Happy Grazia Day

Once upon a time there were three girls, their names were Digit Darkes, Grazia Horwitz and Sasy Scarborough… they weren’t angels, not Charlies anyway, but they were and still are Fashionable. It was late 2006 and Digit and I were at my work, then Managing the House of Zen stores and Hinode Shima sim. Digit had popped over to chat, and as I was showing her around, she was nattering about her blogging over at Second Style – yes for those that aren’t old, Digit did the occasional post over there, when she could find the time. Second Style used to have a lot of Designer writers back in the day, doing articles for the magazine or posts on the blog.

Anywayyyyyyyyyy, while we were chatting away, Digit saw the mens section and told me that her friend Grazia was doing an article on Women wearing Mens clothing, and as I used to wear all the Mens suits from HoZ myself, I was totally on board with this idea, so Grazia was asked to come visit and that was my first time meeting her and she was awesome – still is awesome but shhhh I am telling a story. The next day I told Zen all about Grazia and they actually chatted as well, Grazia did an awesome post on how clothing is so versatile, but women definitely have the advantage being able to wear both mens and womens fashion. Grazia did a few other HoZ posts after that, but I remember that one fondly, as it was what brought us together. The next big Grazia and Sasy moment also actually revolved around Digit too.

In February the following year – 2007 – Grazia and I were chatting, and she told me she was doing a shoot for a RL Magazine. She had themes she wanted to focus on, and I actually had a lot of the clothing she was doing, so we ended up all dressed up in our Digit Darkes Marie Antoinette Gowns, and TPd over to the then most magnificent Le Opera House and she took some pics – One picture she took of me ended up in the actual magazine (Belgium Elle I think it was) and was actually hung in Digits mainstore for many years. We also shot pics of us both in Silks with a furry Master, but those pics are missing lol.

Grazia Antoinette

The next most significant photo op for me, was in 2009 around this time of the year, when I endeavoured to put together a book of quotes from as many people as I knew – and met along the way – as possible for Christmas and the New Year, and as usual Grazia was not only beautiful but available to help me by posing and sharing her words of wisdom.

Grazia Horwitz

Over the years I have not ever spent enough time with Grazia, I tend to adore her from afar – or more sort of look at her name on my FL and talk myself into deciding she is busy when online so unless an emergency I should leave her be. Not only does she do an incredible job blogging, but she has a pose store – Geez – and a relationship and family she adores, I get the tidbits of that from her comments and such on plurk – Grazia voyeurism FTW – but today is a special day, because today is her Birthday and as a way of wishing her a blessed day I thought I would do this post, inspired by Gidge.

So Happy Birthday Grazia Horwitz, your contribution to not only my Second Life, but so many other peoples has been an incredible gift, and a journey to watch and occasionally take a ride on.

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