The Mothership has had all sorts of issues the past few weeks, more so than usual. What I have heard too is that this is of course making people feel hesitant about purchasing alot of higher priced items, as the chance of not receiving those items is too high right now, and no one can afford to lose money for however long a period of time until it is rectified.

A lot of this hesitancy comes from not knowing the Designer well enough to know what their time schedule is online, and whether they are able to fix such an issue expediently…a suggestion to all is put up a sign in your stores letting customers know that if your like me and log in all day every day lol, that they can feel safe in knowing that if there is an issue it will be dealt with within a 24 hour time frame, possibly a few more hours depending on time zones etc.

It occurred to me today, that its just another way of letting your customers feel a bit more secure in their purchasing right now :o) .

Have a great day.