Derby Girl



The other week when I did the Ballgowns and Ballgags post I alluded to my next mixed theme. Mel of course coming up with it, but to my surprise there is not one of the items on marketplace at all. Now this is bizarro world to me, because I would assume this would have been made dozens of times,but either the spelling of the listings are wrong, or google can’t spell, because I checked my spelling twice just in case.

His theme was Lederhausen and roller skates, no kidding it was, and such a fun and frollicky idea too. But alas no lederhausen, and I couldn’t handle tping all over the place, so I improvised and then changed completely. But to my surprise also Mel was the one that found the awesome Rollerskates I am wearing that are actually also scripted to be iceskates, an all in one pair that has its own hud to change colours of boots, wheels, laces, and warmers, all so fabulous and the price is fantastic.

The skates come with their own AO and they are so easy to use, not only do they look great, but the all in one is a wonderful space saver. The railing I am leaning against is the latest from Diesel Works, the railing comes in both three piece arch shape or straight , the fun thing about it as soon as I saw it was that you could build your own rink lol. The style is very stylish, it could also work on a ship, on a balcony or even a runway… all so much fun and great poses.

The hairstyles I am wearing are the other two released on the weekend by LeLutka, again anime inspired and lots of fun, I especially love the sweep up high front of the Pam style. Claire by Tuli is the skin I am wearing, another recent release, and be sure to check out the new build over at the Journey Sim, Tuli has worked hard on it as usual, great changes to many sims at the moment with the new year.

In the top pic I am wearing the white loose shirt from Mr Poet, such a nice casual look, and just the right side of sexy being a mans shirt and all, the closes I could think for the lederhausen was the shorty overalls from Ivanka Akina, but then I decided last minute to go with the denim shorts from the same store. I stopped by Bubble yesterday and picked up this fun ruffled bodysuit that works so well for skating, and adding a shrug from sn@tch for added warmth with all that ice to skate on.

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Picture :

Hair: Pam , Keiko – LeLutka

Skin: Claire – Tuli

Clothes: Loose Shirt – Mr Poet

Jean Shorts black – Ivanka Akina


Grey Ruffle Dress – Bubble

The Substitute Sweater Shrug – Sn@tch

Shoes/Boots: Roller/Ice skates – NCore


Scarf, armwarmers – Maitreya

Diva Lashes – LeLutka

Eyes by : Fusemelon

Poses by :  Railing Prop – Diesel Works

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck