Cinnamon & Chai – Chai Dorothy

Cinnamon & Chai - Chai Dorothy

I have been looking at my blog of late, the really past past stuff, and I was thinking of going over older items, seeing how they hold up now, and my inventory is vast so there are potentially things that I did not feature in full, or things I did not ever unpack on a whirlwind spending spree. I want to try and rectify that, and also just see how things can work together still today with the changes over time.

I ended up looking at a post from early 2015, when we still had standard sizing, and found out that as mentioned that when I went shopping at E-clipse and purchased a lot of things and featured a lot of things I did not end up unpacking all of the things. I had grabbed this great top in multiple colours and never even wore it. It is even open backed which is so cute. It came in standard sizing which was perfect because I was wearing the Chai body of Cinnamon & Chai and not only did it fit without needing alpha but I was able to fit one of the fitted tank tops under it that is also mesh. because of the style it needed to be loose and because of that it also fit perfectly over my jeans.

Now I do have jeans that are Cinnamon & Chai fit but I wanted to see if I could get away with wearing these Coco high waist ones, and again with a little alpha help, it was great, the tiny bit of stomach pokes over the front, but the top I am wearing is not a concern there and the back fit perfectly.

I was loving all this blue, so I decided to look at what flats I had that may fit my Cinnamon & Chai feet, and found these amazing shoes that I had worn in the past, but with the socks turned off and with them on I was loving the blue and white combo, and then by some crazy bloggers fate they are also called Dorothy, so my shirt is Dorothy and my Shoes are Dorothy and that is about as perfect as it can get without trying.

Also a big win is that these rings by Yummy made for the Slink hands also fit the Cinnamon & Chai, so I am living my best Slife and having a great time revisiting older items, I hope the look inspires you to not only go for the new and seek out some older items that you may have not given enough attention in the past.


Equipment Used

VR Studio and HUD and Library for location shoots – VR Foundry Marketplace

Poses by : 


Body Parts

Body :
Chai – Cinnamon & Chai by Siddean Munro


Chloe – LeLutka


Bali Dream Eyes – Euphoric

Nail Polish:

set 20 appliers – Flair – Marketplace

Skin Worn:

Chai Skin – Cinnamon & Chai by Siddean Munro

Hair Worn:

Lara – Kuni

System/Bom Layers

Lipstick Nude, Under eye concealer, Lip corrector – Izzie’s
Brows – Simple Bloom

Dolly Freckles – Mia Snow


Mesh Clothing:

Dorothy Top – E-Clipse

Highwaist Jeans – Coco

Cropped Tank top – Cinnamon & Chai by Siddean Munro


Dorothy Shoes (Slink Fit) – Bleich

Floral Drink – Hangry

Sea Treasures Rings – Yummy