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    Blog – Fair and Flair

    Vanity Universe Skin Fair 2009

    For the longest time Ashia has been talking to us about her good friend Steiner, the cute and way too adorable thing is that when he talks to you , he makes sure to include that he is Ashia’s friend, so that we know who he is :), I think it’s so lovely and charming.

    He is of course also a Skin creator just like Ashia is, and his brand is SD. I was checking out his booth for Vanity Skin fair that starts on Saturday, and his booth is full of beautiful skins, the stand out one for me was of course Vivienne. The pale beauty that this skin personifies is just lovely.

    The skin tone is a win win for those that light a lighter skin, without being too pale, and the make ups are just wonderful, you also get three options for the down there regions, so even though 8 make ups, you actually get 24 skin variations. The prices of each skin as a single are very reasonable, and as a pack a steal.

    The softness of the skin and it’s make ups reminded me of the Emotive Bubble dress from Paradisis, it’s able to be worn two ways, and is really adorable in a sexy kind of way, it comes in other colours but for me the plum was just a win win.

    I am wearing the lovely Flare hair from Gurl 6 another favourite of the range, this style was a charmer when first released due to the painted curls which was very rare back then. Make sure you get prepared for Vanity Skin Fair starting 7th November 2009 until the 22nd .
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    Picture 1:

    Hair: Flare , Olive – Gurl 6

    Skin: Vivienne Skins – SD Skins (Available at Vanity Skin Fair)

    Clothes: Emotive Bubble Dress – Paradisis

    Shoes/Boots: Shanti Heels – Maitreya

    Accessories: Hair Rose Plum – Essentia

    Diamond Dust Lashes – Redgrave

    Eyes: Thaw – Fusemelon

    Poses/Animations: CnS Poses

    Equipment: VR Professional Posestand and HUD – VR Foundry

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    blog – Ice Ice Baby


    So the long awaited is finally here, for me it feels a little longer, as one day I beta tested a first skin and then never heard anything else…unfortunately as stated in my last post I have been a tad distracted of late.

    I went over to the setting up of the Vanity Universe skin fair, and was lucky enough to find demos of the New Sienna line by Ryker Beck. Now Ryker is a name that goes with skins in my mind, since way back when she first started appearing as a very talented blogger, she was the most intense skin poster ever. If your skin was blogged by Ryker it came out feeling like it needed to be hugged and tucked into bed with its favourite blankie…I am by no means saying she was hard on it, but seriously if you were a skin you definitely went under her microscope and how lol.

    Some of you will know her more because of her art on Flickr, she is incredibly talented, and it has taken a lot of productivity for her to – from a spectators point of view – reach her nirvana. This skin line is a huge leap into gorgeousness, the face is beautiful and sensual all at the same time, the attractive features and divine make up had me at kaching.

    Now I have to admit I was a bit eeek at all the make ups, some I wanted way more than others, and as she has smaller packs to choose from I was dismayed to find that all my wants were spread out, well NO FEAR because I actually remembered smatterings of information that had seeped into my subconscious.

    Exodi the store owned by Ryker has a build your own pack system. If you purchase one of her prepaid cards at her main store, for 5K , you get to choose any 8 make ups from her collection, and as there were ten I had chosen as favourites this was perfect for me. I narrowed it down to 8 and then using the card was in my element.

    One of my favourites would have to be the Snow, the stunning make up I am wearing in the clothed picture , it is just gorgeous. The body of the skin is lovely and there are so many options with the skins, brows, freckles, cleavage and you even get eyes made by Ryker in all natural colours for free, how awesome is that.

    The Lingerie I am wearing for the body shots is from Insolence and was sent out as a Gift pack for What’s New SL , thank you so much Camilla it’s beautiful.

    Now I think I would have gotten drawn and quartered if I didn’t wear the ALa Mood Jewelry I have on with the Sienna Skins, as Jori has been the one making the most noise over the Exodi Sienna skins in the past week or so, so together they go, and lovely they both are.

    Mixing it up with some Aoharu and Anexx the Aoharu Boutique shoes line. I had fun picking up the lovely ice colour of the boots in the shoulder ruffles of the girl in the picture on the tshirt dress.

    My hair today is from Gurl 6 these are two more of my all time favourite styles from the store, Six Kennedy is an amazing woman , and I love her styles that went so against her usual creations, when she branched out she always ended up making gold.

