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I had to hunt down that hair today, seriously the other day I had seen it on a customer and found out it was from a store I hadn’t been to. I had many other things to do that day, and luckily I made a note of it to remind myself to go when I was back from shaping *^(%&^%^*&^*(( only Aussie’s will get that terminology, or at least friends of that are used to us screaming blue murder when it happens.

Anywho’s , today I dragged everyone to find it with me, and by everyone I mean the usual suspects, Justice, Ashia, Whimsy and Arabella. At first I had the wrong location, it was their satelite store I had made a note of, not their main, and through sheer crazyness and for some reason not thinking to look if their was more info on the profile, I IM’d the creator and was sent a LM to the correct store lol.

Nothing is too hard for me when it comes to hair. I got it I love it, it has that Elvis vs Johnny Knoxville kind of thing going on, and um YUM – the Dukes of Hazard Johnny , not the one that used to do crazy things with others and film it, coz that Johnny was just plum crazy.

Showing off the tones of the skins I am featuring, I am wearing a few of the Hotness Bikinis from Luck Inc, aren’t they trashtastical.  Seriously the hair, the glasses and the bikinis with the raggedy tank hiked up over the breasts, I am ready to hook up my trailer and take it on the road Vegas style. I recently had a chat with CK Winx of Luck Inc and it was decided, that the store is a ongoing process of things Men want to see Women in.

Truth is too, that I think it’s a bit of a mix also of things Women want to wear for their Men too, but of course to be respected in the morning if we do ;). I opted for the kini prints that actually made me think of Route 66 and the kind of prints that you would find in retro themed stores, there are others in the Hotness range, and all equally sexy.

I’m featuring the BlowPop N2 Ava skins today, recently released these skins live up to the benchmark that Blowpop is known for. Beautifully worked bodies, with stunningly unique faces. There is something very wise in the character of Blowpop skins, a kind of all knowing, all seeing elusiveness.

Each make up has a second option, being a richer lipstick choice, the make up is definitely a more mature range of make ups, very sultry and earthy in tones and colour. Ava is the kind of skin that will feel very comforting, warm and friendly to not only those admiring you, but to yourself.

Take her for a spin around the house, dress her up, dress her down…really see her from all angles..DEMO DEMO DEMO.

The second and third outfits are from Whippet & Buck, a store that is a mix of Twiggy Whippet and Dakota Buck, two aussies that know a frock is a frock is a frock, now that I have the Haver tiered frock I don’t have to think of examples when explaining to the unkowing what a frock is lol..and what a frock it is, the RFL dress is a beautiful tiered frock, with such beautiful colours that I was in heaven when adding the Lamb hair and finding that the hat had a colour option in the perfect harmony. Plus I am so in love with the Lamb textures, not just the colours themselves but the names and the way they are packaged.

The ensemble above is a mix and match of boy and girl, the Sgt Pepper Cropped Jacket is a MUST HAVE as are the fabulous Harris Tartan Shorts, I adore these shorts, I honestly think I purchased those before the womens stuff. The adorable riding gloves are also from there, lending a real vintage look to the outfit.

The Clawtooth hair Timeless Glamour didn’t hurt in that department either, adding more glasses from DeLa and the DeLa socks, with the high oxfords from Tesla I was on my way to lunch with the ladies at the Club, snickers, ok maybe not, but I could be :P.

Lastly after hours of grid jumping today, with all the girls, then some of the girls, then one of the girls, then a different one of the girls lol, I ended up back at home unwrapping my goodies, and quickly putting on my Aoharu stuffs.

Aoharu is having a sale at the moment, and it is pretty much the last 22 hours or so now, talk about cutting it fine, I know. But seriously can you feel the 80’s love. The dress comes with sculpted pockets also , but as you can see you can detach those and have it more slimline, the belts OMG the twin belt is fantasticalafabulous. YOU MUST MUST MUST go grab the pack of those, all colours and a steal.

A sale at Aoharu means you must grab all the socks you can carry, seriously she has this knack of making socks just look heavenly. I grabbed a few other goodies, I have no idea what is staying or what is being taken away, so do not miss out on this sale. Hair is also part of it as well as shoes, so grab as much as you can at the saving.

Click HERE to TP to the stores shown. or HERE to return to

Picture 1:

Hair: Rock n Rolla – Soap

Skin: Ava – Blowpop

Clothes: The Hotness Bikini’s – Luck Inc

Accessories: Sunglasses “RG1” White Black lens – DeLa

Poses/Animations: Persona

Equipment: Professional Posestand and HUD – VR Foundry

Picture 2:

Hair: Timeless Glamour – Clawtooth by Clawtooth

Skin: Ava – Blowpop

Clothes: Harris Tartan Shorts, Sgt Peppers Cropped Jacket, Riding Gloves – Whippet & Buck

Socks – DeLa

Shoes/Boots: High Oxfords – Tesla

Accessories: Sunglasses “RG1” Black Black lens -DeLa

Eyes: Popfuzz

Poses/Animations: Persona

Equipment: Professional Posestand and HUD – VR Foundry

Picture 3:

Hair: Dog Roses – Lamb

Skin: Ava – Blowpop

Clothes: Haver Tiered Frock – Whippet & Buck

Eyes: Popfuzz


Equipment: Professional Posestand and HUD – VR Foundry

Picture 4:

Hair: Ebondy – HCT

Skin: Ava – Blowpop

Clothes: Ice Girl Dress, Multi Colour Socks – Aoharu

Shoes/Boots: 3way Engineer Boots – J’s

Accessories: Twin Belt – Aoharu

Soft Pink Hair Rose – Essentia

Eyes: Popfuzz

Poses/Animations: Persona

Equipment: Professional Posestand and HUD – VR Foundry

Always thankful for: Essentia for my Beautiful Hair Roses and Jewelry many pieces of which I have watched being made, and had the pleasure of wearing first as they are custom fit to my shape-I’m blessed.

My VR Posestand Professional/VR Posestand HUD/Library is by VR Foundry , The NEW Features include Keyboard Controls, MONO, HUD Controls, Locking Camera and Pose Positions, ability to save Colour Sphere Presets, Return to Poses Locked previously and SOOOO Much more. The VR Posestand is sold seperately as is the VR Posestand HUD , or in a Package HERE, or at the VR Foundry Main Store. now also with stand alone Library HUD, for on location shoots in no build areas – no notecards needed.