ETD I have to move back a smidge, Gurl 6 I fluctuate between medium and small depending on the style and so on.

    But Diversity I rarely had to ever move, until all of a sudden last year I was having ear prims issues, it boggled my mind as I hadnt changed head size and chucked a big wobbly at Aleri accusing her of changing hers lol, she hadn’t, but still sceptical I used to watch her as she built her hair with narrow slit eyes and then one day it hit me – or maybe she did , I cant remember :p .

    Nope it hit me when she was fully bald and we were doing a skins test lined up in a row all bald, and i was like WOAH her ear angle is huge – I am going to get into so much trouble I know it . But this is important because its one of those things people don’t think about with hair.

    I realised that towards the end of last year, Aleri started doing allot more close to the skull styles , uppydo’s etc , and what that meant was she was building more around her ears, with the angle being like hers are; that meant that with my ten angle the prims were embedded in my ears .

    I modded my shape to see how far I had to go out to not have to change prims, and a loud scream could be heard for miles *giggles* that so wasn’t happening, so back my shape went and I had to overcome my fear of editing lol.

    But designers of hair this is my plea, if you make hair and you do include the info of your head shape , PLEASE include ear angle , because it is important and will help allot of newer people who base their first shapes around their favourite hair designer.

    Also for the customer consider if you are having to fix that issue allot and with many designers, maybe you slid your sliders for ear angle all the way down to not have any angle at all , which would be why you are having that issue often, possibly with all styles, if your shape is mod , do a little test see how far you have to go to fix it and if you can live with that angle lol then maybe it will save you mucho stresso.

    But also consider this , my head size isnt aleris size its smaller, so that also is going to effect things and for many of you, you wont have this issue at all, and Aleris ears suit her shape, I do want to clarify that, this isnt about her ears or her product , it was one of those ‘what is causing it ‘ issues I had that I was able to understand due to watching her work, becuase of her I was able to understand why it happens for me with other creators hair, again due to the fact that ear angle isnt something anyone would necessarily think of in the bigger scheme of things.

    End of ranty thinga majooga

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    Ok look out I am going into high rant mode.

    Damn I wish I could make the font HUGE !

    You have stores, you create beautiful items, we buy them, or in some cases get given them in one form or another, be it a gift from a loved one, or we sat on a red chair and green particles come out and we get a pressie…. or you happen to Blog and Designers like your style and you get sent Showcase Items to feature .

    So many ways in Phils Place to Honestly Acquire fantastic merchandise. But then OMG, you run out of space in your store, you are creating at a speed faster than one hallmark holiday to the next, this cant go on , you need more space , OMG you have a sale and discontinue it all .



    The insanity has to end , stomps foot again *.

    Why to not discontinue :

    1. Coz I said so.

    If one doesn’t work for you then these reasons might .

    Many other designers use your products, they are constantly advertising your hair, your skins, your shoes , your jewelry , your clothing in their vendor ads. Hundreds maybe even thousands of IMs a week occur with the question ‘Excuse me your vendor in your store has a blah blah blah blah in it , can you tell me where that is from ? ” sure says the designer , I got that at such and such store , so off the customer TP’s and finds its not there, its been DISCONTINUED !.

    Now that doesn’t seem that big a deal right , well it is, because usually then the customer returns to the first person and says they cant find it, so they then have to spend time working out why with that person, if the item is hot , it means this happens a lot – this I know to be true, not one week went past at my old work where I wasn’t asked about hair from HCT , thankfully that was old stock but in a multi vendor.

    Once the designer finds out their ads are constantly being asked about, and so many of those ims of despair, they have to change them so that the insanity stops , same with stores that provide information on other items in their ads, that gets out of date and same goes, they have to then go and redo all the info and take new ad shots etc , that costs them money, and if the store they buy from does this a lot, they find it easier to just not use their products.

    Now lets get down to, customers too the other ones that don’t make ads etc, sometimes the whole ‘you cant get it anymore is a fun thing ‘ , I know I myself wear Dazzle and Ruins to major events a lot of the time, so that I don’t ruin anyones NEW look by accident – “I” don’t care if ten women are wearing same as me, but I’m pretty sure they do . So yes it is nice to have some older pieces from places that are no longer in world.

    But many get really upset about wearing things that aren’t out anymore, because in a way you are making them ‘last season’ and we know many don’t want to wear last seasons clothes – chuckles. For many designers its not just a case of space though, its a case of older stock may mean not as high quality as their current is, due to having improved as they went, and thats admirable too, to not want to sell stock to people that you don’t feel is your best work.

    But I have come to learn that many of you are batty 😛 , that what you deem not good enough, are some of the sets people hold near and dear in their inventories. They are also the sets that made your customers loyal to you in the first place.

    Now lets get on to the bloggers, oh lord its so hard to know what hair textures are the latest black , what accessory you adore that looks so good with these new pants etc hast been sold for 6 months because you always mean to get back to the store but don’t get the chance, but love sending people their way. Ive done a complete post once that wasn’t in a store anymore, not only was that a big fiasco but such a shame to all that read and couldn’t purchase.

    I even met Wednesday Soon of Woo’s that way, I wore hair from ETD not having any idea it was discontinued , and the poor girl ran all around looking for it wanting it so bad – still feel guilty over that . Some designers keep old stock thats not longer in the store, and will sell it to the customer, but that often takes IM’s and time and catching each other on line etc.