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    Picture :

    Hair: Gail , Juliet – Gurl 6

    Skin: Sienna – Exodi

    Clothes: Ice Girl Dress – Aoharu

    Isabel White – Insolence Group Gift to What’s New SL

    Shoes/Boots: Zip Up leather boots – Anexx

    Accessories: Athshe Set in Silver – Ala Mood

    Hair Rose Blue Harmony -  Essentia

    Eyes: Thaw – Fusemelon

    Poses/Animations: CnS

    Equipment: VR Professional Posestand and HUD – VR Foundry

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    Heart of Glass


    Red, White and Blue…it totally wasn’t planned, but it did turn out that way. It’s been a great week for hair for me so far, and it’s only mid week, but what week isn’t great for hair. Have you ever seen an item on a shelf and thought oooo ahhh, and bought it , and gotten it home to put on, and next thing you know you got more than you expected?

    That’s exactly what happened with the first dress when shopping at Emery a while ago, I had no idea it had that incredible cut out detailing on the back, the front was fun enough for me to want it, back and forth semi diagonal lines in red, across a stark white background…with adorable knee high red with white trim accented socks.

    The back is definitely va va voom worthy. Wanting a vintagey look , I teamed it up with the sunglasses from a already over 50L friday purchase, a great bargain for sure, but even without the fab price the style and fit of them is just great. Then adding the flavour of the day with the New Prestige boots by BAX , these things just keep on giving. The boots have so many different options from a drop down dialogue menu, you can see most of them in the pics as I go.

    I really love the backcombed look of this stunning hair from Mirone. I kept the boots as simple as they come straight out of the box for this shot.

    Next up, and again from Emery we have the skirt that makes me think of bacon, and because of that I love it even more. Not only is it a great simple tube skirt, but I love how it dips on one side, showing a tad more hip. I would love more of this style in different prints and colours. The top I grabbed off Xstreet, the XD store does crazy reductions on their items on Xstreet, less than half in many cases.

    Another great hairstyle from Mirone – thanks to Ashia Tomsen for tping me to the Glance 1st anniversary where I was able to buy these great styles. This time I made use of the drop down on the Prestige Boots, changing the seams and edging, as well as the zipper and heels to red, popping up the over the knee extensions I was ready for action.

    I was on a roll with these boots, so nosedived into my Tuli folder of clothing. This is where we went from red and white, to blue and white. I have always been a top stretcher, I had this insane reaction to things touching my neck as a kid, so all the collars of shirts would be stretched to near ripping point – and wow did I get into trouble for that. So styles such as this top make me happy, its elegant in an older Jackie O kind of era, but has that 80’s repeat thing going on, which of course  every 20 years is repeated so it’s definitely the theme now.

    I really like the detailing done to the sleeves of this shirt, the rolled and fastened look is a nice addition, worn with some really nice shiny blue leggings that fit just right into the boots. It needed a little something though, so back to Xstreet because I was feeling lazy, and I knew it was there, I finally got the white version of the Widebelt from CoCo.

    A few weeks ago Sofia and I went to Dango Jewells – if you haven’t checked out her fashion blog posts you are missing out – store Fabulous, I had been in a few times, and had really liked a particular set of bangles, this time I actually grabbed them. They come in two variations, in gold and white gold.

    The other night Arabella, Whimsy and I went by the Clawtooth by Clawtooth sale, it was fun shopping together and each finding different things to love in each style, I already had a few Clawtooth creations, but was appreciative that I got to pick up some bargains. The goodbye horses hair I had loved since Hair Fair, but for some reason kept grabbing other styles whenever I went, I fixed that this time though.

    Another style by Clawtooth and one of my favs as it actually has fun attachments with it, I am not wearing in this pic. The lovely full locks look great with the casual handkerchief dress by Tuli, she does such great work with prints and this dress is no exception. Another thing she does really well is denim, especially in jeans, these torn capri jeans are fab, and the perfect segway into my favourite of the Prestige boots features.

    Denim cuffs anyone, yes I kid you not, the boots come with three different denim uppers, which of course will make them jean cuff lowers. This is a genius idea, and as denim when rolled up is very generic it works perfectly. So now due to this wonderful option, I get to look as though I am wearing pants cuffs, with boots uppers, and its still only one attachment point. The shirt was actually a VIP gift from Tuli and is a lovely loose sleeved look.

    This hair is again Mirone, and was also a gift, for the Glance anniversary, so make sure you head over while that is still on. I am really happy that the new Sloth skins by Red Queen had such beautiful blue make ups, that it worked so well with these looks. I also enjoyed getting to show you a little bit more of the bodies of these skins, as I think the stomach is delish, so make sure you grab a demo of those soon to try for yourself.

    Also be sure to check out the demos of the BAX Prestige boots, seriously the options on these are fantastic, and the colours are perfect for the upcoming cooler weather – it’s freezing here already.

