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Pink Skye of Mine

PFLeafy copy
PFLeafy2 copy
PFLeafy3 copy

Skin/Shape Expo was actually the brainchild of Foxy Innis , a shape creator here in Second Life. She believes strongly as do many, that the symmetry between a well balanced look, is the ratio of skin and shape. Now I don’t do well with change, especially on others, as friends will attest..I get really upset if they do any sorts of changes, unless of course I supervised lol.

But with all of these beautiful and talented creators joining each other for such a worthwhile cause, I felt it was the least I could do to change my shape for some pictures. Now I had to start off slowly, and it made it easier on me that Leafy and Pink Fuel are both participants at this years Skin/Shape Expo.

If you have ever explored outside of either store, you will know they share a sim. So it was a no brainer to bring those two together in one post, and as the shapes compliment the skins so well, it worked great. The latest release in the Skye Skins by Pink Fuel are just lovely, they are innocent but with that kind of cheekyness built in.

I made my own shape, it took me a year to stop touching it in one way or another, and I have pretty much kept it consistent over the last three years, if I make a tweak it stays forever. But after wearing these shapes today, and being able to see them with such adorable skins, I can certainly see the appeal in wanting ‘that look”  I even went so far as wanting to live up to “that look ” with the little outfits I put on.

The first one being a set I bought recently off Xstreet for some ridiculously inexpensive amount, and had a ball running around in it for a day and night. Curvy and Cute is that naughty nurse. The shape is Bree and with the Skye Beestung looking skin from Pink Fuel she is perfect.

I had to add Katat0nik to this mix with the hair in all three pics, as I truly think PF and Leafy lovers just have to be Kat fans too.All three styles have many options, one being that you can hide and show the music symbols , and or headsets, which makes for fun looks either way.

So while at the Skin/Shape Expo make sure you visit all the booths, and grab DEMOS for everything, and even if you grab a group of friends and have a shape swapping party, it could find you something you never knew you wanted.

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Picture :

Hair: Gat Jamz, Vu Jamz, Kat Jamz – Katat0nic

Skin: Skye – Pink Fuel (Skin/Shape Expo)

Shapes : Bree , Parfait 2 , Jerelyn – Leafy (Skin/Shape Expo)

Clothes: Nursey Kitty Outfit – K & L  Xstreet

Softy Kiss – XD

Slim Set – SK Designs

Eyes: Thaw – Fusemelon

Poses/Animations: Long Awkward Pose

Equipment: VR Professional Posestand and HUD – VR Foundry

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Body Talk Duh Essentia GLOW Studios House of Heart House of Nyla Insolence Katat0nik Leezu Prelude Tuli VR Foundry

Tickle my Ivory’s


I am really delighted in the New Ivory skins, there is something incredibly beautiful about being this pale, but with such a divine porcelain like quality. The Ivory skins come with soft make up that just accentuates the concept of the skins. I have always veered back and forth into silvery hair, going white often as my choice for fantasy play.

If you wear a lot of black hair, for the most part you will have a considerable amount of white to silvery/grey styles as well, what with it being so popular to make them a pack together in many hair stores. Todays silvery delights are both from House of Heart , they have a definite softness to the texture that really works as a bealievable mix with the brows of the Hope Ivory by Tuli.

The first outfit I put together comprises of the Margo coat, this had myself and Newdoll zooming over to LeeZu as soon as the notice came through, I swanned around in this for a day and a half, and am so glad especially now that I opted for the silver. Everyone in the world needs ruffle panties, and my favourite are the ones Kit Maitland made years ago, that actually have ruffle prims…but a few months back when shopping for a skirt for Meko we went via Katat0nik and I just couldn’t resist these panties with the ruffle as a texture, perfect for a look like this one where you couldn’t wear prims as well.

Yes I do realise that I am wearing panties and a jacket as an outfit, but if it can be done anywhere it is here in Second Life. The dress I am wearing in the second picture comes with that adorable pillbox hat. So perfect for the skins make up I actually modded the hair to remove the large net bow it had, Yay for select linked parts and shrinking and alpha textures….that way if you cannot rez the hair to mod you can just hide what you don’t want…don’t do so without making a back up copy first.

The dress itself is by Prelude and is the Estelle dress, this comes in a myriad of colours, but in keeping with my theme the silver was perfect. I had the pleasure of meeting with the designer Polaire and her good friend Angelli at The Deck one day, they are such delightful ladies, it really was a great afternoon/evening chatting with them both. Angelli has her own teen themed blog which she only recently started HERE .

This dress is so stylish and elegant with it’s vintage lines and classicly beautiful fabric. We all know I love system skirts/dresses, and this is truly a marvelous one.

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Picture 1:

Hair: Antoinette – House of Heart

Skin: Hope Ivory – Tuli

Clothes: Margo Jacket – LeeZu

Skully Ruffle Panties – Kata0nik

Army Girl Garter Socks – WorldWide Industries

Shoes/Boots: Work Leather Boots – Duh

Accessories: Delyn Angel Earrings – Glow Studios

Black tipped Grey Hair Rose – Essentia

Eyes: Thaw – Fuse Melon Coming Soon

Poses/Animations: Body Talk

Equipment: VR Professional Posestand and HUD – VR Foundry

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Picture 2:

Hair: Gorgeous – House of Heart

Skin: Hope Ivory – Tuli

Clothes: Estelle – Prelude

Shoes/Boots: Mary Janes – Insolence

Accessories: Black Stitch Handbag – House of Nyla

Eyes: Thaw – Fuse Melon Coming Soon

Poses/Animations: Body Talk

Equipment: VR Professional Posestand and HUD – VR Foundry

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