SL Blogger Network is Live!

SL Blogger Network Goes Live

I mentioned earlier this week that I was really excited about new things going on, and this is one of the bigger ones. Linden Lab have launched the SL Blogger Network, a curated feed that will allow any and all Second Life Bloggers to opt in with their website, and have the chance to be featured on SL Blogger Network. I took a screenshot of the first release of posts, featuring a heartwarming post by Kess Crystal, and an awesome post about a Library in the Second Life that I did not know about, but am really excited to hear about by Inara Pey. My own Bakes on Mesh post is also present.

What “I” Know/Think:

There will be a team of Lindens that will be managing the SL Blogger Network, looking for content that they feel will enrich our day, whether it be Fashion or Information, they are looking to share as much as possible with those wanting to get more knowledge day to day on the workings of the Second Life Grid. This is not a feed in the general sense of the word that opting in means that every post you do on your blog will hit it, it will be a selection of posts from those that do opt-in posted through. They have plans for potential ‘themed’ days, days that may be set to focus on a particular subject, such as tutorials, tips and tricks etc…or it could be a retro way back timey type of deal where they highlight the looks that were popular in a particular time in the past history of SL. This is the exciting part of a curated feed, because you may not have a current post posted, but something you worked hard on a year ago may catch someone on the team’s eye and fit right into what they want that day to be about.

In the past all feeds, or feed type sites that brought the community together were provided by residents themselves, such as ‘The Planet feed’ (RIP) , IheartSL – which to date is the longest-running , and others that came and went, because it is a lot of work.

This initiative by Linden Lab is not aimed at replacing those or discouraging others to create more, it is instead a showcase spotlight on what it is that Residents do within and outside of Second Life, that they feel really shares the community spirit. Blogging is something people do to connect with others, we do not tend to ever meet or get feedback on what we say and do, but it is a way of sharing our experiences, our knowledge with those that may seek it, and Linden Lab want to show those that are already here, and those yet to come how we as bloggers do that.

I am excited about all the changes that have been happening through Linden Lab and focusing on Second Lifes needs in the past 16 months, it has definitely felt like we have gained more overall in that time, than we have for many years prior. We have Lindens that are really focused on the residents needs more so than ever before, the changes to Marketplace to me are a huge indicator of that, and now this, acknowledging Bloggers and what they provide to the experience of Second Life is really great.

While some think that this is a new move, they have essentially been doing this in one way or another for a long time, through the pictures on the Second Life website, all credited that mean anyone googling could find them and their work, through the picture of the day, by adding your picture to the Second Life Flickr group you were opting in for that to be a consideration. This is just a bigger undertaking along those same lines. The featured posts will not only be available on the SL Blogger Network but also be incorporated into the Social Networks managed by the team, so everything will be as far-reaching as possible.

I myself bounced into Second Life today full of excitement and posted in the SL Bloggerati group so that any that may have missed the news could go get their applications in. I hope if you are a Blogger that you will do the same.

Official Press Release

The Second Life Blogger Network (SLBN) is a new community initiative that aims to promote high-quality, independent blog content to the Second Life community via high-visibility channels, such as official Second Life social media feeds. Selected blog posts will also appear on a new curated feed on the Second Life Community Pages.

Participation in this new promotional program is non-exclusive and free. Bloggers are encouraged to continue to also work with other community blogger networks (such as BVN) and inworld groups for the promotion and distribution of their original editorial content.


Review the SLBN Terms & Conditions and Content Guidelines. This initiative does not aim to influence the editorial content of your independent blog, but we do have editorial and content standards for the text and image content of those posts that we will promote.


If you are a blogger and want to participate, fill out the submission form and consider adding the optional Second Life Blogger Network badge to your website.

Once you have opted-in, you are eligible to participate! Linden Lab staffers will then watch your blog for consideration for potential inclusion in the new curated Community News thread and social media channels. While not all of your new posts will be selected each day, the aim is to promote several posts weekly selected from the pool of participating bloggers.

For full details about this initiative, read the blog post HERE

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 4.2 and HUD and Library for location shoots

VR Foundry Mainstore (adult)

VR Studio @ Winx & Flair (general)

VR Foundry Marketplace

Oracul AO

Skin & Body Parts Worn:

Chloe Mesh Head LeLutka

Physique Hourglass Bundle REDUX (bake on mesh compatible)  Slink

System/Bom Layers:


Tasha Skin (COMING SOON) – Adam n Eve

Editorial Eyeshadow 03 & 06, Lipstick 06. Beachday Freckles and Blush – AlaskaMetro

Baby Hairs V2 – Izzie’s

Moles – Custom

Clothing Layers

Avery Crochet Sweater, Ribbed tights – Sn@tch

Solid Bustier – Flair


Juliet – Kuni

Clothes Mesh:

Sophia Jeans – Spirit @ Collabor88


Comfy Cozy Rings – Yummy