What is in a name – Content edition

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If this is your first time to a Sasy Talk, then a bit about me. I have always worked in Second Life, behind the scenes for dozens of brands over the years, some publicly, some privately…it depended on the work and how involved it was. So when I see a thing, I often communicate said thing – this means that I have been IM’ing stores about this, but to most of them these days, I am some random person, saying some stuff, so I thought that it may make more sense in this format. Work aside, it also means that I often look at and use my inventory in a high octane way. It is big, not as big as it would be if I actually unpacked things…but big none the less. I also have multiple bodies, I am not a body changer on the fly type of person, I just happen to have a few. But I only recently – the last year or so, changed from my Slink bodies to eBody Reborn. I go back to Slink often, but when I am out shopping these days, I am buying items that include eBody Reborn in them, I also tend to make sure that what I am buying has at least one other body I own included, that way I am covered if I change.

Coming from nearly a decade of one body, to another is tough, I empathise with all in that, but what some tend to not understand, is not only do you potentially feel out of sorts with your new look, you end up very disconnected from your inventory. I have over 400 thousand items in my inventory (I have deleted as much over the years, on the beta grid I have over 650K) and in the past, regardless of the day, the mood, the weather, I knew what I wanted to wear, who made it, what colours I had, and very often where to find it in my inventory. Even if I had not ‘put it away’. Now, because of that disconnect, I use the inventory search function to find something to wear. I buy things, but I am not as invested in them as I used to be, probably because I have not taken them to the posestand for a post as soon as purchased, like often was the case in the past. This means that I type in search…Reborn + Dress or Reborn + Top/Pants and sometimes Reborn + Pants + olive etc. All my Bom underwear is easy, that is in my favourite wearables. But right now, as I am learning what I like, what I love, what I need, that is how I am doing it. That is the main reason for this post.

The other day I did a video, and in the video I mentioned ‘do not change peoples logos’ it was a whole thing in my head, but my words in the video were milder. What has also always been a thing that creators do, is they play around with wording. Slink Hourglass ending up HG was due to the length of it more than anything, and while it was upsetting, you could search Hourglass or HG, but the Slink component was gone. I see the same with other things, Belleza ended up just being Freya or Isis and so on, but you learn and it makes sense. But knowing your body history is very very important also. Even though alas the brand identity is gone, most people will refer to bodies by the body name.

Newer creators and even newer residents to Second Life, do not always know that there were things before them. So for instance if you were to now just say Belleza in a product, which Belleza would you be referring to? The three bodies prior or the newer GenX bodies? Such is also the case for eBody Reborn. eBody had bodies before Reborn, and they may have more bodies in the future, who knows, but lately I see items that are saying the fit they include is eBody, and they do not say Reborn at all, but it is a new release, so chances are they mean Reborn right? But what happens 5 months from now, when it is further along in the store, and someone sees it fits eBody, and they own Reborn, do they just walk past it believing it to be old? That is one of the hazards of Second Life content. Age is not communicated. You can still see items in stores or on marketplace that still contain Sculpties, and some of you may not even know what a sculptie is, if you joined Second Life since November 2011 that may never have been your world, but it can mean that even now, you could buy something that is useless to you. To think that we have now had Mesh longer in Second Life than we didn’t is amazing.

So when you are creating for a particular type of body, it is important to list that body in the name of the item, not only because it is the right thing to do for someone to know it fits, but if you don’t, if you create some random way of communicating – eb-r , eBodyR, Reb, eBody, (r) < I have seen all of those – and there are more I am sure, then not only could a customer just not even try the items on, and potentially just assume it won’t fit them, but if they do try it, realise it does fit, it ends up never appearing in search in inventory, so then never gets worn, and while you may think ‘so what, the money was paid’ it means that the customer is not wearing it, not loving it, and not seeking out your brand in future for more purchases, you end up lost to them…you also miss out on the opportunity of someone else seeing them in it and wanting it, and tralalaling to your store to also buy it.

