Skin Fair & Sydd Sinister

an Interview with Sydd Sinister

It was a Summer afternoon – well for me it was – landed in a car park outside of a store, there were prestige cars parked parallel to the building, a large flat fronted store with an air of sophistication very evident already. There was a small magazine kiosk on the right as you were about to enter, I remember that because it was the first kiosk I had ever seen other than Second Style, and catered to a whole different side of SL. Entering the store was like a gallery experience. You chose left or right, you did a perfect square of the showroom, as you walked around the centre square. They had perfect lighting and the most beautiful jewellery with a definite cultural theme evident.
Sydd Sinister 2
Ashia joined me, and while we were perusing all the fine pieces this store had to offer, another person entered the store. Now was it that she was alliterate like me? Or just the wanting to know everything that drew me to use my camera skills and have a peek. Her name was and still is Sydd Sinister, and she was, and still is, very beautiful. She was noticeable in her look, her style overall was lovely, and she stuck in my head. So much so that I started to see her everywhere. The store was Uzuri, and I got the most awesome earrings from there that day, and other pieces I ended up blogging.
But it is definitely Sydd Sinister that has put her imprint on not only my mind, but the minds of many, especially those that are Skin Fans. Skin Fair has just started, and the event is superb, and exciting for anyone that is into skin, makeup and the like…it is a fantastic time to set up an alt, or to show around a new Resident friend and definitely a great idea to take that male friend everyone has that needs a big makeover. One location all the goodies.
Sydd Sinister 3
So, with such a crucial event for Skinners, the person that has, as I mentioned made such an impact in the Skinosphere, Sydd Sinister came to my mind as someone you should all know more about. She has been loyal to skin blogging for so many years now, and has always been such an asset to those that wanted to know more, see more and so on. In the olden days bloggers did feature skins as the main part of their post, that is not the case so much now, but Sydd kept true to that, and will always be The Skin Blogger!
I was lucky enough to get some questions answered by Sydd a few days before the event opened. I unfortunately ran out of time to sit down with her, which I wanted to do, maybe I will be lucky enough to do that in the future. I always love seeing her pop up on my screen, whether out and about, or in group chat. She really has always been a fantastic asset to the community. The pictures included are all her own work, I added a frame and name so that it was evident they were not mine. Her Flickr and Social media information is at the bottom, and you can also find her Marketplace store, where she sells shapes she has created, and are very demonstrative of her.
Sydd Sinister 4
Make sure you visit Skin Fair, and keep up with all the Skin news at Sydd’s blog.
Skin Fair Sim 1: Teleport 
Skin Fair Sim 2: Teleport

1. Over the years you have been the go to blogger for all things skin related. What was it that motivated you to focus on that particular section of the Second Life beauty industry ?

From the start of my SL I always loved skins and shapes, when I started blogging I found a serious lack of any kind of ethnic bloggers. I came across Khitten Kurka’s blog and it was the first time i’d seen a blogger wearing a dark skin, it was then I decided I wanted to have my own blog and showcase creators who did a range of skin tones. I figured I wasn’t the only one looking for darker skin tones and I could show whatever I found that I loved. Even if the skins weren’t necessarily dark, it was still fun being able to show what was available, something for everyone and my skin collection was already massive so I wanted to share.

2. In the past there were huge gaps in development in that area, skins were skins and the skin system layer was all Skin creators were able to work with. Appliers are now the norm, but before they were a thing, what for you was a huge turning point in the beauty market ?

Definitely tattoo layers. When they came out I remember buying every tattoo layer I could find. Being able to mix and match makeups and face tattoos was huge and opened up a new market for people to create and sell makeups etc.

3. Now with the implementation of appliers, mesh body parts etc…do you find it easier or more complicated to apply a skin ? is there any advice you would give to a newer user ?

I would say on the surface it seems more complicated because now we deal with HUDs but really once you get the hang of it, it’s not difficult at all. My best advice would be to seek out blogs, there are so many blogs that have great information on everything mesh heads and bodies, and a lot of bloggers are now making YouTube videos which helps so much. Even after having been in SL almost 10 years, I use these blogs daily for info and learn new things not just about SL but about Photoshop also. They’re really helpful.

4. Skin Fair is just around the corner, and is one of the biggest events of the year, what is it about events such as Skin Fair that you get excited about ?

I think a lot of creators really get their creative brains going when it comes time for big events like Skin Fair so I’m always really excited to see what’s new. Also a few brands only release at Skin Fair so excited to see those as well. I’m particularly excited about this years Skin Fair, last year was just the beginning stages of the mesh head takeover but now they are a thing and with Bento, I can’t wait to see all the shape makers as well!

5. You are also a part of the Skin Addiction Group, which helps those in need of Skin assistance find products, or offers advice as needed, are there any particular questions you see come up again and again ?

The great thing about Skin Addiction is that even though it’s a “skin” group you can pretty much ask anything and find an answer, a lot of times people will ask if anyone can identify a certain skin, or hair, lots of questions about help with mesh heads and bodies, and just generally people looking for new places to shop. It’s the only group I keep open in my chat tab, everyone is helpful and i try to help as often as I can. I’ve also found a lot of new stores from suggestions in chat.

6. For you personally, what are your favourite features of skins ?

Of course first thing I look for is skin tone but after that the nose has always been extremely important to me, it can really make or break a skin for me so i always look at the noses first. With appliers and tattoo layers for those not using mesh heads, everything else can be “fixed”. If I don’t love the lips i can wear lipstick or change the eyebrows etc. The nose though is what you see is what you get and I’ve only seen a few brands give options for different noses on the skin, or makeup brands that shade or contour the nose. So from the beginning the skin has to have a good nose for me.

7. What would be on your wishlist for skinners to focus on, or implement ?

THE NOSE! Haha, nose shading is so important and sometimes I feel like it gets overlooked a bit. Also maybe different nose options on a tattoo layer or applier would be really great. More ethnic skins would be nice as well, I’d love to see more Asian skins and Indian skins and Latin skins. Skins made specifically and not just in skin tones. Also I love the current trend of Albino and Ginger skins I’ve seen lately, would love to see more of that.

8. Do you have any particular memories of blogging skins that stand out as big moments for you as a blogger and a skin enthusiast ?

When brands I love noticed me as a blogger and creators reached out to me and I became bloggers for them are always big moments for me personally. A lot of the brands I loved in the beginning are still favorites now and watching them evolve has been amazing. Seeing them create new and beautiful faces every time they release brings me so much joy. Big moments in blogging are always events like Skin Fair though, I look forward to them for months and get crazy giddy with excitement when they’re near. I love sharing all the new skins on my blog, all my favorites every year, giving people a view of what they might want before they head out shopping. From the first Skin Fair I did to the upcoming Skin Fair those are blog memories that last all year for me. Skin Fair and Hair Fair.