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    Wow so I had all of this waiting to publish on friday your time, and I was so ahead of myself that I went to catch up on some sleep. Five days later I am back, yay for internet outtages, I seriously was losing my mind, there is so much that we take for granted with our computers, I thought oh well at least I can do some other work, but everything I have is bundled up online, it was true torture.

    Since I was gone though Cajsa Lilliehook a fabulous blogger, and an incredibly warm and passionate woman did a bloggers challenge and included me as part of it, I am so proud and so honored to have someone that I admire write such beautiful things about me. I was over thinking SL while I was absent, and overwhelmed on my return, five days and many many pages of offlines in email can do that. But to come back to something so lovely, I will cherish it, thank you Cajsa <3.

    When you have your bestest friends, it never matters about having the same things. It can happen so randomly too, even without shopping together. One of my bestest friends and I went to different highschools, but of course school formal was around the same time – that’s your prom – I went shopping with my Mum hours away from where we lived, and she went shopping with her dad in town. Yet even with all that working against us, we ended up with the same gowns, mine black hers baby pink.

    Growing up into young adulthood, it was never an issue, with my friends and I , we shopped together, got ready together, went home after a night out together – unless of course we ‘got’ together with other friends 😛 – and totally mixed and matched each others wardrobes…buying same thing in different colours just meant you were expanding your own wardrobe right?

    Anyway I could totally see me and my bestest out on a friday night, going to some club in these dresses and having nada issues with it, because everyone looks at the shoes first right ? – that’s what my Mum always says, and it has proved true very often. I am wearing the New LeLutka hair, three new styles for everyday and night wear, something soft and slightly flexi, enough to have you wanting to make at the very least one of them your go to hair.

    The skin I have on is the latest release from Amacci. Felicia is beautiful and again something you can all wear, so much so Whimsy, Ashia and I were all admiring it the other day. It has beautiful body work, with the most adorable snub nose. I especially like the lipstick as it has that worn look to it, more like you have been wearing it for a little longer than just freshly applied.

    Click HERE to TP to the stores

    shown. or HERE to return to Sasypants.com.

    Picture 1:

    Hair: ABBIE , ADENA, AADI – LeLutka

    Skin: Felicia Skin (Nutmeg) – 01 Natural ,05 Bordeaux ,16 Ruby – Amacci

    Clothes: Sabotage – BOOM

    Shoes/Boots: Xposed Boots – Fussy

    Green Suede Prestige Boots – Bax Coen

    Caged Heels – SLink

    Accessories: Indra painted stacked bangles *gold* – Zaara

    Eyes: Thaw – Fusemelon

    Poses/Animations: Glitterati

    Lashes usually worn : Volumen by LeLutka

    Equipment: VR Professional Posestand and HUDVR Foundry

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    What’s in a name

    What’s in a name, well today lots and lots. A few months back Dove Swanson of Long Awkward Pose asked some of us to choose a rl picture that we like the real pose in, and she would try and recreate it for us. Yesterday she released the Wonder Girls  pose set and I was so excited to see that my choice made the cut.

    I decided it might be fun to do a pic with each pose; in a kind of look of the person it was named after, now I don’t know all of the people, and some that I do know I had to mix some things up, but it was my ownfun and entertaining way to cope with not being able to sleep.


    Picture 1:

    Hair: Raine – Kin

    Skin: Clara Bow – Sin Skins

    Clothes: Tip and Zero mix and match -  Triangle (Previously Ghost)

    Shoes/Boots: Goth Ribbon Lace up boots – J’s

    Accessories: Bandaged Kitty – Pink  Fuel

    Inspired Sparrow – Material Squirrel

    Poses/Animations: Wonder Girls – Achariya – LAP

    Equipment: Professional Posestand and HUD – VR Foundry

    It was so much fun dressing up as Achariya, I combined two old favs from Ghost that is now Triangle. The Skirt comes in handy for all sorts of fabulous looks. This pose is ideal for holding things, and the bandaged kitty from PF was an ideal blend with this look.

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    Picture 2:

    Hair: Love Letter to Japan II – Tiny Bird

    Skin: Petal [Dark] April-Pure 1 – Gala Curio

    Clothes: Nautical Set – 5th & Oxford

    Shoes/Boots: Flip Flops ( has to put THONGS in just because ) – 0N (Zero Number)

    Poses/Animations:  Wonder Girls – Autumn – LAP

    Equipment: Professional Posestand and HUD – VR Foundry

    I totally believe that Autumn would just cop a squat anywhere and take a call, a recent hair release from her own store is just adorable, and so suited to the fabulous Nautical set by Roslin Petion of 5th&Oxford (Previously not on Buffy but  Fleur). You cannot see enough of the clothing to give it justice , but take my word for it, if you are into highwaist double buttoned sailor pants, THESE are a MUST HAVE. Also must haves are the thongs on my feet, they are FREE at the horror festival at Drowsy, get them in all colours , I was so excited to find a great pair , and free just made them awesome.

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    Picture 3:

    Hair: Dolly Girl – ::69:: – Ribbon is retextured by me

    Skin: Misty – League

    Clothes: Jolene Lingerie & Lace Stockings – Blowpop

    Shoes/Boots: Nana Heels – Enkythings

    Poses/Animations: Wonder Girls – Babyhoney – LAP

    Equipment: Professional Posestand and HUD – VR Foundry

    This pose, and the name, what else could I shoot but Lingerie, and fine a lush lingerie it is. Recently Blowpop released this set and it’s just awesome, seriously if Annyka doesn’t keep making clothes, we will have to stage a sit in.
    The lace topped stockings are sold as seperates, which is great as they come in different sheer depths and are a great price. Often you just need stockings because you have all the other pieces already.