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    Picture :

    Hair: Jamila – Mirone

    Irina – Mirone

    Goodbye Horses – Clawtooth by Clawtooth

    Cheated HeartsClawtooth by Clawtooth

    Glance Gift – Mirone

    Skin: Sloth Skin various make ups – Red Queen

    Clothes: Heart of Glass outfit – Emery

    Striped Mini Skirt – Emery

    Scandalous Top – XD

    Wide Collar Shirt – Tuli

    Shiny Leggings Blue – Tuli

    Handkerchief Dress – Tuli

    Capri Jeans – Tuli

    Loose Sleeved Shirt – Tuli (Group Gift)

    Shoes/Boots: Prestige Boots – BAX

    Accessories: Vintage Glasses – Epoque

    Hair Roses – Essentia

    Black Sheep Bangle – Fabulous

    Wide Belt – COCO

    Medallion Set – Essentia

    Scarf – Maitreya

    Double Belt – Aoharu

    Eyes: Thaw – Fuse Melon COMING SOON

    Poses/Animations: CnS Poses

    Equipment: VR Professional Posestand and HUD – VR Foundry

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    It was thiiiiiiis big


    Are there markets where you live? I used to be a market girl, both selling and buying. Going to the markets in Sydney can be a huge event, much like a social experience, especially Bondi markets. You know when you see people gather together and do the whole “OMG how are you *kiss kiss* you look FABULOUS *kiss kiss* and yet they had coffee with each other an hour earlier.

    It was always fun shopping, watching, eating..all of those fabulous food items that you can’t get anywhere else. One of the markets we used to frequent even had tibetan food, that was definitely a high falutin market. Always also definitely a place to people watch, fashion wise, you really did have to put on your best look for the day, but had to look as though you weren’t trying.

    That’s definitely how I feel about the first outfit today. It is a really beautiful, yet casual to the eye look. The style of top is always a pleasure to wear, crushed silk in an assortment of beautiful pastels, featuring a floral brooch on the strap. This style top in RL can range in price, from an incredible bargain, to a mortgage payment. Either way it is a delight to wear, and accentuates all your feminine attributes. The jeans have a worn in look, they could be yours, they could be your flatmates, male or female, it doesn’t matter as long as they don’t look straight off the hanger.Fishy Strawberry has done a fabulous job of pulling this off on both counts.

    Who can resist clogs, they have come and gone in fashion, as long as I have been alive, and further back than that. The new Klaks from Tesla are beauties, they are the right style and fit, for any casual occasion. The hair has to be just right as well, not overly styled, but not too not done either, it has to look like you put in some effort, just not a big one lol.

    That’s why the new Fri hair from Miel is just right, it has that *grabs the nearest hair ribbon * and loosely ties it up and back, pulling out a few tendrils for effect. Yeah yeah , we all do it. Another great hairstyle is the Audrey II designed by Jolie Femme. This hair is soft and wavy, with a freshly washed look to it, the hair is made up of a lot of alpha pieces, but luckily it isnt overly flexified, so it doesn’t move too much, it just moves when and how it should.

    The pretty silk babydolls are also from Fishy Strawberry, they have a subtle motif at the bottom, that doesn’t stand out too much, making it still a somewhat dressy dress. The straps falling off the shoulders is fun, and charming, the silk is so soft that it has definitely brought to attention the shape of the body – yes that’s my subtle way of saying it has nipple highlights . I have to admit , I am not a fan of that look, I have in the past asked for an additional layer to not include it, giving people a choice.

    I tend to be embarrassed about the idea of standing around on high beam, and not all fabrics would even allow for that effect, but in SL it seems to be a popular thing to do. But while thinking that originally with this dress, I realised that with this type of silk fabric, and the bare arms and full skirt, there would probably be a 95% chance of it happening, so that made it much more tolerable, plus the dress is beautiful.

    The delicate jewelry that just entered my life, is the Cinderella set by Skream, really pretty pieces make up this silver and diamond encrusted set, the drops in the necklace are lovely, I could see wearing it a lot of the time, especially with the bangle as well, reminds me of those tennis bracelets in RL – which I still don’t understand why they are called that .

    With all of this I am wearing the beautiful SLOTH Skin by Red Queen, I have had this one for the length of time it took to take the pics, and tpd to see two friends in between and both thought it was beautiful, which is always a great thing, but I knew it already. There are so many options with the Red Queen skins, hair bases, brow options, tattoo options and some beaten up bumps and bruises options, that are perfect for RP.

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    Picture :

    Hair: Fri – Miel

    Audrey II – Jolie Femme

    Skin: Sloth – Red Queen

    Clothes: Equinox Jeans, Poisonous Lotus Tops, Lucille Oh Doll Dress – Fishy Strawberry

    Shoes/Boots: Klaks – Tesla

    Ixkin Duo – Maitreya

    Accessories: Cinderella Jewels – Skream

    Eyes: Thaw – Fuse Melon COMING SOON

    Poses/Animations: CnS Poses

    Equipment: VR Professional Posestand and HUD – VR Foundry

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