Ok I had a mini rant, now I’m doing a plea/rant/thingy majooga :P.

When I was typing my mini rant, I was trying not to get all ranty, as it was a post on wonderful things and didnt really want to change that fact, but Efe commented in IM and in the post about the individual prim issue, I forgot about that.

The resizer script does allow for individual prims to be shrunk or bigguned – dont care if thats not a real word :p – but some dont allow for you to actualy move those devil prims that stick out in odd places. I remembered and told her why that was and realised that its something that has to be thrown out there.

Now working closely with a hair creator, Aleri I am about to tell the world you have big ears SORRY :P, you see even though Aleri and many hair creators include their head size in a notecard for that ‘perfect fit ‘ it always seems that its not so perfect,and try and you might you cant work out how thats possible if you do follow their guidelines.

I never followed them, but I do know my hair , and my head as you all do I am sure, and I always know that with HCT Hair I wear small and have to raise it a smidge coz Boo is a shorty puff. ETD I have to move back a smidge, Gurl 6 I fluctuate between medium and small depending on the style and so on.

But Diversity I rarely had to ever move, until all of a sudden last year I was having ear prims issues, it boggled my mind as I hadnt changed head size and chucked a big wobbly at Aleri accusing her of changing hers lol, she hadn’t, but still sceptical I used to watch her as she built her hair with narrow slit eyes and then one day it hit me – or maybe she did , I cant remember :p .

Nope it hit me when she was fully bald and we were doing a skins test lined up in a row all bald, and i was like WOAH her ear angle is huge – I am going to get into so much trouble I know it . But this is important because its one of those things people don’t think about with hair.

I realised that towards the end of last year, Aleri started doing allot more close to the skull styles , uppydo’s etc , and what that meant was she was building more around her ears, with the angle being like hers are; that meant that with my ten angle the prims were embedded in my ears .

I modded my shape to see how far I had to go out to not have to change prims, and a loud scream could be heard for miles *giggles* that so wasn’t happening, so back my shape went and I had to overcome my fear of editing lol.

But designers of hair this is my plea, if you make hair and you do include the info of your head shape , PLEASE include ear angle , because it is important and will help allot of newer people who base their first shapes around their favourite hair designer.

Also for the customer consider if you are having to fix that issue allot and with many designers, maybe you slid your sliders for ear angle all the way down to not have any angle at all , which would be why you are having that issue often, possibly with all styles, if your shape is mod , do a little test see how far you have to go to fix it and if you can live with that angle lol then maybe it will save you mucho stresso.

But also consider this , my head size isnt aleris size its smaller, so that also is going to effect things and for many of you, you wont have this issue at all, and Aleris ears suit her shape, I do want to clarify that, this isnt about her ears or her product , it was one of those ‘what is causing it ‘ issues I had that I was able to understand due to watching her work, becuase of her I was able to understand why it happens for me with other creators hair, again due to the fact that ear angle isnt something anyone would necessarily think of in the bigger scheme of things.

End of ranty thinga majooga