Slink Physique Original – Ingenue and The Food Court

Slink Physique Original Ingenue and The Food Court//


Before we had mesh bodies we had Standard Sizing and alpha layers, we wore SL default bodies and in some cases add on parts to make them better. We had Slink Feet and Hands, there were lips, and bottoms and add on chests and we were a mish mash of pieces. Standard Sizing fit everyone willing to change their shape sliders to fit into the size parameters, and life was good. I was lucky enough to have a shape already that fit xs lower and s upper straight away no tweaking needed.

Then Slink Physique Original came along and it was so close that if you had a Standard Sizing shape, then Standard Sizing clothing fit, this was before we had fitted mesh at all. So for those of us that jumped on the Slink Original ride, nothing for us changed, everything fit, blogging was still so easy, but we were smoother and prettier. The Slink Physique Original body was perfect for me, it fit every criteria I needed in a body because when I worked and dealt with the public, I tend to dress the part, more classic lines, professional clothing, and it worked very well.

The body itself is not overly sexualised, but it can also be incredibly sexy, it is also a great athletic shaped body with leaner lines and for those that may be wanting a less girly look it is a great option. I have seen people embrace the petites add ons with the body also, slimming down their shape even further with the smaller breasts options, and it is remarkable how different you get to look. I like that we have more body type options, that for those that do not want to put it all out there with the curvier looks they have the options to be more svelte or just more themselves. I like that there are bodies that can go the other way, curvier, larger, and even those that break the parameters of realism entirely, it gives us what Second Life is meant to be about. The options is what makes SL great, and when creators embrace as many of those options as they can realistically handle (only the person doing the work knows how much work they can take on) it just adds to the overall experience.

Ingenue has recently started creating clothing again, and has incorporated Slink Physique Original into her creations as well as alpha layers for bakes on mesh which is fantastic and forward planning. Many would know her for footwear only, but in the early days she started out with Hair and Clothing and some amazing lingerie styles. Ingenue pretty much went what people would refer to as Viral the day she released her vintage hairstyles, and she was off and running ever since, a perfect staple creator for anyone with the love of classic pieces and that casual but still elegant vibe she has going on. I ran over to the store today and grabbed the fatpack of these pants, together with this top and the shoes I feel like I am ready to pick up a broom handle and start stretching and twisting and having myself a Marvelously Maisel kind of day.  It will definitely help with all of these empty pixel calories that I picked up at The Food Court event last week, that event is a must visit and is going to be twice a year, so get a wriggle on if you have not been.

There are whole collections of delicious treats and some amazing items to collect with gacha’s however I do wish we could just buy stuff, playing something in the hope of getting that thing is rough, luckily for me I just play machines that I like it all and have no interest in having all the pieces, I am the customer that benefits the most from Gacha in that way, and Whimsy and I nearly always get rares, especially when trying to just get commons. My usual rule of Gacha play is, I play as much as I would spend on one of the items, and if I get something more than twice I stop. The layout of the event was really nice, and the seating areas made it very cool to just sit down relax and cam around. However as always I just kept the booth to my left and started walking until I got back to the start, very easy event, and it cost me a small fortune because nearly everything looked delicious or was amazingly reasonable in price to just grab and own.

I am wearing some nailpolish appliers I updated to just make it more up to date skills wise overall, plus I have fancier new HUDs now, and I hand drew this set to really embrace my Aussieness 🙂 it is free on marketplace, and I hope you enjoy it. I am also having a lovely time with this hairstyle by Exile, that brings all my high ponytail love to fruition, with the hairbase by Izzie’s this style is just wonderful and it has bangs options as well as left right side, so make sure you get your Kat on from Collabor88.

Flair - Australia Edition - GIFT

Equipment Used:


VR Studio 4.2 and HUD and Library for location shoots

VR Foundry Mainstore (adult)

VR Studio @ Winx & Flair (general)

VR Foundry Marketplace

Body Language Ao Path

LeLutka Axis HUD

Mily Cafe Backdrop – Minimal

Puff Pups :: Puff Wagon Express RARE – Jian

Skin & Body Parts Worn:

Chloe Head – LeLutka

Physique Original Bundle REDUX (bake on mesh compatible) Slink

Extra Long Add on Nails Ballerina – Slink

Nail Appliers – Aussie Edition GIFT – Flair on Marketplace

System/Bom Layers:


Mori (System Layers Skin and Makeup Layers included) – Pink Fuel

Babyhairs v2 Hairbase,  Bom Nose Fixes – Izzie’s



Kat – Exile @ Collabor88

Clothes :

Tavi Leggings, Darcy Top – Ingenue


Marlo flats – Ingenue


Piggie Plush – Evie @ The Food Court

Coffee & Donut – Tentaccio @ The Food Court