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    With the implimentation of Mesh Heads to the grid, there are now exciting new HairBase possibilities, just like the ones I showed yesterday from LeLutka. Hairbases on mesh heads are usually their own layer, Slink Visage has a NEW Hairbase layer in their recent update in march.

    While wearing hairbases is wonderful and really adds to the overall look of a style, it also gives you the oppurtunity to wear styles that are made as attachments for hairbases only. Slicked back looks and so on. Now with hairbases prior to the mesh heads, you have hairbases on the tattoo layer of your head, so all was fine and dandy.

    To achieve the same look with mesh heads, the creator needed to use an alpha channel texture that means the hairbase is full of alpha, and will clash with other alpha – example, when your hair seems to cut away the windows in your house and other things – this is NOTHING to do with the hair creator doing something wrong, this is a very well known SL Bug with alpha sorting.

    Hair creators will have to keep that in mind when creating new styles for the mesh head population, and some already have styles that work really well. But there are others that can be ‘fixed’ so to speak. I use the fixed word loosely, because there is nothing wrong with the hair, or how it is made, it was just created with no alpha conflicts possible at the time, but now that is more likely due to heads.

    A lot of hair is still MOD, some may show no mod because of the huds they use, but if you can rez it or go into edit on it while worn, you will be able to tell. If it is no mod, then this wont work. You could contact the creator and request that they make their hair mod, as some tend to think no point with rigged hair, as you cannot move it anyway, but things like this come up, and it makes everyones life easier when the customer can do the quick ‘fix’ themselves.

    This may not work for all styles, as it will depend on the style, how the alpha and other textures are created, and whether the faces line up properly. I will show you before and after pics, and explain the process.

    This came about because Justice put on this first hair earlier, and was sad to see she would not be able to wear it. I thought about it, asked her to rez it and try what I was guessing ‘MAY’ work, it did…and now she can wear the hair, and I decided to share the outcome.

    1. Either wear or rez the hair on the ground – depending on your editing abilities, ground may be easier for some.

    2. Choose SELECT FACE in your edit menu, and then click on the area the alpha texture is on the hair. You will see in the texture window if you have an alpha selected or not, as it will not be filled in completely.

    3. Change the transparency to 100 – do not use an alpha texture to do this, or you will end up in the same boat. Transparency and alpha are two different things in SL , and how they appear/sort with others differs. We are removing the alpha components by making it transparent.

    4. Check you have all selected or do them one at a time, if there is more on the hair attachment or hair that conflicts with the hairbase layer.

    5. Close edit and gaze at yourself, and say things like “Dayum I am the hotness!”

    6. IM all your friends and repeat the words of step 5 to them.

    7. Go through your whole hair inventory, and find every style that this will work with. Now you have more hair to wear 🙂 and also know what will work with styles you come across in the future, make sure always that the hair is Modify.

    I did some GIFs to watch the process also





    The hairs I am wearing in this post are Aida by Wasabi Pills, Ellie by Lelutka, Swish Ponytail (part of full hairstyle) by Lelutka, Cachet Ponytail (part of full hairstyle) by Lelutka

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    Stellar, Magika, Blowpop and Robin Sojourner

    Long time designer Lexi Morgan has always kept her store fresh and exciting. Lately she has changed her design techniques as well as completely overhauling her store as well as her brand name. Now only Stellar instead of Stellar Designs, she has added a large surge of new energy into her vision and it shows.

    Adding more than just clothing to the range, she has recently been adding many different shoe styles to the mix to compliment her creations. The Wedges in Yellow were an added bonus to a recent special, they are so bright and cheery and as a big fan of yellow I adore them. The New Jean Shorts are a return to some older looks for Stellar with a lot more finesse and colour options, I was so excited to see the jeans shorts coming in alternatives to the usual blues and greys. Be aware the Stellar shoes are all in the shoes store directly opposite the main clothing store.

    I am wearing a tank top from Dernier Cri that is actually part of the Jamie set, this tank actually comes on both the undershirt and underpants layer to give it a longer look without using up valuable shirt space. Now this adorable basket is from MCH and at the moment they are not in world, as the owner Homin Mayo has collabed with another creater, but does have some of her items on Xstreet, but if you cannot resist this adorable Mushroom basket, IM her and ask if you can buy it maybe.

