RFL Clothing Fair

The much anticipated Relay for Life, Clothing Fair will be opening it’s doors March 17, and run thru March 23, 2008. Jam packed with live music, treasure hunts… and fashion shows this year’s fair features 84 of SL’s premier designers! Kicking off this years Relay for Life Clothing Fair will be a multi-sim St. Patrick’s Day celebration. The event runs 24/7 until the doors close on the 23rd.

Last year was the first that I am aware of RFL Clothing Fair, it was a huge event spanning 2 Sims and with the Heaven/Hell theme, there is nothing more scary than falling in molten lava, and fall I did lol. Press got a sneak peak and it was great wandering around, having a look at all the stores before everyone else made me fall in the lava more often. Last year was such a sucess that this year it has doubled in size, thankfully no lava this time.

The theme this year is Four Seasons, and no not the restaurant..though that would be cool too mmmmm food fairs *concentrates* Nevar Lobo and his fabulous team have again created something on such a huge scale I dont know how they are still standing, and not dribbling in a corner somewhere.

Leading up to the Fair there has been a constant stream of information for Designers, and I have been really impressed with the prompt responses when needing help or information . There is going to be a huge amount of incredible fashion to be found this year and when the Fair spans 4 huge sims you know you are going to need to prepare yourself and your wallet lol.

The event itself is of course a huge way of raising funds for Relay for Life, and the fair itself is organised by one team the Relay Raiders, you may think that this is just another reason to shop til you drop, but not really the case, as the fair consists of 85 incredible stores that means 85 ways to contribute to Relay for Life.
Every Designer has been given the option of donate ALL proceeds from one item, or a percentage of ALL items. This way you all have the oppurtunity to do your bit to help this cause.
Now I know my pics arent very specific, but for once I actualy intended that, as I am manager of a store that is part of the fair, I am able to be at the location….I dont think at the moment its right for me to start exposing vendors and what not as many havent set up yet and may have suprises in store for you all. I just mainly wanted you to see how big this event is land wise, so you can plan ahead lol . Also the land that has been used for this event has been donated by Rezzable, which means that each sim is surrounded by other incredible sims…that unlike other big fairs when you are trying to push in just have you standing on the border , this one will have you wandering around enjoying yourself.
One other AWESOME thing is that the stores are all on the outsides of the sims, meaning if you cant get into the sim, you can cam in easily from the neighbouring ones APPLAUDS Nevar and his team for that.
There will also be prizes and hunts through out the week long fair, and many people have contributed to make those fun and rewarding, there is also Live Music planned and DJ’s with also FOUR incredible Fashion Shows planned.
This is an event you are going to need to make sure you have time put aside for, and make sure you have at least 3 bottles of RL water beside you, we dont want anyone dehydrating.
REALLY IMPORTANT …….. Be fair and De-Prim , no one cares that you have the latest and greatest hair, shoes and primmy clothes on when at an event of this magnitude…they do care that your lagging out the sim, so organise a folder in advance…get your favourite texture outfit together, yes pants with no prim cuffs and your favourite shirt or dress that has no prims is a great start.
Go through your hair folders (if you have to wear it lol ) and find hair that has less prims by going into edit when worn. take off all jewelry and additional accessories (wedding bands and collars are understandable to leave on) and go bare foot lol, seriously the sims are so cute with fallen leaves or newly grown grass its fab to run around in no shoes anyway.
When you have your outfit all sorted, make a new folder and place the parts in it, or use appearance mode to make outfit ( be aware if you click all boxes in that you end up moving your huds and things you need access to to that folder) then you are ready for some serious shopping and everyone will be much happier, its not just seeing people that seem to wear every prim they have thats hard to take its the agro that you keep for the next 20 mins when you cant move, thats really what spoils the events.

Anyway enough of all that part, I am going to post below the Link to the RFL Clothing Fair Official Blog HERE , and also a list of all Designers that will be featured at the Fair.

