My Windlight and why

Ok I have seen many this way that way etc for using windlight, these are mine and why.

I have these settings in my system as that is how I want to see me and I unfortunately can’t expect anyone else to see me the same, but what I do know is that I see content the same.

By the way I do have clothes on in that shot lol. This is me just outside facing all four directions, but when I put on prims and such all the prims match up and my clothes textures are the way they were made.

Unfortunately I have had IM’s myself about items not matching at work to find that people have all kinds of settings and those settings are not going to be the same as the designers, but a good way of knowing is by the actual Vendor Pic.

If on the vendor pic the item matches , then chances are its your settings that differ, not that once the vendor pic was taken the designer lost their mind and changed the item- lol ok maybe some do :P.

Now when I take pics for blogging I am in a sphere with lights so those do mildly alter the lighting but not dramatically for me, as you can compare from other shots, but I do NOT wear face lights – they are worse than bling in most cases – because they drastically alter surroundings and you may look good to yourself but to others you are covered with shadows, especially if a lot of face light wearers are in close proximity to each other.

Phils Place only allows for 6 lights in a close to each other placement, so if 5 girls all have 4-6 lights on which would be 20-30 lights lol you are all knocking each other out – sorry its funny.. but again if a location has lighting designed to enhance the build, a face light steals from that.

Ok enough ranting about face lights, to do this you need to go to world/environment settings /environment editor /advance sky/lighting tab and press NEW then name it your name or whatever you want to call it…save then open your preferences Ctrl P and press Graphics tab and then click on the custom box.

Look on the left side and uncheck atmospheric shaders if that is on, and then you should be able to see Phils Place at a nice setting that you can see things clearly, take pics and not have prim clothing textures look different than the textures on your layers.

Hope that helps someone

xoxo Sasy xoxo