Donate Your Time and Music

An update on the RFL Clothing Fair, One of the team Marissa Goodliffe;
is looking for more of the incredible DJ Talent SL has to offer. If you can donate a few hours over this week long event PLEASE contact her in world, not only will this be more wonderful entertainment for the masses, but a great way to showcase your talents too.

Marissa Goodliffe said…
I am the one trying to coordinate some of the DJ entertainment. We WERE going to run 12 noon until 10pm every day, but Nevar said, Lets open it up! I need SKILLED, seasoned DJ’s for these SL night time hours. Mature sims, any genre goes! IM me if you have an hour or two to DONATE, ALL entertainers have donated their time and talents for this, all for a great cause. Thank you!
-Marissa Goodliffe

OOOOO I just also remembered something from a notice, will verify this too though, but I ‘THINK’ that if you want to be a part of the RFL fundraising effort and not a part of the fair, they have set aside a portion of space for people to do that, so you could contact Nevar Lobo and make sure thats accurate, but if so and you want to make something fabulous and contribute the funds from it to RFL that would rock too.

** Update, this has been confirmed by Nevar :o)
“if anyone wanted to be part of the fair and didnt get in .. there will be an area for rfl vendors .. those will be available on sat from any teams…. or from me …. and they can set up on sunday”

xoxox Sasy xxoxo