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On the Boardwalk



I love a day of nautical looks, the red white and blue look is always so much fun.

LaViere is a new store with a not so new owner. Azure Elictricteeth is the designer of the familiar brand Tee*fy and she has branched out into a more upscale brand LaViere. Full of bright colours and incredible prints. I am starting off with the halter top and loose capris, and you can see they are just wonderful together or on their own as staples for your wardrobe.Make sure you go outside when you visit LaViere as the new location and build is just lovely, and I actually wish I had taken some shots of it for this post, but alas didn’t think of it until afterwards, I will go back another time though for sure, her build is just lovely.

Actually, wait a moment or ten, I am going to go now, it is just too nice not to share.

Ok I am back, I got some nice pics of the location lol. So anyway, as I was saying it is a beautiful build and some really gorgeous items are coming out of Azures fingertips.

Perfect for my nautical look is the wonderful Andrea hat/hair by Amacci, she has recently released a few spring to summery looks like this, and I especially love this upturned large brim one.

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Picture :

Hair: Andrea – Amacci

Skin: Liu – YS & YS

Clothes: Halter Top, Loose Capris -  LaViere

Shoes/Boots: Boardwalkers – Surf Co.


dot dot dot yasai matsuri – tomoto

2011 Curl Lashes – LeLutka

Eyes by : Ellis – LeLutka

Poses by : Diesel Works

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck

Model Chair

a 1

a 2

a 3

One of the most annoying things to use when blogging in my opinion is sit and laying down poses…I have probably many hundreds of them, and I don’t just have them from packs that I can use that excuse, no I actually fall in lust with them when shopping and then can’t work out a damn thing to do with them when in my own studio.

Often I hit the right mix and it works, and I of course always have them for my VR mobile HUD, but Diesel Works has made life just that little bit easier this week. With the release of his latest Model Chair, Rogan Diesel has made sitting easy, and not only has he provided beautiful sits in this easy to use chair,that you can alter your position in easily to fit, but also the chair moves to angles with some of the poses that Rogan himself thinks suits the pose.

A perfect way to show of shoes and other things, such as lingerie. The shoes need no introduction, so you can just go ooo ahhh at those, the Lingerie is new from Baiastice, and is so pretty, in a mix of styles and colour combos, some a little more revealing than others, but I am sure with the upcoming Valentines Day needs, you will find something you love.

New hair by Exile, is as usual swishy and delishy, two of the three most recent, I had to show pandora from both angles, because it is just too pretty. I am wearing also the Natasha Skin from LeLutka but with the added bonus of dimples from Launa Fauna on a tattoo layer…I can see so many more options such as these coming about from all over Second Life, 2011 is definitely the start of a brand new world.

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Picture :

Hair: Morrigan, Pandora – Exile

Skin: Natasha (Teeth alpha ) – LeLutka

Dimples Tattoo – Launa Fauna

Clothes: Soft Transparent Rose , Kim Gold Lemon, Ellis  – Baiastice

Shoes/Boots: Saffron – LeLutka 


2011 Curl Lashes – LeLutka

Eyes by : LeLutka

Poses by : Diesel Works Modeling Chair

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck

Derby Girl



The other week when I did the Ballgowns and Ballgags post I alluded to my next mixed theme. Mel of course coming up with it, but to my surprise there is not one of the items on marketplace at all. Now this is bizarro world to me, because I would assume this would have been made dozens of times,but either the spelling of the listings are wrong, or google can’t spell, because I checked my spelling twice just in case.

His theme was Lederhausen and roller skates, no kidding it was, and such a fun and frollicky idea too. But alas no lederhausen, and I couldn’t handle tping all over the place, so I improvised and then changed completely. But to my surprise also Mel was the one that found the awesome Rollerskates I am wearing that are actually also scripted to be iceskates, an all in one pair that has its own hud to change colours of boots, wheels, laces, and warmers, all so fabulous and the price is fantastic.

