Slink Physique Original – Vinyl

Slink Physique Original Vinyl

So I logged in today as I was feeling kind of pastel like, which of course ended up more Sunny than Pastel, but as I tend to love yellow I was all good with that. I by habit put on an item that was sheer, the sheer part was not the habit, but the size option was, so I had put on Slink Physique Hourglass size, and then realised because I was sheer it did not fit, it took my mind a moment to remember I was still in my Slink Physique Original bundle body from a previous post, and I was all good with that…I decided to run with it.

Vinyl has included Slink Physique Original since the start, the skirt I am wearing is an earlier item so much so that it includes Standard Sizing as well, so I would have been covered either way. I love this skirt, it has options for the straps, the layers, the metals, the colours are lovely and it just has a perfect boho fun to it that I really like. The cami top is relatively new and you get the option to change the strings separately from the top itself, so pretty together and like minded colouring made it all just deliciously joyful. The skirt style had me reaching for some Gladiators, the skirt just had that kind of quality to it, and these Gladiator boots by Ison were just perfect, an older style but perfection none the less and made for the Slink Mid feet height, which just makes them perfect for day wear.

Things that compliment each other just had me reaching for these earrings that I knew I had, to team up with one of my wonderful LODE hair accessories, I can never have too many of these, they always make me so happy, and the insects on the earrings just made it perfectly symbiotic for me.

I have been using the Izzie’s Bom nosefix layers for weeks now, and realised that in playing with them, I had not actually played with them with an actual Izzie’s skin, for shame. So I did just that and am wearing Delusional which is just hilarious to me today. I actually pulled out a lot of Izzie’s to put this look together, the nail fixers for the skins are also on MP and are free to go with her actual skin tones, then because there were a few more pores in the skin vs the nose fix I added her pores layer tattoo option so that and some make up, her hairbase and I was all set. The skin I am wearing did not have a no brows option, so I am wearing some brows not by Izzie’s that fit so smoothly over that it worked out great.

I had created another GIFT set of nails when the new Extra Long Nails by Slink were released for Slink Dynamic Hands. I was inspired by the mention of Unicorns and with the added length the kind of twirly look works. They also have materials, and the newer HUD and I love them, which is handy because that way I can wear them, and I think it is important to love what you create, going back through my sets to update has made me ooo and ahh because I got lazy and had over two hundred to choose from. If you have any of the previous sets and you love a particular one, let me know and I can try and put it to the top of my list for updating :).












Equipment Used:


VR Studio 4.2 and HUD and Library for location shoots

VR Foundry Mainstore (adult)

VR Studio @ Winx & Flair (general)

VR Foundry Marketplace

Body Language Ao Path

Hand Poses – Tuty’s

LeLutka Axis HUD

Skin & Body Parts Worn:

Chloe Head – LeLutka

Physique Original Bundle REDUX (bake on mesh compatible) Slink

Extra Long Add on Nails Ballerina – Slink

Nail Appliers – set 250 Unicorn GIFT – Flair on Marketplace

System/Bom Layers:


Delusional Skin, Nail Fixes, Pores Layer, Babyhairs v2 Hairbase,  Bom Nose Fixes, Bunny Eyeshadow – Izzie’s

Brows JuliaEarth Small Upward MixedColors – Simple Bloom



Sporty Hair Attachment Ponytail (comes with hairbase of its own) – IT Girls

Clothes :

Cami Top – Vinyl @ Anthem

Florence Skirt – Vinyl


lace-up gladiator sandals – Ison


Wild Sakura Head Accessory – LODE

Scare Earrings – Shanghai