Skin Fair

Skin Fair 2024 – Snow Rabbit & Friends

Skin Fair 2024 - Snow Rabbit and Friends

JuicyBomb has a full post on the animations and the great features of the Snow Rabbit head available at Skin Fair 2024, so you should definitely give that a visit also. Since its release, even before the gates to the event opened, they have already updated it, as mentioned in Gogo’s post, with a no base playing animations version, so you can be really still and then play the animations you want to use, or just wear the other version and animations of a base nature will always play, great support already shown before the gate was even opened.
We were huge fans of Snow Rabbits first head, it was adorable and unlike anything at that time, so this is a nostalgic embrace of the new. The HUD is fantastic, and this is just the head HUD the animations hud is even more detailed. There are so many components, and today in this post I have used the eyeshadow and lipstick features of the head itself and they are so cute and glittery.
There are so many additional features, brow shaping, opacity levels and breaking up top and bottoms or inner and outer layers of things such as lipstick layers and eyelashes is really showing that they got right in under the hood and made sure they covered it all.
I got to have a lot of fun layering with this head, because it is evox and very very good to the UV, I was able to wear things that were made without knowing the head was even coming. This WoW Skins Skin at Skin Fair is lovely, with the moles by Reverie, that come in all sorts of locations on the face as bom layers, so stacking fun for all the family. I used the button nose and lips option from the skin I wore yesterday, because I love it with this skin, and this amazing tattoo by Frisbey to pull it all together.
Even if you had no plans for a new head this skin fair, you should definitely try them all, especially if you have other layers that will work with them out of the box.

I loved this kind of edgy look, but using really girly parts, such as this super headband from Sparkle Skye, it has options for solid, polka or lace in either the bow or the band, and then also gem options on the HUD, so it is incredibly versatile. I loved pairing it up with the top and armwarmers from Smesh, because I got to use my Nuve underwear as a contrast to the mesh top, to give tuxedo vibes. The incredible tattoo just gave everything that punch of colour.


Equipment Used

VR Studio and HUD and Library for location shoots – VR Foundry Marketplace

LeLutka Axis HUD Face – LeLutka

Poses & Props by :

OMY Poses

Body Parts

Body :

Reborn – EBody


W01X Head – Snow Rabbit @ Skin Fair 2024

Nail Polish:

appliers – Flair – Marketplace

Skin Worn:

Roma Evox Skin – Wow Skins @ Skin Fair 2024
Sienna Body Skin – Velour

Hair Worn:

Unravel – Magika

System/Bom Layers

Psychadelic Butterflies Tattoo – Frisbey @ Skin Fair 2024

Nyx Brows – Loa @ Skin Fair 2024

Moles – Reverie @ Skin Fair 2024

button nose, Lip Gloss intensifier –  Nar Mattaru @ Skin Fair 2024

Cotton Panties, Strapless cotton bra – NUVE


Chloe top and armwarmers – Smesh

Straight Leg Pants – COCO


Blair Headband – Sparkle Skye
Hoop Earrings Reboot – Dark Mouse