Vintage Mix

Vintage Mix

So the other night, I was all ready to log back in to Second Life, and shock horror no internet. Seriously getting a straight answer from our main internet/phone company in Australia is like pulling teeth. Being told on Tuesday night that the service should be seen to on Thursday night is just excruciatingly painful, but surprise surprise they got it done early…yay.

So instead of fiddle faddling around when I finally got it back, here I am in all my yummyness…the outfits are great too :P.

Working left to right, as I always do – mangas make me cry, no matter how many times Mel tries to get me to read them. Anywho, the look on the left is my way of showing off the Vintage Fair goodies, with the new Celoe items, ok so is look two but shhhh, it is look one we are talking about now, stop jumping ahead. I am dieing to start from the bottom, but lets go to the top first. The hair is from Vanity Hair, the style is a great girl next door, Sandra Dee/Gidget look.

The skin is a skin from Damned, they did three make ups for the fair, all shown in the three looks. Full lips, smokey eyes and a beauty spot, all works for me. DEMO DEMO DEMO.  League produced this marvelous cardigan for the fair, it comes with a lovely threaded through scarf look that goes from texture on the cardigan itself – also in extra layers, to then more 3D with the bow portion being sculpted. Default is cream no matter what colour you buy, but you also get an additional two colours with each one…I kept to the cream and with this brown an additional tan and teal was included. League has really been producing some incredible antique inspired looks lately and I am loving them all so far. The length of the cardigan is also great for layering and it comes with many options to do that with ease.

I almost wore this bag the other day, but wasn’t feeling it, and glad I waited as it ended up the perfect contrast and colour combo for this look. The contrast being the studs on the leather, not exactly soft and delicate like the cardigan and that is all love. It is a great size and shape, and the leather studded work is fantastic. YAY I am at the pants, the pants that are just MESH heaven. The length is fantastic, being tall in RL it is great to have pants that are supposed to be long, actually stay long. The wide leg and beautiful fabric just works for my mature and sophisticated wardrobe palette so well, all win by Celoe. I watched Thora and Minnu galavant around in these for weeks, and I used to make grabby hands at my screen longing for them, they are just as beautiful on as I imagined they would be.

This next look is me taking apart a dress again. The luccy dress by Purple Moon is stunning, so cute with its plaid skirt and white gloves etc, but I wanted to show how it could be worn after you get the dress wear out of it. The top itself has been finished superbly for this kind of mixing and matching, a stand alone item in its own right, YAY for designers that think ahead. The style top is vintage goodness, the off centre buttoning, the wide cowl neckline and the bow adorning the pec, so cute. The Purple Moon releases were so breathtaking at Vintage Fair that Whimsy and I went to their main and WOWZA there is a lot of shopping to be done.

My other pants love from the Mesh Celoe release are the Xui shorts, these to me have such a school boy long shorts look – here we wear uniforms, us girls wear either full dress uniforms or skirts and blouses, and the boys shirts, shorts or pants and ties, shorts due to the heat – So seeing these pants in grey first was woot for me. But then on the day of release I put on the brown ones and was all drooly. An extra special win is that the Mery gloves and Cairo boots, also Mesh also Celoe, have the same colour in both as the Luccy top/dress so it was big time bloggers fate waiting to show a look in this way. The gloves are incredibly stitched leather, they look like driving clubs from the 50’s totally could have been a vintage fair release in their own right too. The Cairo boots are mesh but not rigged, and come in small and large default sizes, but also come with resizers included that you can kill once you are happy – make sure you make a back up copy first.

Wearing the Ploom hair, I chose the streaked version – you get plain or streaked in every pack – and went with sandy coloured streaks in the rich brown, to offset the overall look.

To get out of pants for a bit, I went with another great frock from Vintage Fair, again could be used as a stand alone top, but as a dress it is just lovely. The collar comes in both the black or the creamy colour of the sheer like insert. The style is pure vintage goodness, I would wear this often if it was RL. I especially like the thin leather belt at the waist in a deep brown… apparently now it is fashionable to mix your browns and blacks, where as in the past that was a no no. It does tie in well though with the creamy insert and Mel has been mixing the two for ages and fighting me on it all the time lol. The creamy works well with the new Mesh Celoe Norma Clutch, with a great hold that wont break when using your AO or other poses. The clutch has metal accents in copper or silver, even though unseen in this pic I went with the copper. I really liked the relaxed look of this hair by Clawtooth by Clawtooth, it is one of the Collabor88 styles, so make sure if it is still there you grab it, because the price is awesome.

My new thing you may notice is to include the pose store and equipment I used in the pic, I don’t usually do credits on my pics, prefering people to visit the blog, but with poses even though I do always include them, they get lost in the crowd somehow. Also with using very sedate poses in most shoots, they get all mixed up visually too, so I think having the name on the pic allows for a little more exposure, and may help people looking for pose stores to shop at go ‘ ooo I need to go there’ lol.

Have a great day/night all…


Click HERE to SLURL’s Page.

Poses by : Ploom

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck

Skin Worn:

Fifty’s 01 – Damned Skin @ Vintage Fair 


Ellis – LeLutka


Natural Curl Sculpted Lashes – LeLutka

1st Me:


Cuca – Vanity Hair @ Vintage Fair 


Vintage Lace Cardigan – League @ Vintage Fair 

Lolong Trousers (MESH) Celoe 


Cairo Boots (MESH) Celoe 


Studs Purse – Old & New @ Vintage Fair 

Bianca Earrings – Fulo 
2nd Me:

Skin Worn:

Fifty’s 02 – Damned Skin @ Vintage Fair 


Kenni – Ploom 


Luccy Dress (top only) – Purple Moon @ Vintage Fair 

Xui Trousers (MESH) Celoe 


Cairo Boots (MESH)  Celoe 


Mery Gloves  (MESH) Celoe 
3rd  Me:

Skin Worn:

Fifty’s 03 – Damned Skin @ Vintage Fair 


Glitter Party – Clawtooth by Clawtooth @ Collabor88


Vintage Blanc Dress – UFO @ Vintage Fair 


Mischa – LeLutka 


Norma Clutch (MESH)Celoe 


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