The Bill

The Bill

One of my favourite looks is so ‘American’, to us down here anyway. It is Nautical inspired, and it is the red, white and blue, but this time without the red. The clean living, summer time fun of ‘America’ that we see in Movies and TV, and it always makes me happy…when I was in the U.S I really did squeal the first time I went into a furniture store, and saw that you did sell looks like that, little anchors and ship paraphernalia strewn around the room.

Now while this look does go together that way for me, I could not help feeling like I had geeked out so much, that I was suddenly in some kind of kitchenette of The Tardis. Having been a Dr Who fan in its original time on our planet, I was all good with that.

Dynamic hands just hit Slink, and if you like me have their original mesh rigged/avenhance versions, then you get a free update. The people that had single hands get the hands and one pose position that is based on the look of the original single, if you had the five pack or fatpack, then you get the hands, idle animations included and the poses of the previous positions. Idle animations make your hands and fingers move randomly as you are just standing around, and what I love the most is that if you have many AO’s like me, then they give them a huge new life, because now those same ao’s have moving hands and fingers, so much cool.

If you had multiple single hands, they made it possible to merge the poses into one hud. So you just rez the hud and drag the poses to it from the other options. Or you can buy the static poses or idle animations separately. They are using the Bento skeleton we all have now, so if you have other Bento poses or animations, you can also use those. Take note though, depending on hand size and what the creator of the poses and animations was using to test, there may be some different outcomes. I am also wearing the Ballerina Nail add ons you can get at Skin Fair.

HOWEVER…I also purchased the Fate Hand Poser, which is a tool much like Animare, in that you can override the movement of each finger and wrist, and fix or change the overall look. It has a lot of features as well as some already set hand poses. I did use a pose from a posestore that had bento finger placement, but with the sleeves of the cardigan clipping slightly at the thumb, I was able to use the Hand Poser and fix that. It would also mean that all those poses you have had over the years can now also be tweaked and reimagined….SL just got a whole lot funna.

I also wanted to use the NEW attachment points SL gave us with bento, which is right and left ring fingers. This does not mean that you suddenly have bento rings, it does though mean that if you have rings you wear on those fingers, they should move with your hands instead of floating all over the place. The ring I am wearing is one ring that spans across three fingers though, so when changing hand positions with my Slink Dynamic HUD, I did notice most movement was great, but some the index finger did clip,  again the type of ring style will make a difference, but knowing that is my decision to wear it anyway.

The hair I am wearing is by Exile, it is a lovely style that caresses the shoulders and is just an effortless look, which is the look I definitely needed. The glasses are by Yummy, and they give me that knowing and doing vibe I wanted. Narcisse just released this beautiful bustier that is at this round of Mesh Body Addicts, and has great hud options if you buy the mini packs, or the full fatpack, that allow you to change the boning cage colour and body of the bustier separately. Teamed up with these great jeans by Addams that of course with the texture change belt, did not disappoint, giving me a white belt to play off the rest of my look.

The oversized cardi is perfect, and fits so well over both pieces, and then down to my feet, which are the latest Ingenue sneakers, that are so sweet and rubbery soled goodness. The furniture is a bit of cheeky pea old and newer, and a gacha license plate I grabbed at The Arcade by Consignment, that of course I made bigger, I tend to do that, however the Owl fancy lamp by Mutresse (another of that awesome collection) I actually made smaller, because it is so cute on that shelf.

The skin I am wearing is by Lara Hurley and is at the ongoing Skin Fair 2017, it is just adorable, and there are make up options included, as well as add on lipsticks you can purchase, so you are well covered.

Skin Fair Sim 1: Teleport 
Skin Fair Sim 2: Teleport

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 4.2 and HUD and Library for location shoots

VR Foundry Mainstore (adult)

VR Studio @ Winx & Flair (general)

VR Foundry Marketplace

Fate Hand Poser 

Props, Furniture, Build –

Game Day – License plate Coffee – Consignment @ The Arcade

:CP: Poppy Cabinet Winter – Cheeky Pea @ N21

Farmhouse Mugs, Bench – Cheeky Pea

Owl Fancy Lamps – Mutresse @ The Arcade

Location –

Poses by –

La Baguette



Skin & Body Parts Worn:

Cate Bento Mesh Head – LeLutka @ Skin Fair 2017

Rie Skin Applier (LeLutka), Rie Lipstick Appliers – Lara Hurley @ Skin Fair 2017

Dynamic Hands (Bento Enabled), Deluxe Feet & Hourglass Physique Body – Slink

Avatar Enhanced Skin Appliers : Lara Hurley

Avatar Enhanced Nail Appliers : set 21 – Flair

Slink Dynamic Ballerina Add on Nails – Slink @ Skin Fair 2017


Not Today – Exile @ Collabor88


Dakota Bustier – Narcisse @ Mesh Body Addicts

Calm Cardigan – Pixicat @ Collabor88

Ginger Boyfriends Jeans – Addams

Shoes :

Ulla Sneakers – Ingenue @ Collabor88

Accessories :

Polly Ring – Mandala

Vincent Glasses – Yummy @ Collabor88