The skates come with their own AO and they are so easy to use, not only do they look great, but the all in one is a wonderful space saver. The railing I am leaning against is the latest from Diesel Works, the railing comes in both three piece arch shape or straight , the fun thing about it as soon as I saw it was that you could build your own rink lol. The style is very stylish, it could also work on a ship, on a balcony or even a runway… all so much fun and great poses.

The hairstyles I am wearing are the other two released on the weekend by LeLutka, again anime inspired and lots of fun, I especially love the sweep up high front of the Pam style. Claire by Tuli is the skin I am wearing, another recent release, and be sure to check out the new build over at the Journey Sim, Tuli has worked hard on it as usual, great changes to many sims at the moment with the new year.

In the top pic I am wearing the white loose shirt from Mr Poet, such a nice casual look, and just the right side of sexy being a mans shirt and all, the closes I could think for the lederhausen was the shorty overalls from Ivanka Akina, but then I decided last minute to go with the denim shorts from the same store. I stopped by Bubble yesterday and picked up this fun ruffled bodysuit that works so well for skating, and adding a shrug from sn@tch for added warmth with all that ice to skate on.

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Picture :

Hair: Pam , Keiko – LeLutka

Skin: Claire – Tuli

Clothes: Loose Shirt – Mr Poet

Jean Shorts black – Ivanka Akina


Grey Ruffle Dress – Bubble

The Substitute Sweater Shrug – Sn@tch

Shoes/Boots: Roller/Ice skates – NCore


Scarf, armwarmers – Maitreya

Diva Lashes – LeLutka

Eyes by : Fusemelon

Poses by :  Railing Prop – Diesel Works

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck

Princess Me



I don’t know why, but sometimes designers feel comfortable to show together. It’s like a natural move from folder to folder, because you just know the quality and vision is on par with each other.

That’s how I felt about putting together 5th & Oxford and Fri.day felt tonight, with a bit of LAQ thrown in for sexy overdrive. Lingerie from 5th & Oxford just makes me feel so beautiful, in that vintage bombshell kind of way. It makes you feel that every curve and line of your body was just made for this moment.

I could lounge around like this all day if I had the time, but knowing that the lingerie works so well mixed with clothing I don’t have to go without. The lingerie pieces all come on all layers, so you can combine them with many other clothing options, to create your own look.

Recent hair and clothing from Fri.day is scrumptious, the comfy sweater is something that you would never want to go without during the colder months, it is like a favourite coat but with the added benefit of being able to shove it in your carryall and not weigh yourself down if it gets warmer through the day.

It definitely has a smoking jacket kind of look to it’s style, which is very Hugh Heffner and so a natural leaning towards lingerie…see how that all works.

Using the Debutante Chaise in this post, this Chaise Lounge has so many different poses in built, a photographers version and such beautiful rich leather textures in various colours to choose from. A great prop for photographers, but also a lovely piece of furniture for your home.

shown. or HERE to return to Sasypants.com.

Picture 1:

Hair: Marie – Fri.day

Skin: Jessica (nougat) – LAQ

Clothes: Comfy Cardi – Fri.day

Rebel Mini, The Tease Lingerie – 5th & Oxford


Accessories: Argyle Tie – END   on Xstreet

Eyes: Thaw – Fusemelon

Poses/Animations: Fri.day , The Debutante Chaise –Diesel Works

Lashes usually worn : Volumen by LeLutka

Equipment: VR Studio Posestand and HUDVR Foundry

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Picture 2:

Hair: Carrie – Fri.day

Skin: Jessica (nougat) – LAQ

Clothes: Low.Rise Jeans – Fri.day

Punk Princess T, The Tease Lingerie, The Tease Underbust Corset , The Tease Gloves– 5th & Oxford

Shoes/Boots: Saffron Pump – LeLutka


Eyes: Thaw – Fusemelon

Poses/Animations: Fri.day , The Debutante Chaise -Diesel Works

Lashes usually worn : Volumen by LeLutka

Equipment: VR Studio Posestand and HUDVR Foundry

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blog – Hippie Dippie Shake


Mmmmmm Fruit. That would have to be the one awesome thing about sweltering hot summers, down here the fruit is fabulous. One of my favourite things is the fruitflo machine. They take frozen yoghurt – or icecream – and frozen fruit, such as mangoes and passionfruit and berries, and throw them all into this big drill bit looking machine, and push down to make a swirly fresh fruit medley iced treat.

