Grin and Bare it






I have a request of every single person, to not only do this, but also to encourage everyone they know to do it too. The reason for the request is that the other day a drop down appeared on my screen, with a message from the people that run the event nights over at Bare Rose. The notecard was letting the customers know that due to finances no longer being the same at Bare Rose, that the prize money they usually provide at events was going to be lowered. I found that interesting, and totally so like June to still give as much as she could, and not have her customers miss out. Then I heard that it is a bit worse than that, sales have declined a lot over there, and I got to thinking more.

We have so many events, day sales, and the what not, that are great for people on a budget, but stores that always catered to that have obviously suffered in some way. I mean the product at Bare Rose is still incredible, and how much you get for your 170L or 140L or whatever is always amazing. But obviously many that used to shop there for a deal, now do not feel the need to. Well I really hope that many of you will reconsider that, and take your friends over and buy up lots and lots, because having a store like Bare Rose suffer is just like the end of the world for many. June is incredible, and so talented, and her items are beautiful. So even if you just go and buy one thing each, it could really show her that her hard work is cared about…and also you may have friends who are new enough to have never been EEEEEEKS at the very thought of it.

The fun overalls set I am wearing is from there, I picked it up earlier today, its tight in the right places, and baggy where it needs to be, I could totally take on someone in a dance off in this outfit – I so love those movies, don’t you?.

The hairs I am wearing are from LoQ, I am seriously in lust with the Champagne bow one, it looks so hot when you zoom in on your face, I kind of want the same style with a turban back to it with the same big bow, so yummy.

The skins I am wearing are the new Harper from Adam n Eve, this skin is truly beautiful, and possibly one of my new faves to date for Adam n Eve. The face really gives definition that is much needed under the cheeks area, to highlight the cheekbones themselves. The make ups are wonderful, and I am so happy that Sachi has truly embraced the nude lips, more natural make up looks, so that now a fat pack really encompasses all that is needed in a skin that you will want to wear full time. The skins come with hair bases and brows tattoos with blonde, red, black and brown options, as well as manicure and pedicure on tats and gloves and socks. Each skin also has a cleavage enhanced option, so you can save layers that way, by wearing the regular or enhanced. DEMO DEMO DEMO it will be worth it, because it is really awesome. There are 12 make ups in all, but one pic broke on me, so you only get 11 pics :P.


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Poses by : Glitterat

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck


Ellis – LeLutka


Natural Curl Sculpted Lashes – LeLutka

1st Me:

Skin Worn:

Harper – Adam n Eve 


Champagne, Pudding – LoQ Hairs


Kh B.H.S. – Bare Rose 


OZStarz Chucks – Bedlam