Bake on Mesh – Hair Fair 2019 – System Layers

Bake on Mesh Hair Fair 2019 - Just Magnetized

Bake on Mesh went live on Monday, information HERE. Strawberry and Xiola Linden did their first Lab Gab live streaming YouTube session this past Wednesday and talked about it in detail, giving some quick tips and information on Slink being first to do a fully integrated Bake on Mesh release, with all their bodyparts now including the Redux option that is bake on mesh compatible. Important to note, bake on mesh layers are default SL System Layers, you do not have to wait until something says bake on mesh or bom, if it was made using the SL system layers in the past it will apply.

I grabbed my update and my bodyparts now due to Slink Redux bundle are now only One attachment, that is monumental. This gave me a chance to pull out some much loved and not able to wear items from inventory that I have not seen in years but pined over.

I have my gorgeous skins from League and she has set out ‘BoM Feet & Finger Fixes’. Wearing older system layer skins will mean that they could have the toes divisions and fingernails on the skin itself as they may have been created for the SL Default body at the time, you can cover this up with tattoo layers and Slink did include some, but Nena of League has put out the ones that work with her own feet and hands layers. So grab those they are in the store FREE.  I also could not resist putting on my crochet shorts, oh how I love these and now that we have the ability to wear them again they are now in my favourite wearables tab.

The Slink Redux system has implemented smooth options, so that even though wearing system layers on your mesh, the regions that are more modeled than in the past, can be smoothed over for a more realistic look, including a nipples smooth and chest stretch so that tops don’t look painted on, my favourite part is that the bottom has a smooth section so pants stretch across they do not sink into.

I am also wearing as many layers as I could, freckles from this store, dimples from another, make up from different creators and a hairbase from Hair Fair by Just Magnetized that is lovely. I did not have to think about what went where, I just added and added and could be here for days just adding. So much fun, and the ability to look unique now is going to be greater.

I will do more posts in future, but the timing was perfect to do a Bom post as a last Hair Fair 2019 Post, a few days left to shop 🙂

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 4.2 and HUD and Library for location shoots

VR Foundry Mainstore (adult)

VR Studio @ Winx & Flair (general)

VR Foundry Marketplace

Poses by Everglow

Skin & Body Parts Worn:

Chloe Mesh Head LeLutka

Physique Hourglass Bundle REDUX (bake on mesh compatible)  Slink

Bake on Mesh HUD

System/Bom Layers:

Isla Skin – Sunkiss – Natural  – League 

BOM Feet and Finger Fixes – League

Chloe Glitter Eyeshadow – AlaskaMetro

Sinful Lipstick – LeLutka

Gala Freckles (body and face) – Izzie’s 

Dimples – L.Fauna (no longer available, but definitely missed)


Sleek Hairbase  – set 01 RightsideJust Magnetized @ Blonde Region Hair Fair 2019


Crochet shorts, Seashell Blouse (System/Bom Layers) – League