Skin Fair

Skin Fair 2024 – Fallen GA\EG

Mermaid Grief

GA\EG have both a Male and Female head at Skin Fair 2024. I am showing Inaya that works with both SL UV and Evox so you are covered. This came in handy for me, as the Skin that I also featured did the same, giving me the ability to use some other makeup enhancements that I had from Izzie’s and AlaskMetro to round out the look. 
Fallen Gods created this amazing skin called Opal, it comes in a full skin layer with the additional tattoo/Aux layers for alternative wear. It also comes with PG versions, which made me super pleased, because this very oceanic themed lingerie set was a little exposing, so that just felt great to be able to not be concerned especially as I went on location for the shoot, and found this stunning underwater world, with this display case coffin that was just so serene and made me have all the feelings. It was a really special place, so I hope you can go and have a look around, they even have Mermaid chat events on Saturdays in a pavilion underwater, which is just the coolest thing. Now being an Australian I am all about the Opals, but it is March and that also means fishy time, so I mixed land and sea for the post. I mean if someone handed you an Opal for the first time ever and told you it was some kind of ocean gemstone, you would definitely believe them, I know I would.

The head, so much to say about the head. First of all the hud is robust, that is about the best word I can come up with for it, because this thing is doing all the heavy lifting. A full page of features for everything, but my favourite things are the broom icon so you can sweep your layers clear – made me laugh – you can also just toggle hide and show if you want to keep them for next time. The sliders for glow and opacity for most things, the presets were awesome too, but the ability to then tint etc, which I did with this look. One of my favourite things though was the 3D Lashes option, you get regular lashes in various styles/lengths, but then you also get mesh lashes, so that there is no issue with alpha clipping, and you can use both which I did, to just give a better look especially for photos. There is also an animation HUD that has options for upper and lower of the face, looped and static (how I kept my eyes closed) and more. The head comes with skins, lipsticks, tattoos, gestures, shapes, back up HUD and as mentioned it has different UV options. So many things to try so give it a twirl around Skin Fair and see how you like it.


Equipment Used

VR Studio and HUD and Library for location shoots – VR Foundry Marketplace

LeLutka Axis HUD Face – LeLutka

Poses & Props by :

Mermaid Poses

Body Parts

Body :

Reborn – EBody


Inaya Head – GA.EG @ Skin Fair 2024

Nail Polish:

appliers – Flair – Marketplace

Skin Worn:

Opal – Fallen Gods inc. @ Skin Fair 2024

Hair Worn:

Faith – Magika

System/Bom Layers

Siren Blush & Glitter Eyebrows – AlaskaMetro

Mermaid Eyeshadow – Izzie’s


Mariel Lingerie – Ersch (Gacha)


Fishbone Accessory – OhMai Salon (not available)

Jennifer Pearls – Yummy

Mermaids Delight Ribbons – Particle Effects – Coles Corner