Hair Fair 2017 – Most Valuable Players

Hair Fair Second Life


As Hair Fair 2017 draws to a close this Sunday, I did not want to leave this until after the event was over, but let you all in on the people that help make this event happen. There were a few new faces to making this year’s Hair Fair fantastic and they were instrumental in its success, and we owe them a huge thank you from everyone involved in Hair Fair 2017.

Anya OhMai :

Over the years Anya has participated in Hair Fair when she was able, and has always had such a huge impact on the event, with her creativity and imagination. So this year when we had the idea to take Bandanas in a new direction, giving people the opportunity to bandana, but in a way they felt more comfortable…Anya sprang to mind. We knew she was busy, and had put feelers out in another direction, but…

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