    Click for Slurls Page

    Picture 4:

    Hair: Mister Sister – Lamb

    Skin: Moonbeam FREX [Dark] Vixen-Pure 2 – Gala Curio

    Clothes:Luxe Knit Coat Skirt, Bloom Trousers – TRUTH

    Accessories: Paddington Tote – TRUTH

    Poses/Animations: Wonder Girls – Dakota – LAP

    Equipment: Professional Posestand and HUD – VR Foundry

    The first time I ever saw this hair, or any hair by lamb for that matter; it was on Dakota Buck. This pose is fabulous as it has a definite, I’m waiiiiiting but I’m being very cool about it look. I mixed a lot of TRUTH items in this look, I adore the cardigan coat, big and long and wintery warm…it is so what I need right this second. If you look really hard I didn’t credit it, because you cannot buy it , but there is a sneaky touch of Savvy in there :P.

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    Picture 5:

    Hair: Lolli Sexy Buns – Posh

    Skin: MEDIUM Audrey Smoky 5 – 5th&Oxford

    Clothes: Lace Dress – Cloudy

    Shoes/Boots: Devoue Sandal – Courtisane

    Accessories: Bag from Bandaged Eyes – BP*

    Poses/Animations: Wonder Girls – Dahlia – LAP

    Equipment: Professional Posestand and HUD – VR Foundry

    5th&Oxford with their rebranding came new skins, Audrey is the name and with that comes the classy looks that Fleur in the past was reknowned for. Lips that are full and poutyful, with a lovely and delicate skin tone, semi porceline looking but with some peaches thrown in.

    Also from the festival, I think I bought everything, the bag I am carrying was actually the bag the bandage eyes comes in, I thought the bag was so cute I had to wear it as an accessory.

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    Picture 6:

    Hair: Holly – Little Heaven

    Skin: Acorn [Dark] June-Grass – Gala Curio

    Clothes: Second Date – 5th&Oxford

    Shoes/Boots: Savanna Florette – TRUTH

    Accessories: Bamboo and Jade Necklace and Earrings – Essentia

    Poses/Animations: Wonder Girls – Haver – LAP

    Equipment: Professional Posestand and HUD – VR Foundry

    Again by Roslin of 5th&Oxford the Second Date dress is such a sweet dress, the clothing making skills of Roslin are great, as she just recently taught herself how to make clothes, YAY Roslin you are a star. I went with green for Havers pose, I thought of Lemon but that would be too corny :P.

    Click for Slurls Page

    Picture 7:

    Hair: Fedora Hat Mystic Bob – Argrace

    Skin: Audrey Smolder 5 – 5th&Oxford

    Clothes: White Jeans and Tshirt both created by Ryker Beck unsure if available anymore.

    Poses/Animations: Wonder Girls – Ryker – LAP

    Equipment: Professional Posestand and HUD – VR Foundry

    Yes , not often or ever would you see me in a shirt like this one, Ryker made them a while back for fits and giggles. Definitely a pose in suiting with her character, peace love and mungbeans baby. I love these jeans by the way, they were made an eon ago under her Lix label, yes Ryker made them too, I don’t know if they are even sold anywhere as they were from her old store..but you should harass her if they arent.

    Click for Slurls Page

    Picture 8:

    Hair: Zoe – Maitreya

    Skin: Model Sunkissed Soot – Idiosyncrasy

    Clothes: Scandalous – VR Foundry

    Shoes/Boots: Xposed Boots – Fussy

    Accessories: Hair Rose – Essentia

    Poses/Animations: Wonder Girls – Sasy – LAP

    Equipment: Professional Posestand and HUD – VR Foundry

    Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine, Yum Bum Scandalous Even 😉
    . What else would I wear with such a pose, the Scandalous dress is perfect for it, the great thing about this pose though, is that you can shoot it from all sorts of angles. Thank you sooo much Dove ♥

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    Picture 9:

    Hair: Arya – Lazy Places

    Skin: Seduction – Wheat – Fresh – Cupcakes

    Clothes: Tunic Black Pink – Kurotsubaki @ Drowsy

    Shoes/Boots: Flip Flops (THONGS) – Zero Number @ Drowsy

    Poses/Animations: Wonder Girls – Shir – LAP

    Equipment: Professional Posestand and HUD – VR Foundry

    Another item I got at the festival was this tunic top, it is so folksy that it reminded me of the first thing Shir made, which featured an embroidered look. Yes I am loving my thongs, they are so cool, I walk around barefoot so much in RL and SL, so these will come in so handy , or feety.

    Click for Slurls Page

    Picture 10:

    Hair: Amber – Maitreya

    Skin: Seduction – Wheat – Fresh – Cupcakes

    Clothes: Calangute dress – Zaara

    Accessories: Nizam Set – Zaara

    Poses/Animations: Wonder Girls – Strawberry – LAP

    Equipment: Professional Posestand and HUD – VR Foundry

    Actually the first chance I have had to wear alllll the pieces to the Nizam set, it is primtastical but at my own home if anyone complained I’d have ejected them, well actually I wouldn’t the security would because they shouldn’t be in my house lol. Such an incredible set, and what better place to show diversity and your love for cultural pieces than in Second Life.

    Click for Slurls Page

    Thanks again Dove so much for these wonderful poses, they are really great and I can’t wait to see the next instalment.