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All Tones Gwen

Right now I am spinning around on an iceberg in a bikini, only in Second Life right? at the same time I am listening to Whimsy read off the gossip and drama of the Golden Globe awards…did you know Sophia Loren wore a dress she has already been seen in *Gasps ! I mean seriously, do you think at her age, with her experience and style that she gives a damn what the media think.

She is an icon, I remember being little and seeing her for the first time in House Boat. Saturday afternoons were wonderful for old reruns of great movies…her and Ann Margaret were two of my favourites for sure.

This new skin by Dutch Touch has a definite movie star quality to it. I was trying to think who it was that the lips reminded me of, which is not easy as the skin is hand drawn. But then it hit me, Liv Tyler, and what killer lips she has ,right!

6 stunning tones, and so many different options, that the fat pack could totally take you into a new inventory level. Different brows, cleavage and NEW Hairbases, which is a very handy option to have these days.

Styling it up with some New and older pieces from MichaMi, another style icon behind the label in my opinion, Milla really does create such heavenly pieces for her brand, and she has a new mainstore too as of the past few days. *reminds self to change slurly*

All the poses I used today are from the new release by Diesel Works, they are a fun set of poses for taking pics, I like having a nice range of poses that allow for full skirts etc.

Stay tuned for more of the Gwen skins in the future, these are just lovely. They are being released soon. Now I am sitting in flan as you call it, I would call it creme caramel !

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Picture 1:

Hair: Sasha – Maitreya (limited time only 50L for Haiti fundraiser)

Skin: GwEN:: Cream – Bebe CL1 EBD – Dutch Touch

Clothes: Maisie Sweater, Maisie Leggings – MichaMi

Shoes/Boots: La Vivien – Courtisane

Accessories:Deluge Earrings – Essentia

Sacoche Helsinki – Courtisane

Widebelt – CoCo

Knitscarf black Normal – Aoharu

Eyes: Thaw – Fusemelon

Poses/Animations: Diesel works

Lashes usually worn : Volumen by LeLutka

Equipment: VR Professional Posestand and HUDVR Foundry

Picture 2:

Hair: Jaiden – Maitreya

Skin: GwEN:: Cream – Spring CL1 EBD – Dutch Touch

Clothes: Afton Dress – MichaMi …..Bikini worn Aaliyah– MichaMi

Shoes/Boots: Mistral shoes – Adam n Eve

Accessories: Jade Set – Essentia

Eyes: Thaw – Fusemelon

Poses/Animations: Diesel Works

Lashes usually worn : Volumen by LeLutka

Equipment: VR Professional Posestand and HUDVR Foundry

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