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    What Lola wants Lola gets

    NSB1 copy
    NSB2 copy

    I have had a semi trailer parked on my platform for weeks now, I could have just left the box out to remind me, but I honest to goodness think that the truck is the most awesome rezzer.

    It is in fact the rezzer for Not so Bad, the furniture and prefab store that creates some incredibly beautiful items. Most of which have a Moroccan dynamic, which is evident in the Riad style so traditionally of that culture. A Riad is a house designed around an inside garden, and the Riad themed houses by NSB are as beautiful as the real thing.

    There are different doorways, and hidden rooms. With a magnificent rooftop and pool area with its own built in poses. I definitely love the garden bath with its floating petals, such a beautiful build that you will spend many hours luxuriating in.

    The reason I am showing these items, is not just because of how beautiful they are, but also because for another few days all of the Prefabs and NEW Beds are 20% off. So if you have been oooing and aaaing and haven’t taken the plunge, now is definitely the time.

    The prefabs are gorgeous, but my favourite items would have to be the furniture, the rich fabrics just add an incredible amount of class to any home, even if you don’t have one of theirs. The true to style tile like edging to the sofa shown blows me over everytime I look at it, and the sheer curtains on the four poster bed are just gorgeous.

    I actually used the poses from the Reflections set by aDORKable for the standing poses in that pic, they were perfect in their column/doorway style. I hope everyone got their Gift Kite poses over the weekend, if not they are still out but shhh I didn’t say anything :P.

    The so pretty bodysuit I have on by PIG was a 50L Friday item, but I went over tonight to make sure that it was also buy-able, on landing their lucky board was an S and I won the same body suit in another unique colour, how wicked is that lol. Then I did find them on the wall in different colours, so even though you can’t get this shade of pink there are other lovely colours available, and if you can get out of there without buying lots like I did, then you are very strong. Their clothing line is a mix of what I wish to see more of in SL for different reasons, and also it is just all very pretty.

    The other clothing items are some of the pieces I bought tonight and in the past, the shorts come with cuffs for both men or women, which makes them perfectly uni-sexy. The other outfit, comes with so many options that I just had to wear folder at first and go from there. Not only opaque versions but also sheer. As you can see on the left that is one of the options of the outfit on the right, but with the added benefit of girdle and suspended stockings by Maitreya.

    The outdoor settings are just as fabulous, this set having seats for four, with either single sits or couples, and I love the table across the middle, earlier I had my make up set out and it totally felt like a spa day. Just the kind of set to invite some friends over to use with you, and then paddle in the pool to cool off.

    Moving on to other newness, first off how cute are the latest shoes/booties by Tesla – yay for her being back. These shoes reminded me of Rachel Breaker’s store and it was just after I got my new carousel, so I took Tesla over there for her to see the amazing creations of Rachel, and to give my new boots a whirl around the grid…they are like clompy bowling shoes with heels.

    The nails I have on are a recent release from Page 3, Jag sent them over and we chatted lots about them, and then next thing you know they went back to the drawing board and more was added. These are wicked cool. I am only showing one hand, because that’s how I roll :P.

    Ok so not only do you get a fully packed hud that allows you to change nailpolish colours, but you also get FOUR tips versions, the gold and silver are WICKED – I am biased because that was my idea lol – then you have the word rings, with other rings all set out to wear in four different metals, and with or without words or without extra rings, OMG so much choice.

    Lastly but again SO MUCH CHOICE the about to be released skins by LeLutka are just amazing for value. By our calculations – ok really Mels I just threw numbers at him – there would be 712 options of skins if you were to buy the fat pack of one tone. 8 skin with nude lips, then 11 lipsticks on the tattoo layers. It is very important you realise that this is a V2 compatible skin, without v2 you will only be able to wear the skins with nude lips which are still gorgeous. Then you have cleavage options and pubic options so combining all that together gives you hundreds of looks. Seeing as the math took into account the pubic, lets half that for what you can actually see – unless a nudist – that is still 356 choices for each day, and such a beautiful skin to start off with.

    Also with Lola there are two hair attachments to go with the hairbase look, one being a stunning backcombed bun with braided crown, and the second – not shown – is a floral garland half pulled pony that I love but wasn’t dressed for. I have a feeling that tomorrow is going to be a very full day at LeLutka, not too sure if all will happen at once, but I do know that there are some incredible clothing pieces about to be released from over there also, so make sure you are on standby if a diehard LeLutka fan.

