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Here’s a story




Bring the basics back. When thinking basic T’s, Tanks and Jeans in an abundance of colours, I always think of places like Celestial Studios, LaLa FooFoo and now Jane. Jane is of course a new store name and new store in general to many residents, but the designer behind the brand is Janie Marlowe of a much older brand now run by another person altogether.

I am so glad that Janie opened Jane, a really nice collection that is growing steadily, and the work on the clothing is wonderful, finishing items so well even when covered by prims, it is a delight to shop there, even more so when you tp in looking in hope that she might have a tshirt in a colour close to what your looking for, and you end up walking away with a pack of 31 for 50L, on all layers. AMAZING DEAL! It is actually called the Layering Tshirt, and it really is perfectly named for just that.

While taking the pics of the new Baiastice Skin Marina, I stopped in my tracks when I got to this make up, that was it, I was not going to use any other for my main pic, it had to be this one. I was already in the red top as you can see slightly, and it was totally so easy to find the tshirt as stated, one tp and back again, in all of about 40 seconds if that. It was actually the easiest thing in the whole post, as I have been having rezzing and unrezzing issues for weeks now, but finally had to change viewers to stop the insanity, it took me seriously 3 hours to take those pics.

Well worth it though , if you are a lover of red lipsticks then the Marina skin is a must try for you at Skin Fair. It has an incredible tone range, the pale ones are gorgeous, and the make ups as you can see are very deep and seductive. If you are a Baiastice fan clothing wise, then you will totally enjoy these skins as they are a perfect combo.

Speaking of perfect combo’s the Fallen Tears necklace is just stunning and coming in both gold or platinum and diamond it has a simplicity that allows it to be worn casually and an elegance that can keep it on for dressier occasions, I don’t know the reason of the name, but for me the design has such a spiritual quality to it, something like being reborn, which I guess often after a big cry is how you can feel. Whatever is going on there it is a Must Have set by MOOD.

Once upon a time – some of you know this story – there was a girl – in her mid thirties lol – who came across a blog and fell in love. That girl contacted one of the owners of said blog and sent her a big texture begging to be allowed to participate, the texture was because the owner was so slammed with notecards all day that she worried hers would get filed away as she wasn’t new and she didn’t need new people hair lol.

So the adorable and ever so famous Six Kennedy responded within moments and said YES, then said she was going to contact the other partner of said blog and that is how Sasy met Garbage, who welcomed her with open arms, and an open mind and gave her the keys to the executive blogging room and it has been an incredible ride ever since.

Garbage Prototype has been around forever and ever and ever, he is so far from random anymore, but still is random by name, store name that is. I went for a visit late last night and probably grabbed a few of everything, the prices are insane. The styles are so very much like Random of old, but brighter and better with the amount of years tucked under his belt, and I for one am in hope that he makes hair again too. The top and the jeans are both from Random, and they are great, easy to wear pieces, the pants don’t have cuffs, but that is fine, because they are finished off well and come on both layers, so if you panic, you can tuck them into boots.

Don’t forget that the Garden City Relief Event is still on, that Vanity Universe Skin fair only has a few days left, and that Pure Juice is coming…

Photo background used from Stock Images in Second Life Group



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Picture :

Hair: Stylish – Urf Urf

Skin: Marina – Baiastice @ Skin Fair

Clothes: Simple Blouse , Dark Blue Brand Jeans – Random

Layering Tee – Jane

Corset Panties – Bubble

Shoes/Boots: Seduction – N-Core


Fallen Tears – MOOD

Jolie Prim Nails – SLink

2011 Curl Lashes – LeLutka

Eyes by : Ellis – LeLutka

Poses by : Glitterati

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck

Derby Girl



The other week when I did the Ballgowns and Ballgags post I alluded to my next mixed theme. Mel of course coming up with it, but to my surprise there is not one of the items on marketplace at all. Now this is bizarro world to me, because I would assume this would have been made dozens of times,but either the spelling of the listings are wrong, or google can’t spell, because I checked my spelling twice just in case.

His theme was Lederhausen and roller skates, no kidding it was, and such a fun and frollicky idea too. But alas no lederhausen, and I couldn’t handle tping all over the place, so I improvised and then changed completely. But to my surprise also Mel was the one that found the awesome Rollerskates I am wearing that are actually also scripted to be iceskates, an all in one pair that has its own hud to change colours of boots, wheels, laces, and warmers, all so fabulous and the price is fantastic.

The skates come with their own AO and they are so easy to use, not only do they look great, but the all in one is a wonderful space saver. The railing I am leaning against is the latest from Diesel Works, the railing comes in both three piece arch shape or straight , the fun thing about it as soon as I saw it was that you could build your own rink lol. The style is very stylish, it could also work on a ship, on a balcony or even a runway… all so much fun and great poses.

