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    So the long awaited is finally here, for me it feels a little longer, as one day I beta tested a first skin and then never heard anything else…unfortunately as stated in my last post I have been a tad distracted of late.

    I went over to the setting up of the Vanity Universe skin fair, and was lucky enough to find demos of the New Sienna line by Ryker Beck. Now Ryker is a name that goes with skins in my mind, since way back when she first started appearing as a very talented blogger, she was the most intense skin poster ever. If your skin was blogged by Ryker it came out feeling like it needed to be hugged and tucked into bed with its favourite blankie…I am by no means saying she was hard on it, but seriously if you were a skin you definitely went under her microscope and how lol.

    Some of you will know her more because of her art on Flickr, she is incredibly talented, and it has taken a lot of productivity for her to – from a spectators point of view – reach her nirvana. This skin line is a huge leap into gorgeousness, the face is beautiful and sensual all at the same time, the attractive features and divine make up had me at kaching.

    Now I have to admit I was a bit eeek at all the make ups, some I wanted way more than others, and as she has smaller packs to choose from I was dismayed to find that all my wants were spread out, well NO FEAR because I actually remembered smatterings of information that had seeped into my subconscious.

    Exodi the store owned by Ryker has a build your own pack system. If you purchase one of her prepaid cards at her main store, for 5K , you get to choose any 8 make ups from her collection, and as there were ten I had chosen as favourites this was perfect for me. I narrowed it down to 8 and then using the card was in my element.

    One of my favourites would have to be the Snow, the stunning make up I am wearing in the clothed picture , it is just gorgeous. The body of the skin is lovely and there are so many options with the skins, brows, freckles, cleavage and you even get eyes made by Ryker in all natural colours for free, how awesome is that.

    The Lingerie I am wearing for the body shots is from Insolence and was sent out as a Gift pack for What’s New SL , thank you so much Camilla it’s beautiful.

    Now I think I would have gotten drawn and quartered if I didn’t wear the ALa Mood Jewelry I have on with the Sienna Skins, as Jori has been the one making the most noise over the Exodi Sienna skins in the past week or so, so together they go, and lovely they both are.

    Mixing it up with some Aoharu and Anexx the Aoharu Boutique shoes line. I had fun picking up the lovely ice colour of the boots in the shoulder ruffles of the girl in the picture on the tshirt dress.

    My hair today is from Gurl 6 these are two more of my all time favourite styles from the store, Six Kennedy is an amazing woman , and I love her styles that went so against her usual creations, when she branched out she always ended up making gold.

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    Picture :

    Hair: Gail , Juliet – Gurl 6

    Skin: Sienna – Exodi

    Clothes: Ice Girl Dress – Aoharu

    Isabel White – Insolence Group Gift to What’s New SL

    Shoes/Boots: Zip Up leather boots – Anexx

    Accessories: Athshe Set in Silver – Ala Mood

    Hair Rose Blue Harmony -  Essentia

    Eyes: Thaw – Fusemelon

    Poses/Animations: CnS

    Equipment: VR Professional Posestand and HUD – VR Foundry

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