YUM!, seeing as it is 5am-ish I will have to make do with the fruit alternative that is Berries Inc. Their latest release Mel shirt had me running right over, and then back again later last night. The styles in the store so far are separates and really well made. I not only really like the clothing, but also the actual showroom of a store, and the vendors. A lot of effort has been put in to featuring her goods in a professional and realistic store manner.

I really love that the Mel shirt has buttons on both sides of the opening, as they are more like little decorations than anything practical, because there isn’t a chance on earth that I would ever get that shirt closed. Especially not with the help of Luck Inc.

Those that know Gala Skins know that one of the things I have always loved is the natural fall of the breasts, but it took CK to show us that sometimes a lift or a squidgy chicken tender looking attachment – RL analogy – is a necessity, and created the Enhancers for Gala skins in all tones. So now by just wearing the undershirt layer you can definitely add to your decolletage.

The very mini denim skirts and the gorgeous studded cozy tops are all from Berries Inc, such lovely items, and really well priced. I can see big things coming from this designer, as she is already expanding her skill set by taking classes.

The store that makes those awesome sockystockingleggymathingies on the left had me at hello, I right click bought like a demon. So much fun, with vibrant colours and a fun quirkiness to them.

Did everyone go OMG OMG OMG OMG when they saw Surf Couture’s new hair release, seriously not only did we get the bargain of the century with three of them being 50L each, but they are so gorgeous I had to buy packs of the others as well. The style is so hippie chic, but depending on outfit can take on a whole new look, especially with the help of the texture change hemp band and ribbon tie.

I have always had a thing for dimples, mind you there was this one moment in history when I told a cute guy I loved his, and he told me they were lazy cheek muscles – rolls eyes , seriously what a butthead  – I didn’t want to marry them, I was just giving the ego maniac  a compliment. So because of that jerk for about 18 minutes I didn’t like dimples much, then I got over it.

Sunny is the latest dimpled delight from Gala, and the soft make ups are as usual just lovely for this not so innocent face. You will be wanting to get up to all sorts of mischief in Sunny, I can see it now…I actually went to school with a girl called Sunny and she was a handful and a half…Queenslanders usually are :P. The worst or in your case best thing is that with those dimples you will get away with it lol.

I am wearing 50L friday shoes by SLink, these are so 80’s tacular, that we spoke about her doing the kitten heel slingbacks with the bow at the toe next, fingers crossed.

New Poses by Diesel Works called Piper *strikes a pose* cute aren’t they? there are more to be seen at the store, and in posts to come I am sure. But don’t wait for me, get on over and try them and everything else for yourself.

Have a bonza weekend, and if someone compliments you, be gracious, because you never know when that person will get a blog and out you as a wanker.

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Picture 1:

Hair: Mandy2, Leigh – Fri.day

Skin: Sunny Acorn Dark  Dusty1 , Sunny Sundust Dark Smokey 2– Gala/Curio

Cleavage Enhancer for Gala/Curio skins – Luck Inc

Clothes: Mel shirt, Legshow Skirt – Berries Inc

Argyle Socks – Aoharu

Knee-Bands w/socks Heart – My Pinkie Skull

Fingerless Gloves – Luck Inc

Shoes/Boots: High Oxfords Blue, Harvey Boots – Tesla

Accessories: Athshe – alaMood

Heavy Neck Chain – Cobrahive

Eyes: Thaw – Fusemelon

Poses/Animations: Diesel Works

Lashes usually worn : Volumen by LeLutka

Equipment: VR Professional Posestand and HUDVR Foundry

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Picture 2:

Hair: Maranna [Retro Bangs] – Raisin,Maranna [Fringe Bangs] – Butterscotch – Surf Couture (Sand Shack Surf)

Skin: Sundust [Light] Sunny-Purple Haze 1, Acorn [Light] Sunny-Pure 4 – Gala/Curio

Breast Enhancer for Curio Sundust Light – Luck Inc

Clothes: Cozy Top – Berries Inc

Low Rise Jeans Black Stripes – Luck Inc

FooFoo TuTu – Canimal

Shoes/Boots: Goth Buckle Up Boots – J’s

Winkles – Slink (part of 50L friday)

Accessories: Glamour Gloves – Luck Inc

Cats Meow Glasses – Deco

Costumed Pearls – Laquered Black (Black Bow) – HOD

Black & White Drama Set – Dark Mouse

Eyes: Thaw – Fusemelon

Poses/Animations: Diesel Works

Lashes usually worn : Volumen by LeLutka

Equipment: VR Professional Posestand and HUDVR Foundry

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blog – Iconic

All Tones Gwen

Right now I am spinning around on an iceberg in a bikini, only in Second Life right? at the same time I am listening to Whimsy read off the gossip and drama of the Golden Globe awards…did you know Sophia Loren wore a dress she has already been seen in *Gasps ! I mean seriously, do you think at her age, with her experience and style that she gives a damn what the media think.

She is an icon, I remember being little and seeing her for the first time in House Boat. Saturday afternoons were wonderful for old reruns of great movies…her and Ann Margaret were two of my favourites for sure.

This new skin by Dutch Touch has a definite movie star quality to it. I was trying to think who it was that the lips reminded me of, which is not easy as the skin is hand drawn. But then it hit me, Liv Tyler, and what killer lips she has ,right!

6 stunning tones, and so many different options, that the fat pack could totally take you into a new inventory level. Different brows, cleavage and NEW Hairbases, which is a very handy option to have these days.

Styling it up with some New and older pieces from MichaMi, another style icon behind the label in my opinion, Milla really does create such heavenly pieces for her brand, and she has a new mainstore too as of the past few days. *reminds self to change slurly*

All the poses I used today are from the new release by Diesel Works, they are a fun set of poses for taking pics, I like having a nice range of poses that allow for full skirts etc.

Stay tuned for more of the Gwen skins in the future, these are just lovely. They are being released soon. Now I am sitting in flan as you call it, I would call it creme caramel !

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Picture 1:

Hair: Sasha – Maitreya (limited time only 50L for Haiti fundraiser)

Skin: GwEN:: Cream – Bebe CL1 EBD – Dutch Touch

Clothes: Maisie Sweater, Maisie Leggings – MichaMi

Shoes/Boots: La Vivien – Courtisane

Accessories:Deluge Earrings – Essentia

Sacoche Helsinki – Courtisane

Widebelt – CoCo

Knitscarf black Normal – Aoharu

Eyes: Thaw – Fusemelon

Poses/Animations: Diesel works

Lashes usually worn : Volumen by LeLutka

Equipment: VR Professional Posestand and HUDVR Foundry

Picture 2:

Hair: Jaiden – Maitreya

Skin: GwEN:: Cream – Spring CL1 EBD – Dutch Touch

Clothes: Afton Dress – MichaMi …..Bikini worn Aaliyah– MichaMi

Shoes/Boots: Mistral shoes – Adam n Eve

Accessories: Jade Set – Essentia

Eyes: Thaw – Fusemelon

Poses/Animations: Diesel Works

Lashes usually worn : Volumen by LeLutka

Equipment: VR Professional Posestand and HUDVR Foundry

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Ballerina – Diesel Works, BareRose, Mesmerize Dungeon, Stellar




Diesel Works just recently expanded into a new store, with a big promotion of gifts, and the recent New Release of the Ballerina Poses featured today. Now other than them being just lovely poses, which they are, they also come with the two colours Tutu set from BareRose.

The poses are fluid and I adore the one were I am fastening up my boots, this set came at the perfect time, as I have recently purchased the AMAZING Ballet Boots from Mesmerize Dungeon.

What is so amazing about them you ask, well lets just talk about the fact that the shape and boot height are wonderful first off, then go into the fact that they are colour change, not just the boots but laces and straps as well. But that isn’t even it, you see these boots unlike any other ballet boots I own are TRAINING BOOTS.

