Leaving on a jet plane


Happy 5th Rezday to Whimsy Winx 

Vivid colours and bold prints, that is the beauty that beckons at this months Collabor88 for sure. The items are truly inspired, and todays post mixes a couple of things, with other older pieces from my inventory. If you haven’t been yet, do know that you have a whole month, as it is all up until the 7th at least, and the build has changed, so it is bigger and less confining when packed, as it generally is.

Fashionably Dead had a large influence on the feel of todays post, the theme of course being in my head. I felt very touristy with the great countries that inspired her release of hairs and Make up layers. Sweden, Mexico, France, Japan and Russia, I could not resist buying them all, and I too, like Mavi Beck who I ran into there, had thought that it was only the make ups that were on offer, so with a delightful squeel I beamed at all the hair as well. In the first pic I actually tinted the hair to that deep red, and really like how it and the make up made light of such an incredibly intense coat by SLink.

The Marigold Winter Coat is Mesh, and has such a from Russia with love kind of feel to it. With the actual theme of the event being Culture Fusion, it was no wonder such looks were so easy to incorporate, but in such a beautiful way that you didn’t feel all costumey as such. I really love the asymetrical collar, and the cinched waist belt on the coat. It being the perfect length too, to still see something as fun as the Facil micro mini skirt that I still can’t wait for more colours in from Elymode. I actually wore this combo out last night, as myself and Whimsy went to Rouge to wish Codie a Happy 5th rezday…yay Codie.

The socks and shoes are both items from G*field, and if you didn’t alread have the Alex shoes in all the colours already, you need to go and get them and the new metallic pack. I love these, style wise they are marvelous, but also the fact that you get different strap options in the menu, is all win. There is the Tstrap, double strap, single strap, cross strap and no strap, fantastic value. The bags I have on today are both from LaGyo, part of their fashion week collection of a few months back, great accessories to be had from that whole collection for sure, but also the clothing was awesome.

In the next pic I have one of the skivvys from that collection, in ivory, a really nice design as it isn’t just a plain sweater pattern. I am wearing it under the beautiful Sari Kimono from Nylon Outfitters also @ Collabor88. There are three kimonos in all in great colour combos, and even though I am a huge fan of system skirts, I decided to use the top as a top, with the wonderful Flowy shorts from Fashionably Dead. When these shorts were released at one of Tableaus roadside stall events, I think they were my go to pants for weeks, I love them dearly, especially how they are V cut at the front, so it lends an even nicer illusion to the Kimono Obi.

The next combo look is a mix of Jeans from Callie Cline who is in this months Collabor88 and you will giggle when you see her KittyCats placed about her display, I know I did. The jeans are very cool with embellishments that are definitely a mix of both Mexican and retro 70’s fashion, such a great blend and a lovely fit. I have always hailed Callie when it comes to her pants. The elongated tshirt is a Tres Blah item at Collabor88, as usual they have not only clothes but also the two skins I am wearing, which I just love. If you have been going since the start, you like myself will have a great collection of Tres Blah skins by now. I adore the leopard cross on the tshirt, and there is a love potion number 9 one also in the same pack, so a steal for sure. Finishing off the look I went with the denim jacket from Mon Tissu, very close in denim to the jeans, so it totally works, and definitely a travellers must have, when there is jean jacket love, it is all consuming. I once spent weeks searching with a friend for a replacement for hers that she had literally worn to death, and you can’t just go grab the first one you see, it has to be special, and these definitely are.

Poses by Marukin are also at the event, so grab them too.

So make sure you get over to Collabor88 as soon as you can, no shots needed, and the gates are open to all passports.


Click HERE to SLURL’s Page.

Poses by : Marukin @ Collabor88

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck


Ellis – LeLutka


Natural Curl Sculpted Lashes – LeLutka

1st Me:

Skin Worn:

{Tan} C88 Chic Skin – Dark Brows – Tres Blah @ Collabor88

Russia Tattoo (Tintable) - Fashionably Dead @ Collabor88


Mary’s Magic Hat – Japan – Fashionably Dead @ Collabor88


Facil skirt – (part mesh) – Elymode 

Marigold Winter Coat – SLink @ Collabor88 (MESH)

Ruffle Socks – G*Field


Alex Shoes with Strap Options – G*Field


Lora purse Jet – LaGyo


2nd Me:

Skin Worn:

{Tan} C88 Fusion Skin – Light Brows – Tres Blah @ Collabor88

Japan Tattoo  - Fashionably Dead @ Collabor88


Lopsided Lilly – Sweden – Fashionably Dead @ Collabor88


Sari-Kimono Dress – Blue ( top only) – Nylon Outfitters @ Collabor88

High Waisted Flowy Shorts – Fashionably Dead 

Zoya turtleneck-Ivory  – LaGyo LGFemme 


Alex Shoes with Strap Options - G*Field


3rd Me:

Skin Worn:

{Tan} C88 Fusion Skin – Light Brows – Tres Blah @ Collabor88


Michelle Tea – Mexico – Fashionably Dead @ Collabor88


Graphic Tee – Leopard Cross 2 – Tres Blah @ Collabor88 

Culture Fusion Dark Wash – Callie Cline @ Collabor88

Porter Jean Jacket  – Mon Tissu 


Alex Shoes with Strap Options - G*Field


Nika bag Ivory  – LaGyo 


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