The hairstyles I am wearing are the other two released on the weekend by LeLutka, again anime inspired and lots of fun, I especially love the sweep up high front of the Pam style. Claire by Tuli is the skin I am wearing, another recent release, and be sure to check out the new build over at the Journey Sim, Tuli has worked hard on it as usual, great changes to many sims at the moment with the new year.

In the top pic I am wearing the white loose shirt from Mr Poet, such a nice casual look, and just the right side of sexy being a mans shirt and all, the closes I could think for the lederhausen was the shorty overalls from Ivanka Akina, but then I decided last minute to go with the denim shorts from the same store. I stopped by Bubble yesterday and picked up this fun ruffled bodysuit that works so well for skating, and adding a shrug from sn@tch for added warmth with all that ice to skate on.

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Picture :

Hair: Pam , Keiko – LeLutka

Skin: Claire – Tuli

Clothes: Loose Shirt – Mr Poet

Jean Shorts black – Ivanka Akina


Grey Ruffle Dress – Bubble

The Substitute Sweater Shrug – Sn@tch

Shoes/Boots: Roller/Ice skates – NCore


Scarf, armwarmers – Maitreya

Diva Lashes – LeLutka

Eyes by : Fusemelon

Poses by :  Railing Prop – Diesel Works

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck

Alpha Bravo Charlie



Middle Mouse clicking on a link, or image in flickr/website etc, will open the page in another tab – things I learn from Mel. I should honestly make that a category on my blog, daily he teaches me so much. But don’t half listen and middle mouse the tab, because that closes it :P, but if you right click the tab and use the undo close tab, then it comes back up, HE IS A GENIUS!

So much to do, so much to do. Ok so again I am wearing Natasha from Glance Skins. She has such a petulant look, and I am finding it gets me shoes :P only joking baby, but it is kind of funny you watching everything I type. We have discovered in the last week and a half, that skype allows for screen sharing, thank you Marni :) and as much fun as it is, it now means my work gets edited before I even finish. * Wonders if that is where her full stop was meant to be.

Ok this is way too funny. Mel bought me some divinely sexy shoes from NCore yesterday, they are the Shark shoes, and have all these amazing options: anklets, studs, zebra stripe nailpolishes, socks/stockings and more. I particularly love the ability to change the colour of the heel and sole of the shoes to more funky style colours.

The first dress I am wearing is from Eclectic Apparel. Her clothing is fantastic, and her new store looks fabulous, and is so easy to navigate, I suggest start buying everything from the right and work your way around to the left. The new Military dresses are killer sexy, and the fat pack is a steal. I love how the unbuttoned look has them pulling off a kind of asian look, so two styles in one so to speak.

All of the hair I am wearing in the first pic is the new hair from Maitreya. They just released these fabulous styles, and I am totally digging the very different look of Lila, which is the four piggies. I love when hair looks like it is your own hair restyled into different looks, because of the beautiful textures of Maitreya that is done with ease.

The Beertilicious dresses – wonders how drunk Cynful was when she named them – from Cynful are a sexy tube that can be worn with just about everything. The colours are great neutrals and bolds, and the added breast sculpties gives them a more 3D look. These dresses are wearable without the prim, just in case you want to wear something over the top that may not work, but in this case I am wearing the new Military Coat from Aoharu, that not only works as it is an open fronted coat, but also because it offers two attachment points, so that the dress prims don’t detach – not that I couldn’t reattach myself, but hey, when someone wants to do it for you, who am I to complain.

Amacci just this past hour released these super beautiful long styles. How Carina makes hair is just incredible, just looking at the individual prim work makes me envious of her talent, and her concentration abilities. They move so well, and the styles of them are just a tad wavey and enough straight to have you going oooooo ahhhhh.

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Picture :

Hair: Uma, Lila, Miabella, Saar – Maitreya

Skin: Natasha – Glance Skins

Clothes: Military Dress – Eclectic Apparel

Shoes/Boots: Shark – NCore


Hair Rose – Essentia

Lashes – LeLutka

Eyes by : Fusemelon

Poses by :Miseria

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck

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Picture :

Hair: Michelle, Mika, Mikki – Amacci

Skin: Natasha – Glance Skins

Clothes: Beertilicious – Cynful

Military Cape Coat – Aoharu

Shoes/Boots:  Shark – NCore


Alphabet Belt Choker – Yabusaka

Wide Waist Belt – Fri.day

Lashes – LeLutka

Eyes by : Fusemelon

Poses by : Miseria

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck