Ready for Inspection

Ready for Inspection

This skirt by Mutresse had me wanting to film just my bottom going side to side, but I decided that possibly only I would get a thrill from it, and I had more pressing things to do. The reason is the fabric, and while fabric is a thing to wrap your head around in some cases in SL clothing, this is one of those situations where there is no denying what it is made of, and they nailed it. If I am wrong,  I will argue to the death. But the fabric is that fantastic marvel that is the super enforced stretch, that is thicker than lycra, has perfect sustainability, and you do not have to spend the whole night pulling it back down because it has the weight needed to only ride up that little bit you want it to anyway.

Everything about it is perfect, and then they added the ability to change the colours in parts. Mutresse always does that, yes, and I point it out every time, but how awesome is the style in the first place and then to be able to mix it up, I mean there are a billion options for wear. So many things change, that you could be there for hours. Lucky for me it was a quick decision on the colours and my accompanying items had very similar palettes. I loved the final outcome, the hint of creamy browns and the antique rose against the startling white, just made for fun.

It allowed me to use the options on these gorgeous shoes that Rebel Hope released for Shoetopia. They are stunning Maryjane/Oxfords which have the option of texture change upper and lower portions in the fatpacks so you can have an abundance of fun. I am also all about the accessories, with this great necklace by MG being a C88 release, the strands also change colour, and the metals of the chain, so you have a great mix of leather and metal. Then the gloves are by Baiastice and they are bento, so if you have not bentod up your hands – Free updates to bento if you already owned Slink hands – then it won’t matter as the gloves will change poses if using a bento pose. The bag is by Mowie a newish to me store, I have been perusing their wares for a while, but this bag just popped at me, and it has many great colours to mix and match with.

The luxurious locks of hair by Exile, are also at Collabor88, two styles available, and this one just resonated with the softness feel I wanted. I also went out there with the colour mix of super dark roots with grown out blonde, I think the jig is up about whether I dye my hair or not.

The Furniture pieces are a mix of Cheeky Pea at many different locations, including their store, the hockey sticks are older pieces I could not resist putting on the wall of the Loft Skybox that Cheeky Pea created for TMD event. The baskets which I resized bigger, I tend to do that with Cheeky Peas decor pieces they always resize so well. Then the lovely rug and sofa are all part of a set at Fameshed.

The Rustic Screen, however, is by Flair which means it is by me. I made this for the ForMax event that has a few days left to help Maxwell Graf. The screen comes in single colour options or the pack which is texture change and you can mix up the frames and woven wood parts in the three colour options. I mixed the Neutral frames with the White wood. I also included single panels, so that you can use them to create your own decor, either against or on a wall or build a fence with them, whatever you like.

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 4.2 and HUD and Library for location shoots

VR Foundry Mainstore (adult)

VR Studio @ Winx & Flair (general)

VR Foundry Marketplace

Props, Furniture, Build –

Rustic Screen – Pack – Flair @ ForMax Event

Jones Hanging Ice Hockey Sticks – Cheeky Pea

Country Home Baskets, Country Home Sofa Country Home Rug – Cheeky Pea @ Fameshed

Danske Loft Skybox – Cheeky Pea @ TMD

Location –

Poses by –

Sweet Lovely Cute

Skin & Body Parts Worn:

Spencer Mesh Head – LeLutka

Amaia Skin applier – League

Deluxe Feet & Hourglass Physique Body – Slink

Avatar Enhanced Skin Appliers : League 


More than Ordinary – Exile @ Collabor88


Esen Miniskirt – Mutresse @ Collabor88

Lizzie top – R.icielli

Shoes :

Maddie Mesh Maryjane Heels – Rebel Hope @ Shoetopia

Accessories :

Yoi Leather gloves – Baiastice @ Uber

Lucca Leather and Chain – Maxi Gossamer @ Collabor88

Marteja Bag – Mowie