2022 Dance Panties – Cinnamon & Chai

2022 Dance Panties - Cinnamon & Chai


Every few years I have a post that is all about how I found the best dance panties in the whole wide world, and they would replace my previous ones. This actually started around 2007/8 if memory serves, I was in my skybox made of 6 rather huge prims – you know those days when you had to decide between walls and furniture, and I was dancing around in my skybox sorting my inventory in pretty much not a lot at all, except some undies and a t-shirt or tank or something like that. It became the start of my belief that you will find a pair of underwear that are not just sexy, or practical but motivate you to dance around the house in them, think Cameron Diaz in Charlies Angels.

So the other day I saw these land on Flickr for Cinnamon & Chai sizes and I fell instantly in love, so today off I went to get them at the Dubai Event. What was even cooler was that I have been playing around the past month with some tattoos, and fell in love with making Mandala type ones, and I was wearing one of the fishy ones that I made with another fishy one I made and got super happy that the tattoo looks so cute next to the Mandala like pattern of the fabric used for these shorts/panties, ok they are shorts, but I am going to make them dance panties and there is nothing you can do about it so nerrr. If you want to come at me for it, I may just take you down with a wet fish, how you like that – I am very feisty tonight, maybe they are fighting panties not dance ones….or even better Dance Battle Panties – ok now I am even more in love with them, honestly my favourite dance movie genre.
In other exciting news, One Bad Pixel has started updating some of their clothing to now include Cinnamon & Chai sizes, so I ran over and updated all the things, and this bra top is from the babytux outfit and has bows and straps that turn off and on via a HUD.

Equipment Used

VR Studio and HUD and Library for location shoots – VR Foundry Marketplace

Poses by : 


Body Parts

Body :
Cinnamon– Cinnamon & Chai by Siddean Munro


Chloe – LeLutka


Bali Dream Eyes – Euphoric

Nail Polish:

appliers – Flair – Marketplace

Skin Worn:

Cinnamon Skin – Cinnamon & Chai by Siddean Munro

Hair Worn:

Lotte – Wasabi

System/Bom Layers

Fierce Lipstick – AlaskaMetro

Under eye concealer, Lip corrector – Izzie’s
Brows – Simple Bloom

3 Fish Tattoo, Fishy Mandala Tattoo – not yet available


Mesh Clothing:
Kianna Shorts – Flirt @ Dubai Event

Sheath Dress Sleeves – Cinnamon & Chai by Siddean Munro

Babytux Bra – One Bad Pixel @ Slink

Ginza Necklace – Minimal (old Gacha and tinted)
Rings Simple – FormaNails