Yeah Yeah they have all the locking capabilities and are restrained life compatible, but that isn’t even the tip of it. You see when you put these boots on they zip up and squeek in real leathery sound goodness, they also have step noises, which you can mute so don’t panic, but again that isn’t even all of it.

You see these boots are inbuilt with pure evil lol. So many criticise Ballet Boots/Shoes in SL , you can’t walk in them etc and so on, blah blah whatever ….in Second Life you can and do, but that is besides the point also. You see these are training boots, which means that you go through a series of levels to achieve more walking ability, and believe me this is HARD work, but soooo much fun, you see while you are in training walk mode every few steps or so you face plant the ground, spin onto your back, pose like you are God’s Gift and then up you get and start all over again.

Seriously FUN FUN FUN, Ashia Tomsen of Inventory Episode and I had Mel, Justice and Kid trailing us all around The Deck last week as we clip clopped around, I was ahead by a quarter of a lap and decided to go back and wait for her lol, this was so adorable you really need to see them for yourself, also get the notecard on all the functions, because there are many.

I also have the Pony Boots, that have you fall on your bum, and I love that fall way better so actually swapped it into my Ballet Boots, there are posestands set up so you see the different walks you do depending on level, and it is HARD but so worth it, and so entertaining.

So fate was this release of lovely poses from Diesel Works with the included if you buy the pack, Tutu outfit from BareRose. Having Ballet tendencies all week it was a meant to be, go try the New Ballerina Poses and check out the NEW Diesel Works store.

The Skins I am wearing in this post are from Stellar, they are the latest and strikingly beautiful Destiny Skins, as soon as I put them on the first thing I noticed was the chin cleft, which I have seen rarely if ever in Second Life before, when speaking to Lexi about them she told me that her daughter has one, so she wanted to incorporate it into her latest skins. This isn’t the first time that Lexi has drawn inspiration from her daughters who have always been spoken of in such high regard and not even in a biased motherly way, but in a way that lets you know that Lexi truly respects and admires them as little Women in training.

The eyeliner on these skins is dramatic but soft at the same time, the make ups range from day wear to evening, so you need to get over and check the demos for your own favourite. The hair is Doris from UncleWeb Studios, an older style that I am not sure if it is in the new store , but hey their hair is fab, so check that out too.

Click HERE to TP to the stores shown. or HERE to return to Sasypants.com.

Hair by: Uncle Web Studios

Skin by: Stellar

Clothing by: BareRose included in the Poses Set by Diesel Works

Jewelry/Accessories by: Essentia

Shoes by: Mesmerize Dungeon

Eyes by:

Poses by: Diesel Works

Posestand Professional and Hud by: VR Foundry

Always thankful for: Essentia for my Beautiful Hair Roses and Jewelry many pieces of which I have watched being made, and had the pleasure of wearing first as they are custom fit to my shape-I’m blessed.

My VR Posestand Professional/VR Posestand HUD/Library is by VR Foundry , The NEW Features include Keyboard Controls, MONO, HUD Controls, Locking Camera and Pose Positions, ability to save Colour Sphere Presets, Return to Poses Locked previously and SOOOO Much more. The VR Posestand is sold seperately as is the VR Posestand HUD , or in a Package HERE, or at the VR Foundry Main Store. now also with stand alone Library HUD, for on location shoots in no build areas – no notecards needed.

Volumen Lashes by LeLutka which I wear all the time and would go spare without.

Poses and Stands always used by me while taking pics, even if some end up on cutting room floor:


Digital Dragon Designs

Pixeldolls Empire Dress AO poses

Happy Dispatch




[LAP] Long Akward Pose


Ana Lu Fresh Poses

Naughty Neko Designs

Imperial Elegance

Lost Angels

Studio Sidhe

Vista Animations


Le Boudoir Mode d’Ambre

Reel Expression

Ex- Pose & Roodie Noodie

Aphrodite Creations



Street Magic

Hazel Coppens Poses @ Popfuzz



V Poses

Golden Delish

Diesel Works