    Back to the gifting thing, a Partner buys something special for their other half, or a great friend for a great friend, somehow the Mothership rumbles and its gone, they are heartbroken, the item is no longer for sale and the creator isnt online as often due to RL etc , again heartache to try and replace something so special to them, and it could even be a case of first hair or a dress a person gave them when they were new, replacing it isnt exactly the same, but it makes them feel better having it again.

    There are so many items I have that are discontinued, and no transfer, or are transfer and I don’t want to part with them lol. But there is a IM where someone you know needs that exact thing you have, they don’t know you have such a thing , they just have this idea in their head of what they want, and you know that item would be perfect, so you want to lead them to it, or gift it to them,but alas again you can’t its not in store and they need it then and there to make their look complete- if it was transfer of course I would lend it 😛 but so much easier and exciting to gift it to them.

    So here is my PLEA! ONREZ and SLExchange give you unlimited wall space so to speak lol. SLX Im not a huge fan of, but sales wise apparently its better than Onrez for some, but for me Onrez is the one and only.

    When gifting from Onrez you get a resend option if its no transfer, meaning if for some reason it doesn’t deliver, you the purchaser can resend it to yourself or the giftee, whoever it was on the receiving end of the purchase.

    You get your very own online store, meaning or any person you think might have items on their with the _ in between first and last name, that is how you find them, even if unsure if they are on Onrez , using that trick will find them.

    they allow for batch editing , meaning if you do one dress/item in 48 colours , you can click the check box and do the desccription and details all in one section for all 48, then save and add the pics for each one.

    Anyway all Im begging for is that you all consider utilising tools like OnRez and SLExchange, it would be so awesome to say now, ok I know its not in the store now but it will be on OnRez , oh you love this hair, its an older style but it is on Onrez etc etc.

    So many people shop on those sites from work, people that never store shop anymore due to their time in PhilsPlace being limited, so they want to log in , accept all they have bought, get dressed and go to an event or meet up with friends and thats it, and if they find something by you they haven’t seen before and really love what they see , you never know what kind of future loyalty that could bring to your store.

    Also if you dont think its your best work anymore , DISCOUNT IT dont discontinue it, aloow people who may be on a limited income the ability to purchase it one day when they have a few lindens to spare, they may have been pining over that gown half their time in world, and then its gone OMG I would be so upset, I had a customer once tell me she had camped for a 500L item, saved every linden to get it , do the math , thats one dedicated woman, and this wasnt your afk go to sleep type of camping , she didnt know how to do that, I asked , she actually spent time in world sitting on a camping pad every day for a few hours, knowing that at the end she would have that dress – you just got all weepy didn’t you , I know I did remembering .

    So PLEASE next time you need to reduce the stock in your store, think about us out here , that never want to lose the option to buy your items, think about all those new residents that have never seen the drape dress from Pixeldolls , or the abby hair from Diversity – Yeah I nag aleri allll the time lol.


    end of rant 😛

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    My Windlight and why

    Ok I have seen many this way that way etc for using windlight, these are mine and why.

    I have these settings in my system as that is how I want to see me and I unfortunately can’t expect anyone else to see me the same, but what I do know is that I see content the same.

    By the way I do have clothes on in that shot lol. This is me just outside facing all four directions, but when I put on prims and such all the prims match up and my clothes textures are the way they were made.

    Unfortunately I have had IM’s myself about items not matching at work to find that people have all kinds of settings and those settings are not going to be the same as the designers, but a good way of knowing is by the actual Vendor Pic.

    If on the vendor pic the item matches , then chances are its your settings that differ, not that once the vendor pic was taken the designer lost their mind and changed the item- lol ok maybe some do :P.

    Now when I take pics for blogging I am in a sphere with lights so those do mildly alter the lighting but not dramatically for me, as you can compare from other shots, but I do NOT wear face lights – they are worse than bling in most cases – because they drastically alter surroundings and you may look good to yourself but to others you are covered with shadows, especially if a lot of face light wearers are in close proximity to each other.

    Phils Place only allows for 6 lights in a close to each other placement, so if 5 girls all have 4-6 lights on which would be 20-30 lights lol you are all knocking each other out – sorry its funny.. but again if a location has lighting designed to enhance the build, a face light steals from that.

    Ok enough ranting about face lights, to do this you need to go to world/environment settings /environment editor /advance sky/lighting tab and press NEW then name it your name or whatever you want to call it…save then open your preferences Ctrl P and press Graphics tab and then click on the custom box.

    Look on the left side and uncheck atmospheric shaders if that is on, and then you should be able to see Phils Place at a nice setting that you can see things clearly, take pics and not have prim clothing textures look different than the textures on your layers.

    Hope that helps someone

    xoxo Sasy xoxo

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    The Mothership has had all sorts of issues the past few weeks, more so than usual. What I have heard too is that this is of course making people feel hesitant about purchasing alot of higher priced items, as the chance of not receiving those items is too high right now, and no one can afford to lose money for however long a period of time until it is rectified.

    A lot of this hesitancy comes from not knowing the Designer well enough to know what their time schedule is online, and whether they are able to fix such an issue expediently…a suggestion to all is put up a sign in your stores letting customers know that if your like me and log in all day every day lol, that they can feel safe in knowing that if there is an issue it will be dealt with within a 24 hour time frame, possibly a few more hours depending on time zones etc.

    It occurred to me today, that its just another way of letting your customers feel a bit more secure in their purchasing right now :o) .

    Have a great day.