Space Guardians – BLOGGER CHALLENGE – UnEVENTful Challenge!

Space Guardians

BLOGGER CHALLENGE info further down post.

So every time that we see anything spacey, or in Whimy’s mind space like, she goes into this long detailed explanation of how when we retire (apparently we are retiring together) we are going to open a Space Brothel! yes, you can imagine my reaction to such things…..the first 84 times it was OH HELL NO! now I just smirk at her and tell myself it is her ‘senior moment’ come early. We laugh as we are now, as I write this, over the fact that when/if we end up batty in some home, that we will rattle off things about shoes up our bums, and space hookering.

It is definitely going to be entertaining for the future caregivers of the world, to look after senile ex second lifers, or for that matter anyone that plays MMO’s or spends time in Virtual Worlds. The shrinks are going to have a field day convinced we imagined flying or being able to change into a hamster. Or how small groups of older people will start screaming about the horde. Anyway, back to Madam Winx and her friend who just visits…Sasy.

So about this challenge. The Challenge is called the Uneventful Challenge, and by that it means that your post has to contain items that are not from Events. Now we know events are fun, and they make it easy to get all under one roof, but there are newer Residents that have never been to a Mainstore, I met one the other day who did not know how to find where her skin was from,  and she was months old. People are losing their understanding of events being in addition too, because they are instead becoming more main than the source. Creators are finding it hard to do store releases, because they do not have the range of reach that being in an event provides them. So this blogger challenge, challenges us the bloggers to provide the enticement to our readers, and get them seeing what a store has to offer.

A store we both usually go to and hit hard, is Gizza. We go every few months, buy up everything we did not buy the last time, check out what is newer, what we may have missed in the past, sometimes we even all dress up the same and dance (this has actually happened, we even sent pictures to the owner) . This time around we hit it harder than ever, because much to our delight, they now do Slink sizes for all their newer items. I spent K’sand K’s and am over the moon with my haul. What worked out to be great, is that items from one set, worked with items from another, making me very pleased, as often anything that hangs over something, will not always fit something else.

I am however a bit sad by some outfits being all one piece of mesh. I want to dress and style myself, so a jacket a top and a skirt or shorts being one thing, means that someone else dressed me, and that is not as much fun, but I do understand that there are those out there, that for them that is a great option, fast and efficient. My sad did not last long though, as I said, I shopped LOTS!

I teamed up my leather halter and skirt from Gizza, with some killer boots by Phedora, I remember that was another day I was having a moment, and just hit the store hard, so I did not have to work out whether it was events or not, because I remember the day and the on and off of demos.

I am still so in love with the hairbases by LeLutka, especially the widowspeak one, and so revisiting older styles that just become hotter with it on, is my joy at the moment. This Bouffant style, which is ages old, looks HOT! it did then, and it does even more so now. If you have a LeLutka head, get those bases in the undivided section, it can really liven up your hairstyles, and depending on the colours, you can use them with other brands of hair too.

For a bit of pizazz, I remembered that Izzie’s had created some very cool metalic foil look tattoos in the past. I have them as a bloggers item, and I am technically due to the rules allowed to blog them, but I think at one point they were in an event, so obeying the rules, I went and bought them from her marketplace store, which brings me back into the rules.

Now Whimsy Winx is my Guest in todays post, and I am a guest in hers, so I have credited her items in this pic, and if you visit her blog you will see a completely different look we did for the same challenge. So visit Virtually Dressed  for that, and also make sure to visit Pics by Peep the blog that started this challenge by Peep Sideshow.

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 4.2 and HUD and Library for location shoots

VR Foundry Mainstore (adult)

VR Studio @ Winx & Flair (general)

VR Foundry Marketplace

Props, Furniture, Build –

Studio Skye 



Location –

Poses by –



Ellis – LeLutka (no longer sold)

Skin & Body Parts Worn:

Sasy & Whimsy

Simone Mesh Head – LeLutka

Sasy –

Milla – Head Applier – League

Glazed Lipstick – League

Whimsy –

Luna – Head Applier – League

Sasy & Whimsy

Avatar Enhanced Mesh Hands, Deluxe Feet & