Photoscape take 3 – Tutorial

It appears that every five years I do a tutorial on Photoscape. It was not a planned thing, the first time was for the Bloggers event that occurred 11 years ago, the second time was 5 years ago, with me in preparation for Skin Fair. It is that time of year again, where the Annual Skin Fair event is about to open its doors wide, so I decided to do a brush up post. Going from no posts to two in a row, and one on video, was a challenge, because I am definitely out of practice.

So here is me spinning through some of the features of this FREE software, that I have been using for over a dozen years now, and honestly it makes like much easier for all types of users. You can download the software from here. Take it for a spin, because when doing lots of images of the same thing, especially in different colours/tones, this drag and drop ease of use is fantastic.

For more information on the upcoming Skin Fair 2024, check out Juniper Events Website