    The Mouth of Lola is different than previous, so if the wider lips look hasn’t been your thing in the past, then Lola is going to be right up your alley. The hairbase is exceptional as usual, I am often seen only in it if you run into me, I did also notice a few changes to the body that you may or may not notice depending on your experience with LeLutka, but definitely all positive changes. When it comes down to it, Lola is an incredibly striking skin. Do not forget to demo first, and make sure if you do not already use it, you get an updated V2 viewer before tomorrow.

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    Picture 1:


    Magika – Linda

    Magika – Kaylee


    LeLutka – Lola – (release date May 12th 2010)


    PIG – Darling Baby Seal (Eggshell)

    PIG – Crosstown Shorts

    Pig – The Helendale J – Bumbleberry ( special colour for 50L friday, other colours available )

    Maitreya – Allure Girdle suspenders and stockings


    TESLA– Messenger Heels *Sky Runner*


    Page 3Pretty Hands Special Edition ATTITUDE

    YS&YS – LongPearls Nite

    Essentia – Hair Rose Red


    Fusemelon – Thaw


    aDORKable – single poses and Reflection set

    Lashes :



    VR FoundryVR Studio Posestand and HUD v3.0

    House :

    Not So Bad – Ajeddig Riad

    Furniture :

    Not  So Bad -  Urio outdoor set

    Not So Bad – Farah Sofa

    Not So Bad – Chabba Blue Bed ( with inbuilt sex/cuddle animations)

    Fia is wearing (yes for me he girled up)

    Navy Bikini by CKS Designs

    Sayuri Skin by Tuli

    Casablanca Necklace by Essentia

    Hair by I forgot to ask bad bad Sasy.

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    Craving Chocolate

    Furni 1
    Furni 2
    Furni 3
    Furni 4

    Mel said the roof made him crave chocolate, for me it would be more like my Savta’s mint tea. The house is a blend of such traditional style with modern technology, don’t we all look at our furniture in RL now and wish it was texture change at a click of a button.

    This home is only small from the outside, but inside it is spacious and charming. It has been built using light and reflection to really enhance your experience, and if you are woeful about having the right mix of furniture for such a complete styled home, then they have that covered too. There is furniture available as well, in keeping with the theme. I swear those are just funny shaped E-Cigs :P.

    A perfect romantic getaway home, or for a few friends to spend the weekend away, a girls retreat maybe. I had that idea, so the three of me enjoyed the surroundings together. In keeping with the beautiful colours and textures of the build and furniture I went with Miel’s older and newer items. Baring enough skin to show off my tan I would be ready for anything a weekend in a house like this could do for me.

    I love that the large walls have a bareness that just screams for pics, either family ones or arty ones. As much as it looks like a getaway I could in fact see making it a permanent home, it has that instant warmth to it that you really need to feel once you purchase a home in SL.

    The old world charm of this one definitely has that, NotsoBad are doing an incredible job in beautifying the grid, whether it be a small or large prefab, or just bits and pieces to do up your current home. The textures are rich and vibrant, so taking a spin through their showroom is a must, and LOL the rezzer for their builds is a MUST, nothing like a semi trailer turning up at your front lawn to rez you out a new house.

    I am all up and loving the new textures by Exile, although I have to argue that apricots are not that colour in RL, this new release Cassie is going to be a fav for sure, Mel already complimented it, and that’s a bigger bonus for sure. So make sure you go get your sexy hair today too.

    Thanks to VR Foundry and the NEW VR Studio Posestand and HUD, I was able to do the pics with ease, they are all me, and only three shots per taken, all of the wonderful functions of the VR Studio make me so confident in doing shoots like this, that is just one of the reasons I love it. The latest update to V3.0 is awesome, I will talk more about that soon – updates are free if you have a previous version .

    Picture 1:

    House and Furniture : Tanja House , Tanja Riad Furniture – NotsoBad

    Hair: Cassie – Exile

    Skin: Yakira Skin – unBra

    Clothes: Tary Set Camo, Mo Pants, Cali Cords, Cali Tank – Miel

    Shoes/Boots: Far Boots Solid – Miel

    Accessories: Lun Set – Miel

    Eyes: Thaw – Fusemelon

    Poses/Animations: Long Awkward Pose

    Lashes usually worn : Volumen by LeLutka

    Equipment: VR Studio Posestand and HUD v3.0VR Foundry

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