    There are plenty of wonderful baskets like this around, this was more to show the fun spring look I was feeling today. The hair I am wearing is another New style from Magika, there have been many so you will get a surge of them at the moment. This is Candy, a fab full pigtail style.

    This is the Criss Cross dress from Stellar – does anyone else sing Jump Jump when they see or think Criss Cross ? and yes I know it was spelled differently 😛 . This dress is very clubby, but has a vintage swimsuit feel to it if you ask me, the colours again are very rich and strong, lovely citrus and tropical colours that will enable you to add fabulous accessories.

    The Bangles I am wearing are the Arta bangles from DeLa, the detailing on them reminded me of the belt on the dress, or vice versa lol. The dress comes with the micro and flexi mini option, and I swear it does remind me of swimwear, the hair I had to wear with is the Twist hair from Magika, again having that vintagey look to it, I feel they are a perfect match. Adding the beautiful Hair Rose by Essentia I am off to dance on tables until dawn.

    Instant love when I saw the New Tattoo’d wedges from Stellar. Not only are they corkaliscous, but they also have fab heart detailing along the cork wedge, and bandana paisley print on the straps that also wrap around the ankle, I mean thats like a billion things to love right there. Not exactly the right kind of shoes for sweats, but who are we kidding, who actually wears sweats as funna as these when actually planning a work out ?.

    These are the Cropped Sweats from Stellar, and not only do they come in five fun colours, but each colour gets three choices as in , love , sexy or plain, and then long or capri length pants. The cropped hoodie is fun to layer over tanks and tshirts, but I went solo today. What I like best about the pants on these sets is that they are true sweat style, a little bit baggy looking and definitely fun. This Ponytail style is Laura from Magika, and nearly all the new releases are bang-in *giggles*.

    I am wearing the Elizabeth skin by Blowpop from the Infinity Line of skins, these also have the hair option and such great tone names, such as this being heavy Cream . There is such incredible detailing on the bodies of these skins, especially around the hips and waist, it is really eye drawing so cropped was the way to go.

    Before and After
    Just recently on a field trip with Whimsy we ended up at Robin Sojourners Wood store, Whimsy was looking for worms and mentioned having never been to Robins store before. Now thats kind of a shock horror to me, as Robin Sojourner is the one that has done many a tutorial as well as some major overhauling to the Chip Midnight Clothing Templates. Whimsy has used the tutorials and such but thats not even the reason I was shocked.

    You see Robin created something that everyone can, but not many do. Way back when I was newish and came across her work online, I did visit the store because she mentioned having a store and I wanted to check it out, when I got there I noticed a box that was free and it was to do with fixing the mesh.

    As you all know, when you wear flared pants or sleeves you get the skin mesh stretch, and pretty early into 2007 cuffs on pants and shirt became the rage, and pretty much took care of it, but back in 2006 Robin used her knowledge of the Second Life layers and mesh, The socks and gloves that she has made are tintable, and what you do is wear them and then colour them as close to what you are wearing as you can, and because of the way the layers work , the stretch goes away, as shown in the pic.

    These have always been a MUST HAVE , but it totally didn’t dawn on me until recently that possibly not as many people know about them as should. So get on over to Robins Store and grab your own set, they will really make a difference especially when pic taking.

    Also this is not a hard thing to do, so if you are a creator and you are going to make pants with flar no cuffs, or bell sleeve shirts, maybe create these as well in the same print and include them as an option, I know some people have extenders on glove layers, but not too many do this.

    Click HERE to use the TP’s to the Stores shown, or click HERE to return to the Sasypants.com homepage.

    Hair by: Magika

    Skin by: Blowpop/Infinity

    Clothing by: Stellar

    Jewelry/Accessories by: Essentia, MCH, DeLa

    Shoes by: Stellar

    Eyes by: Philotic Energy

    Poses by: Persona

    Posestand Professional and Hud by: VR Foundry

    Always thankful for: Essentia for my Beautiful Hair Roses and Jewelry many pieces of which I have watched being made, and had the pleasure of wearing first as they are custom fit to my shape-I’m blessed.