Now you may be thinking, “well “Sasy you could also search the eBody search term’, but that brings me back to the first point…there existed a previous eBody body (two if memory serves), so if I do search that, and I do, do not worry, it brings up loads of things that then don’t fit this one, because they were made for the previous one/s. All of these examples can be swapped out for other bodies too, as I said this is not just an eBody Reborn, situation, it is across most of the bodies, and not only if they have had previous types. I once saw it done by just the first letter, but not consistently, it was done with some brands being the brands first initial and some the body names first initial, and when I unpacked I thought that the folder was full of standard sizing, because there was an S and an L and and a B (it was the B that made me realise what was happening) again us older residents have a whole history of ways things are done.

I understand character limits, if your own store name is long, then the name of the item is long, and then if you sell by colour that is long, which also adds in the word fatpack also long, it becomes difficult. The ability to put it all out there is tough, I also know that often it is how people name stuff on their pc, and it is how it is uploaded, and it does not get changed – much like attach to right hand. I also know that because items predominantly are no mod, this means the end user also cannot change it to be the name they want. So perhaps if nothing else is possible, please throw in a notecard that has a title with the proper wording if impossible to put on the item, so that at least the notecard can come up when searching, and cause the end user to perhaps investigate further. Just to clarify, nothing worn in todays post was not doing it right, in fact Ison goes so far as to put eBody and Reborn in there, just in case, Harry has you covered! He is also having a sale for a few days currently, so get on over there and get your shop on.

Then pop over to The Vault event, they have a lot of fabulous accessories items for you to enjoy, the ones I am wearing in this post are so great. The Sunglasses are a kind of steampunk style, that have so many options of customising, they are gorgeous and while they are meant to protect my eyes, I could not resist perching them on my head. They really look great against the striking style of Lamb Hair I am wearing in today post, and anyone that knows me, knows that I am all about the behind the shoulders options of a style hud, this has that, but as it was such a lovely long style, I wanted you to see that with the over one shoulder option, it has either shoulder, behind back and both forward, with two bangs choices, and how cute is this pink. I actually started out red and black today, and ended up pink and grey, I love Second Life for fun changes like that. This journal also is just adorable, and has a whole lot of colour combos. I wish you could change the strap separately, but it is still a must have item IMO. It is really beautifully detailed with smaller books sewn into the leather and hand stitched, they pulled off that so well. How am I paying for it all you may ask, well with my plastic money of course, another fun item from The Vault and comes as hand holds or a mouth-able, if the other things are hold-ables, makes sense it would be a mouth-able right?

You can see more great Blogger looks for The Vault HERE and visit the event HERE.


Equipment Used

VR Studio and HUD and Library for location shoots – VR Foundry Marketplace

LeLutka Axis HUD Face – LeLutka

Poses & Props by :

!Bang Poses

Body Parts

Body :

Reborn – EBody


DollNose, BabyLips, RoundEyes, TriangleHead, Genus Morph – Genus

Nail Polish:

appliers – Flair – Marketplace

Skin Worn:

Emma – Nuve

Sienna Tone – Velour

Head and Body BOM Layers:

Emma Brows, Cotton Underwear – Nuve

Summer Blush – Izzie’s @ Summerfest 2024

BubbleGum Lipgloss – AlaskaMetro

Peaceful Eyes (Gift) – Insol

Mesh Worn:

Karma Cross Top, Yaretzi Dress Pants – ISON

Hair Worn:

Rosie – Lamb


Fury Sunglasses – Caprice @ The Vault 2024

Plastic Money – Dizzie @ The Vault 2024

Beach Journal – BackSTORY @ The Vault 2024

Hoops forever earrings reboot – Dark Mouse


  • Linda Reddevil

    I totally agree with you Sasy. I bought something for eBody awhile back not realizing that there was an eBody before Reborn and, of course, I didn’t have that body. I saw eBody on the ad and just assumed it was for Reborn. While I appreciate the hard work that goes into creating for all different bodies, it’s also hard work for us to decipher each designers code names for the bodies. As an almost 18 year resident myself, I do miss the little jacket, skirts, pants and undershirt icons from years back as it was so much simpler. Even the S, M, L that came with original mesh outfits was okay in my book too. Your notecard idea with the key to names is a good idea if only designers would, or could, implement it.

    • Sasy Scarborough

      Thank you so much, I am glad that this can help, I also just renamed the folder something came in so that it now says Reborn on it, at least we can rename those.