Important – Permissions Bug

Important :

I have just come from an open office hour with the Lindens, the conversation of course went to the permissions bug that is causing all sorts of worry to creators, and rightly so.

The issue is with setting of perms, unfortunatly due to there not being specific guidelines in place for how to set perms, many have just learned as they went along, passing on how they do it to others and so forth.

This bug is only effecting prim items/objects, and the ‘right way’ is only for prim/objects.

When setting permissions on your items for the ‘next owner” as in who you are going to be selling to, or possibly gifting to.

You must NOT do this in your inventory. Clothing, Skins, Notecards, Shapes, Eyes, Scripts, and anything that you cannot rez to the ground, can be changed in your inventory the same as usual.Apparently this was always the case, the not doing in inventory part.

But anything that is able to be rezzed on the ground must be, and the perms set while it is in world, before then taking it back to your inventory to box up.

A suggestion and this was by the Lindens themselves, and something I as a Manager have always done, check perms with an account other than the one that is the creator.

If you do not have staff, or you do not have friends online when you need to release DO NOT just release anyway. Make an alt account if you have to, and log that in and check everything, make sure the alt has either the objects from you , or set them out to buy by your alt in a safe environment so that they get them exactly as the customer will.

If there are objects/prims in the items, make sure the alt rezzes them to the ground and takes them back to inventory to check the permissions stay the same.

Only when you are positive should you then go ahead and release. It will take longer to do this, but it will save a lot of heartache if the bug effects your work.

They are working on a way to stop this at the moment, but please look after your work. This is not news to many, many already know of these ways to permission set etc, but just for those that don’t spread the word, many designers are friends with others, make sure those people know the right way to set perms, even if they do fix it, it should continue to be done ‘the right way”.

NOTE : Ayumi Cassini just IM’d me with a link to a post she has done on this issue and other on her own blog. CLICK HERE for more info ….thank you Ayumi :).