    My VR Posestand Professional/VR Posestand HUD/Library is by VR Foundry , The NEW Features include Keyboard Controls, MONO, HUD Controls, Locking Camera and Pose Positions, ability to save Colour Sphere Presets, Return to Poses Locked previously and SOOOO Much more. The VR Posestand is sold seperately as is the VR Posestand HUD , or in a Package HERE, or at the VR Foundry Main Store. now also with stand alone Library HUD, for on location shoots in no build areas – no notecards needed. Volumen Lashes by LeLutka which I wear all the time and would go spare without.

    Poses and Stands always used by me while taking pics, even if some end up on cutting room floor: Maitreya Digital Dragon Designs Pixeldolls Empire Dress AO poses Happy Dispatch Juicy Grapevine Mela’s [LAP] Long Akward Pose ANIMAH Ana Lu Fresh Poses Naughty Neko Designs Imperial Elegance Lost Angels Studio Sidhe Vista Animations Dela Le Boudoir Mode d’Ambre Reel Expression Ex- Pose & Roodie Noodie Aphrodite Creations Tuli Mamesando Street Magic Hazel Coppens Poses @ Popfuzz KSCreations

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    STOP , Breathe…Imprudence will save you.

    STOP, BREATHE… Imprudence will save you.

    Like me if you are edit challenged, or tend to grab the wrong thing when trying to delete something not so important, you will hopefully find this MUST GET important. I have mentioned before the fabulous Imprudence Viewer, and even though I myself use the Cool Viewer 98% of the time, today having Imprudence knowledge allowed me not to completely destroy weeks of work.

    Many have talked about the wonder that is the worn tab, well for me when blogging I copy paste from properties to a text doc as I wear, so the worn tab for me has made me lazy and forgetful, especially if I forget to get the info and change looks completely, so yeah as much as it is handy it is not the reason I am all for love for Imprudence.

    My love first and foremost is about the font lol, I love the font it uses, but aside from that todays saving grace was the Restore to Last Position , yes I kid you not, this viewer has an option when you right click an inventory item – whether in lost and found or anywhere else – that allows you to click on Restore to Last Position and voila it is back where you accidently – because you werent paying enough attention, or you terraformed the land and everything got sent out of world lol, not that I would know anything about that 😛 – took it from.

    So next time you make such a mistake and you start hyperventilating, STOP, breathe and relog onto Imprudence if you dont use it, or download it and log in and use that option on the item, between  myself and Fiachra we were able to restore 1600 objects in moments, without anyone having to cry or anything.

    This is perfect also for people that do not own their own land, as it means you dont have the rollback option etc, but with this you are totally sorted, and for those creators that do very detailed work, I can imagine that this back up would be a blessing.

    Thank you to all the people behind Imprudence , for coming up with a function that takes the stress out of being clumsy :). Also a big thanks to Fiachra because it is him that stores all the things I tell him about… and throws them back at me when needed, because I cant see the solution through the crazy.


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    Often in the past three years, I have recieved an IM from friends or contacts, that have been in need of a script to find avatar keys. Avatar keys are used most commonly for split scripts, and if the person isn’t online it was always difficult and often scripted boxes that worked 6 months ago, for some reason or another don’t work again when you need them.

    One day a month or so ago I was searching google for something; and came across this wonderful website called ObiJan Technologies, now not only can you type in the name of the avatar and get their key, but you also get their info, such as name, rezdate, and how many people they share that last name with.

    But it gets better, and for me coming from a retail background I thought of how this site could be used for other thing, and the one thing that stands out the most is the page HERE, it is part of the statistics page, and if you click on the Birthdays section you get a list of all the avatars that are celebrating their rezday that day.

    Now I know there are stores like Analog Dog, that if you are having a rezday you can choose any style in the store as a gift from the lovely Queue, but I was thinking how cool would it be to send a little token from your store to people that are having a birthday, it doesn’t have to be the whole list , but hey why not.

    Anyway that was my thunk for the day, and a site that you should check and save for those times, when possibly you get the ‘Eeeek I need a key” IM’s.