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There are reasons that dresses are classics, and this dress is no exception. The cut and style to it reminds me so much of that Manager in a beauty salon, or walking the floor at some upmarket department store in the early 70’s.

Not to say that it is a uniform look, but the opposite, a very stylish staple that gives off a professional air. It is the kind of dress, that once you find it, you cant afford to not buy more than one, knowing that the amount of use you will get out of it means you will want back ups.

Shown here with other lovely staples from the wardrobe, you have looks that can easily go from the workplace, to a day out with friends, or to an early dinner date. Cool or warmer weather, depending on your tastes, some accessories like the ones worn and you are set.

This delightful dress comes from the talented sewing table of Zoe Demar, last week when I blogged her jacket, I did not realise that she was in fact cooking up a whole store of goodies, opening today. You will find a lovely handful of items already released, and more to come.

Niavi is the name of the store, and its a beautiful build as well, so make sure you go and visit it and the other great stores in the mall space.

All of the pieces that I am wearing with the Classic Black Dress, are from Nyte n Day. Another incredible resource for true staples, it’s taken weeks to pry Whimsy out of her Essential Jeans. The pieces are all either sold seperately or are part of a set, and either way you will get much use out of them all.

I am so glad too that Nyte has taken some time to revisit her older items, and is slowly doing a version 2 on some favourites *chants TIFFANYYYYYY* Nyte n Day is honestly one of those stores where you could easily just sit and watch, or sit and think over wardrobe ideas. I always feel really relaxed in that store, even though it is rather large it doesn’t feel overwhelmingly so.

New Hair from Exile, this full but short style is just gorgeous. I can see this being a much loved fav for many , including myself as a go to for short but sexy hair. Make sure you also check out Woo’s for these fun pearl sets, combining different strands to make new and interesting sets.

Waves to all and sashays off in her overly comfy suede pumps from Maitreya.

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Picture 1:

Hair: Amelia – Exile

Skin: IFEsunTan-makeup2(L Brows) – LeLutka

Clothes: Classic Black Dress Solid – Niavi

Just Corset, Division Sweater, Mortise Sweater, Vest from Schooled II Set ,Essential Jeans – Nyte n Day

Shoes/Boots: Neyya Black Suede – Maitreya

Accessories: Bratty Bead Strands – Woo’s

Eyes: Thaw – Fusemelon

Poses/Animations: Fri.Day

Lashes usually worn : Volumen by LeLutka

Equipment: VR Professional Posestand and HUDVR Foundry

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