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Often in the past three years, I have recieved an IM from friends or contacts, that have been in need of a script to find avatar keys. Avatar keys are used most commonly for split scripts, and if the person isn’t online it was always difficult and often scripted boxes that worked 6 months ago, for some reason or another don’t work again when you need them.

One day a month or so ago I was searching google for something; and came across this wonderful website called ObiJan Technologies, now not only can you type in the name of the avatar and get their key, but you also get their info, such as name, rezdate, and how many people they share that last name with.

But it gets better, and for me coming from a retail background I thought of how this site could be used for other thing, and the one thing that stands out the most is the page HERE, it is part of the statistics page, and if you click on the Birthdays section you get a list of all the avatars that are celebrating their rezday that day.

Now I know there are stores like Analog Dog, that if you are having a rezday you can choose any style in the store as a gift from the lovely Queue, but I was thinking how cool would it be to send a little token from your store to people that are having a birthday, it doesn’t have to be the whole list , but hey why not.

Anyway that was my thunk for the day, and a site that you should check and save for those times, when possibly you get the ‘Eeeek I need a key” IM’s.