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    A Vixen


    More make ups to an already existing skinline, what could be better. With such incredibly inviting make ups to choose from it was a tad difficult to not keep taking pics today, and wow did I take a lot. So much so that I broke this post up into three, so as not to lose my way with info.

    The Vixen II skin by Gala is one of my favourites, they are all incredibly inviting, but there is something so incredibly beautiful about this skin, and now that it is about to be released with new make ups at Skin/Shape fair, it just got a whole lot better.

    The body of the  Gala skin is beautifuly toned and rounded, in all the right places. I have such a thing for the Gala breast shading, as it has a wonderful and natural look about it. When you aren’t wearing tight fabrics, or the cleavage is a bit deeper than usual, they have a great and realistic look. Then when you do have tight, and lifted, they actually look as such.

    With the new make ups in the Vixen II range, the lips are so deliciously glossy, and all the eye make up and extra detailing just enhances the whole experience.

    Another huge fan of  Gala skins, is CK Winx of Luck Inc, so I decided to team both stores up together for this post. The extra short and delightfully dipped mini dresses come in prints and solids, to be honest I can’t really choose a favourite as both have their time and place. I must admit to loving the brown with dots option though, those pink polka dots with the J’s round toe Long Boots in pink is just awesome.

    Already a huge fan of the ankle boots by J’s these long ones are divine. They not only come in the gorgeous array of leather colours, but with the menu system you have the choice of square and solid heel or a stiletto heel, with and without belted strap as well.

    Back to the dresses, I really like how even though in the vertical stripes one, I manage to look even curvier, which is a bonus , and in the Gala skin that just gives such a healthy and alluring look. Speaking of looks, my Thaw eyes by Fusemelon are now actually available – wooohooo – the Fusemelon store rebranded from Philotic Energy, opened its doors today, and the sim is wonderful.

    I realised while in the middle of pic taking, that I hadn’t seen an announcement of items from Luck Inc for a while and thought that can’t be right, so I tpd over and sure enough things I had missed. The low rise Mini jeans skirt is just perfect to show off my Connect Me piercings from Skream. I had put these piercings on a few times to show you, but every time the clothing just wasn’t low enough , until now lol.

    I grabbed the Leo top from one of the Naughty dress sets also by Luck Inc and just had to , had to get me some Half fishnets , these are so cool, and there are many many options in the pack. It is great that you can do things to one side of the lower body, I do wish though that you could do the same for the upper.

    I changed into some LeLutka for this next, more revealing picture of the skins, the Zoe bikini’s are bright and beautifully colourful, they also have just that right kind of pull for the look of this skin. The poses I used for this last picture are part of the latest AO from Red Queen which is the super fun Bytch AO , this AO is not for the shy, it is all spunk.

    These skins will be released at the Skin/Shape Fair that starts on Saturday so be sure to grab yourself some demos of everything and enjoy the fair.

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    Picture :

    Hair: Nicole – Decoy

    Adora , Krissi – Raspberry Aristocrat

    Jenelle – Dernier Cri

    Skin: Vixen II (Acorn Tone) – Gala @ Curio (available at Skin/Shape fair 2009)

    Clothes: The Mini , The Mini Solids, Low Rise Mini Jeans Skirt , Leo Top – Luck Inc

    Zoe Bikini – LeLutka

    Shoes/Boots: Long Boots rounded toe – J’s

    Accessories: Connect Me (piercing) – Skream

    Eyes: Thaw – Fusemelon

    Poses/Animations: Maitreya & Red Queen Bytch AO

    Equipment: VR Professional Posestand and HUD – VR Foundry

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    It was thiiiiiiis big


    Are there markets where you live? I used to be a market girl, both selling and buying. Going to the markets in Sydney can be a huge event, much like a social experience, especially Bondi markets. You know when you see people gather together and do the whole “OMG how are you *kiss kiss* you look FABULOUS *kiss kiss* and yet they had coffee with each other an hour earlier.

    It was always fun shopping, watching, eating..all of those fabulous food items that you can’t get anywhere else. One of the markets we used to frequent even had tibetan food, that was definitely a high falutin market. Always also definitely a place to people watch, fashion wise, you really did have to put on your best look for the day, but had to look as though you weren’t trying.

    That’s definitely how I feel about the first outfit today. It is a really beautiful, yet casual to the eye look. The style of top is always a pleasure to wear, crushed silk in an assortment of beautiful pastels, featuring a floral brooch on the strap. This style top in RL can range in price, from an incredible bargain, to a mortgage payment. Either way it is a delight to wear, and accentuates all your feminine attributes. The jeans have a worn in look, they could be yours, they could be your flatmates, male or female, it doesn’t matter as long as they don’t look straight off the hanger.Fishy Strawberry has done a fabulous job of pulling this off on both counts.

    Who can resist clogs, they have come and gone in fashion, as long as I have been alive, and further back than that. The new Klaks from Tesla are beauties, they are the right style and fit, for any casual occasion. The hair has to be just right as well, not overly styled, but not too not done either, it has to look like you put in some effort, just not a big one lol.

    That’s why the new Fri hair from Miel is just right, it has that *grabs the nearest hair ribbon * and loosely ties it up and back, pulling out a few tendrils for effect. Yeah yeah , we all do it. Another great hairstyle is the Audrey II designed by Jolie Femme. This hair is soft and wavy, with a freshly washed look to it, the hair is made up of a lot of alpha pieces, but luckily it isnt overly flexified, so it doesn’t move too much, it just moves when and how it should.

    The pretty silk babydolls are also from Fishy Strawberry, they have a subtle motif at the bottom, that doesn’t stand out too much, making it still a somewhat dressy dress. The straps falling off the shoulders is fun, and charming, the silk is so soft that it has definitely brought to attention the shape of the body – yes that’s my subtle way of saying it has nipple highlights . I have to admit , I am not a fan of that look, I have in the past asked for an additional layer to not include it, giving people a choice.

    I tend to be embarrassed about the idea of standing around on high beam, and not all fabrics would even allow for that effect, but in SL it seems to be a popular thing to do. But while thinking that originally with this dress, I realised that with this type of silk fabric, and the bare arms and full skirt, there would probably be a 95% chance of it happening, so that made it much more tolerable, plus the dress is beautiful.

    The delicate jewelry that just entered my life, is the Cinderella set by Skream, really pretty pieces make up this silver and diamond encrusted set, the drops in the necklace are lovely, I could see wearing it a lot of the time, especially with the bangle as well, reminds me of those tennis bracelets in RL – which I still don’t understand why they are called that .

    With all of this I am wearing the beautiful SLOTH Skin by Red Queen, I have had this one for the length of time it took to take the pics, and tpd to see two friends in between and both thought it was beautiful, which is always a great thing, but I knew it already. There are so many options with the Red Queen skins, hair bases, brow options, tattoo options and some beaten up bumps and bruises options, that are perfect for RP.

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    Picture :

    Hair: Fri – Miel

    Audrey II – Jolie Femme

    Skin: Sloth – Red Queen

    Clothes: Equinox Jeans, Poisonous Lotus Tops, Lucille Oh Doll Dress – Fishy Strawberry

    Shoes/Boots: Klaks – Tesla

    Ixkin Duo – Maitreya

    Accessories: Cinderella Jewels – Skream

    Eyes: Thaw – Fuse Melon COMING SOON

    Poses/Animations: CnS Poses

    Equipment: VR Professional Posestand and HUD – VR Foundry

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