Wiccan Sojourner Bewitched Designs

Adelyn Hansen Stone Keep
Sherona DeGroot Innovations
SweetTasting Lollypop AngelEyes Lewis 00Gorgeous
Wraith Unsung Fairy’s Grove Creations
DigiKatt Shaw Dks Designs
Digital Enigma Dark Matter & M’Lady’s Bridal
Popfuzz Bamboo PopFuzz
Nyte Vargas IEVL (Innocently Evil)
Callie Cline CaLLie cLine
Arabella Cinquetti Chiman Fassbinder Kays Kloset
Julia Soothsayer Awesome Designs
Isabella Maginot Isobella Esoterica
Janie Marlowe Mischief
Candy Gritzi Gritzi Design
Ambergris Baphomet Ambergris Deadly Fashions
Etain Peregrine Dark Eden
Kya Eliot Hexed
Tuli Asturias []::Tuli::[]
Nugget Gregory Carla Chandrayaan Bailers Outfitters
Darklour Watanabe Neko Gear
Vlinder Reitveld Vlintuition
Kaia Ennui Nocturnal Threads
Paul Lapointe BastChild Lotus Lapointe Designs
Rebel Hope Rebel Hope Designs
Jonquille Noire Little Rebel Designs
Bella Rosencrans Pixel Passion
Shelly Toonie Moonshine
AmySue Shirakawa Adored Clothing
June Dion BareRose
Saur Holt Passionate Neko Dreams
Andromeda Raine Coconut Ice
Raven Pennyfeather House of Rfyre
Nyte Caligari Nyte’N’Day
Rachel Darling Milady’s Fancy
Rose Farina Rose Petal Creations
Sparkle Skye Allure by Sparkle Skye
Lexus Birge Lexus
Kaimi tachikawa Silken Heat
Vindi Vindaloo Luxury by Vindi Vindaloo
Lexi Morgan Stellar Designs
Natalia Basiat Defleur Fashions
Nicky Ree Designing Nicky Ree
Doc Eldritch DE Designs
Raven Rosebud Sub Rosa
Feri Beckenbauer Beckenbauer Productions
Fenom Gasparini SweetThing Baker The Sweetest Sin
Hyasynth Tiramisu ~silentsparrow~
Draconic Lioncourt Draconic Kiss
Moire georgette Bossa Nova
Ravenlynn Templar Lilmewmew Muni,
Mesostopheles Gascoigne LVS & Co (Liquid Velvet Studio)
Miko Omegamu *ICING*
Zoe Llewelyn Boneflower Designs
Irelyn Christensen IndustriElle
Annah Whitfield *AnnaH* Coture
Shadow Weaver ShadowWiccan
Versu Richelieu VR Phlux
Kit Maitland CKS Designs
Dellybean North Dellycious Wear
Solange Cerveau Solange
Kiana Dulce Kiana Dulce
Digit Darkes “Digit Darkes”
Myllie Writer PERSONA
Talyn Barrett Analise Lament Analise
Ciera Bergman Vitamin Ci
Swaffette Firefly SF Designs
Shai Delacroix Casa del Shai
Jeremey Ryan Barefoot Apparel
Sensual Cassanova Sensual Designs
Kim Seifert Desirae Designs
Pushbutton Skolnick Pushbutton Industries
Stormy Wilde EBT (Emotional Blackmail Threads)
Keishii Roo Goth1c0
Sazae Yoshikawa CREAMSHOP
Abby Coalcliff Devilish Cupcake
Jesseaitui Petion Aitui
Evangeline Miles Claire McLeod Evie’s Closet
Forda Fairlane Moxie Polano
Haute Style & CoLuxum Shilova ,
Vint Falken Rezzable Creations
Onyx Leshelle Beauvoir Rousselot Maitreya
Darwin Mizser Avid Designs
LIvinglight yiyuan Crystal Queendom
Spicy Koba Spicy Designs

That is one incredible list right there, and let it be known if you are not on that list but a designer who plans on being around for a long time, contact Nevar Lobo or any of his team (info on the blog) and let them know your name for next years event, they do get back to you :o).

Below is the info on the shows planned for the event.

Fashion shows at the Clothing fair…

Thursday March 20th 2pm to 4pm slt This show features different designers from the Autumn and Winter sims of the Fair… Produced by Atlantis Modeling Agencies contact person : Valerie McDunnough

Saturday March 22 10am to 12pm slt and 2pm to 4pm slt RFL Showcase Show This show features over 40 of the 2008 designs for RFL this year. All outfits shown are done to benift Relay for Life and will be sold at the Fair 100% profit for RFL.
Produced by FACESContact person : Aradia Dielli
Sunday March 23 2pm to 4pm slt This show features the designers from the Spring and Summer sims in the Fair .Produced by ASpiRE!Contact person : Ally Geer
Jewlery donated by Random Callopie Shoes donated by Maitreya
Again a HUGE HUGE Event so prepare for it and look forward to it and make sure you let everyone you know know its coming.
xoxox Sasy xoxo