Hair Fair 2017 – Elikatira

HF17 - Elikatira

I joined Hair Fair committee in 2007, I missed the first by a month, and was so honored to be part of something so enormous. I had had the idea for Bandana Day, a day on the last day of the event, that people would remove their hair to show they care. I approached Six Kennedy (much missed) about the idea, and she spoke to Elikapeka Tiramisu and they dragged me into a skype call with a dozen hair creators. It was incredible to be part of something so important, and Elika was kind enough to let us replicate a bandana she had made with hair in the past, so that that was the original base for the first bandanas.

Everyone got on board, designers from all over the grid, and I logged in there every day for the two weeks and watched, and took in every single thing that went on. Much of that first year for me, gave us ideas to be used in years going forward, and are as much a part of  the event as the bandanas, such as bloggers day, the buses, how the booths are designated etc.

I am grateful that Six and Elika took a chance on me, and I am really honored each year to help with something so special. I used to think of ways to fundraise in RL and my mind would imagine all these things that were just not possible, they were not something I could have really been able to do. Second Life gives us the chance to help people in ways we could never imagine possible…to do things for others that span the whole world. I think each and every day Second Life enriches us, gives us opportunities that we can run with, whether it be as a creator, a blogger, a shopper or visitor, no one leaves Second Life without having in some way contributed to the bigger picture.

Yesterday I did a post on the Most Valuable Players for Hair Fair, for me it is also Six and Elika, and also everyone in Second Life, and Linden Lab (this year I remembered to leave off the S )  who also help us leading up to and during the event. So thank you to everyone that visits Hair Fair, this year and years past, in whatever capacity, you really make a difference.

Now I tried to dress warmer, as I am freezing, and added a tattoo applier layer top under my pinafore dress by Narcisse (tattoo layer as the straps are close to the body, and clothing layer will clip)  , and then of course Australianised it with thongs lol thigh high thongs no less, kind of defeated the wanting warmth part of my story, but I look fabulous so not caring, not even a little. The dress has some great colour options, and I went with one of the bonus fatpack colours. It also has texture change parts for straps, waistband, skirt and front panel, so you can rainbow yourself if you like.

Because of holding the bag, you cannot actually see the incredible ring I have on, which is bento for my slink hands, and has all the other bento hands and an unrigged option also. While I bring it up though, is that Red Mint is now selling her Jewellery in RL as well, and it looks amazing. Included is the link to her online store, and the jewellery is really lovely, and as much as possible I like to share the info of our SL creators that go RL, as it is great being able to wear items RL that way too.

Full list of all styles and slurls Hair Fair 2017

Hair Fair 2017

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 4.2 and HUD and Library for location shoots

VR Foundry Mainstore (adult)

VR Studio @ Winx & Flair (general)

VR Foundry Marketplace

Props, Furniture, Build –

Boho Dreamtime Hammock Cloud – Cheeky Pea

Location –

Poses by –



Chloe Mesh Head (Bento) – LeLutka

Lisl skin applier Lelutka – The Skinnery

Dynamic Mesh Hands (Bento Enabled) , Deluxe Feet & Hourglass Physique Body – Slink

Avatar Enhanced Skin Appliers : The Skinnery

Avatar Enhanced Nail Appliers : set  1 –Flair

False Lash Effect – Flirt Pack – Stellar


Thea, Terryn, Clara – Elikatira @ Hair Fair 2017 ( Redhead Sim, Middle row right side)


Felice Pinafore – Narcisse @ The Liaison Collaborative

Julia Jersey Top -Applier – Sn@tch

Shoes :

Rock your body thigh highs – Pink Pearl Designs

Accessories :

Vintage Royal Crown Ring – RedMint

The Doctors Bag – Coal – Black Bantam