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Reason 5451254785469884123654123 to Love Cool and Imprudence


You know in the past I have refered to Cool Viewer, and Imprudence, with the many reasons that I embrace both viewers as part of my every day. Todays reason would have to be one of the most beneficial to all content creators in Second Life.

Most people know there is a Beta grid in Second Life, a seperate grid that is for testing the RC software before it hits the main grid, and is mandatory to upload. But it eventually ended up also being a testing grid for avatars to upload textures, animations and other items to see if they were upload worthy in the main grid.

LL Gives you 9K roughly to play with, that money is fake, and the uploading you do with it does NOT stay in your inventory, it is as stated a test grid only, you can upload a texture for clothing, skins and so on, try it on the body, and if it is as perfect as you can get it then you can upload it to main grid to proceed with your creation.

But this system always prooved to be a pain, as you had to log off main, then sign into beta, and while in Beta no one could contact you, and it gets lonely. The other option was to log in an alt, have them check out whether or not the item was worthy, but then you would find that you forgot to pass all the new pieces you need to check it against, have to relog on to the main and bah humbug that sucked too lol.

Well now thanks to Fia’s brilliance, and him having two computers and a daring nature, today he discovered and I had to check to see if it was true, you can in fact be in two places at once.

I logged into Imprudence Viewer into the Beta Grid – it has a drop down to choose which grid you want, without having to upload it seperate – and in I was, not only was I in there, but it was same outfit I was wearing in Cool Viewer, but different group title, but Fia was in a totally different outfit and different title, very strange indeed.

But to save money as uploading textures and such can get expensive after a while, this is definitely another huge plus in the alternative viewer stakes, so thank you Imprudence and Cool viewers for making my day.

Links to both viewers are on my blog roll, check it out for yourself.