Everything Old is NEW to someone

Everything old is New to someone

I have been saying this pretty much my whole time in Second Life and it is even truer now that Bakes on Mesh has gone live. Slink has just released their new Bento and Bakes on Mesh heads, as well as free updates for the owners of the previous Emma and Becky. This, of course, gave me even more of a reason to pull out the older system skins I still had and I have been waiting forever to wear my Lana skin by Glance. Glance is no longer open, but maybe Bakes on Mesh will bring her back to us.

I have added different brows and moles, and this divine lipstick is by Pink Fuel. The new Slink Visage heads are bakes on mesh only, but they created a lipgloss layer that is tintable and has gorgeous materials applied, and if you reduce the opacity completely you get to use that gloss over any system layer lipstick you may own, such as I did today.

Halloween is not really a big thing in Australia, the whole knocking on peoples doors for candy is just a huge no-no down here, and the only people that used to celebrate it were people wanting an excuse to dress up and have a party, it meant nothing and did nothing and we do not even really have a huge costume crop to choose from, so you often just see a whole slew of people running around in their old school uniforms. We have a smattering of decorations sold in stores, but generally speaking, it is something we see in movies and in TV shows.

The look was not planned to be a Halloweeny look, but it did kind of morph into one, and then I just ran with it. I had popped on the first COCO top in my inventory, and it was this gorgeous one, standard sizing with alpha included…when I wore Slink Physique Original everything fit me, now in Hourglass I just wore a different alpha and went up one size and perfect. The boots not old, they were at a recent Kustom 9 and just matched perfectly to the babydoll. I knew straight away what hair I wanted to wear, an older style by Exile and with the separate hat, it is just adorable. An old set of gloves by Blueberry rounded out the look and I then believed I did not have any Haunted or Scary backdrops to use.

Silly me of course I did and unpacked even though owned for over a year. This creepy corridor comes with materials or none, as well as a resizer built-in, it is so detailed and just perfect for this kind of picture, but from so many angles you could easily take a dozen unique pictures, a definite must-have backdrop.

There are so many events going on now with Halloween themes and I have not had a chance to visit them just yet, but it is early days in the month, but with so many years under my belt in SL, I do really like that I can make a current look with some older pieces and some things that I never have had a chance to use or wear before, you never know, that older item we show may just be the item you have been looking for and now you will know where to find it.

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 4.2 and HUD and Library for location shoots

VR Foundry Mainstore (adult)

VR Studio @ Winx & Flair (general)

VR Foundry Marketplace

Wearhouse Creepy Corridor 

Skin & Body Parts Worn:

Slink Visage Redux Jacquie Mesh Head – Bakes on Mesh Only – Slink

Physique Hourglass Bundle REDUX (bake on mesh compatible)  Slink

System/Bom Layers:


Lana Skin – Glance (not available)

Satin Lipstick Dark – PinkFuel

Baby Hairs V2 – Izzie’s

Eyebrows + Moles – Custom


Break the Rules – Exile

Clothes Mesh:

Puff Sleeve Blouse – COCO

Gloves Satin (gacha) – Blueberry


Victoria Boots – Pure Poison


Sarah Choker – Kuni