It’s a Micro Revolution it is





Lately Whimsy and Ashia and I have been getting out more, which is a good thing, as often we tend to spend way too much time in the sky working. I know it is that way for many in Second Life, which often doesn’t make sense, when you consider that usually people join such a place to meet and spend time being a lot more social. IMs are great, and so are Social Networks etc, but nothing beats face time, even if it is pixels. So make sure to put in face time once in a while with people you usually only IM, it is good for you both.

Last night Whimsy and I were at The Dressing Room Blue, making sure to grab the latest Exile hair which not shown in this post, but is FABULOUS. Anyways while there Whimsy saw a really cute girl wearing a skirt she liked the look of, so asked me to quickly inspect as she was lagging, and as often is the case, the girl may have tpd away. So I grabbed the info, mind you usually I do IM people to ask, as I think it is nice to compliment people in that way, but this was an emergency inspect lol. We went to the store in question after, it was Wildo, a store we hadn’t been to in at least a year, the last time was for a wheely suitcasey thing Whimsy wanted…she really likes that store lol. Alas they are actually closing down at the end of the month, but until then everything is only 39L so you need to go, because the hair, the floral hair accessory and so many other accessories for the hair are there to get, and they are all really good work too.

After that we went around the sim the store was on, again having not been there in yonks, and tada waved at a poster of Sofia Gray in the Aoharu satellite store there, she looked so pretty 🙂 . I found these really pretty blouses in the M+M store just up the road, and the pack was really well priced, so got both the white and the black, with two versions of the shirt in each…bargain.

All the looks today are featuring the Facil skirt by Elymode. This skirt comprises of not only all layers, but a very cool blend of both MESH and regular prim skirt attachment, or the non mesh version if you must. But once you try on the mix, you will be sold, because it is tres magnifique. I have seen long pencil skirts using the clothing layers and mesh insert mix, Mon Tissu did that first and then they also did a regular mini , but Elymode nailed the Micro Mini which will have girls clamoring for more as it really is hell sexy. It needs to be made in a billionty colours, and not just millions of purples – Elysium has a penchant for the purple she does, and I am terrible for teasing her about it. For those that know about rigging and how intensely difficult it can be, you need to applaud her for managing to do so to a piece of mesh this small. The skirt design itself is so cute, and as it does come on all layers, you can do the leggings thing like I have, or bare skin works wonders too.

The other day, again Whimsy dragged me off my posestand and we visited two stores by the same creator. May’s Soul and Tentacio are both stores owned by May Tolsen. We both grabbed lots of things, but my favourite of all was these awesome snowshoes with the old fashioned raquets on the bottom…so cute and texture change colour wise for the legwarmer portion. Not sure if you can see though, one boot also has a little bird sitting on the front, sooooo cute. The punk boots are also from there, and the socks colour change also. This was very handy, as I needed them to work with the gorgeous blue puffler also in MESH by BOOM, and the armwarmers – again MESH – which are a great fit size wise. I love that BOOM is slowly adding MESH to it’s store, cannot wait to see more.

The red and black combo needed something a little lighter, and well naughtier, so I went with the latest release from Whippet & Buck, this is their Etheria release, which is a collaboration effort putting clothing designers together with Jewelers. Mouse Mimistrobell is the brains behind this event, and you should definitely look into it, as the theme is Painted Ladies, and that just  means awesomeness for sure, and don’t delay because the event ends tomorrow.

Lastly I am wearing three skins by YS & YS, the Virginia, Claire and Sahara skins are three tones of the same skin, and each tone just adds something to the overall look. It was instant love when I put on the paler of the three which is Virginia but definitely still love the face on all three. The make up is also lovely and you get so many options with YS & YS skins, brows, lashes, cleavage and lipsticks with and without teeth all come on tattoo layers. You don’t get all lippies on the tat layers, but enough of a range to really extend the overall package. I actually put on the nude lips with teeth on the 2nd pic, to make the make up a tad more subtle overall.

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Poses by : Frooti

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck


Ellis – LeLutka


Natural Curl Sculpted Lashes – LeLutka

1st Me:

Skin Worn:

Virginia – YS & YS 


M2/01 Hair – Wildo


Facil Skirt Part Mesh Option – Elymode

frill Stand-up-collar blouse long sleeve – M+M

Favourite Wool tights – Mon Tissu 


Millside Flats – Elikatira


Flower garden head dress/black – Wildo 

Observation Earrings – Yummy
2nd Me:

Skin Worn:

Claire – YS & YS 

Claire Eyebrows Light, Clair Lipstick Nude/teeth – YS & YS (part of skin pack)


M2/08 – Wildo 


Facil Skirt Part Mesh Option - Elymode

Austen Pullover – Mon Tissu MESH


Velvet Boots w/raquet – May’s Soul 


Puffler Icicle – BOOM – MESH (also comes with sculpted version)

3rd Me:

Skin Worn: 

Sahara – YS & YS 


M/06 (tinted)  – Wildo 


Facil Skirt Part Mesh Option - Elymode

Barr None Lingerie Bra – Whippet & Buck 


Punk Boots w/socks – Tentacio 


Armwarmers MESH – BOOM 

Nails – Sensations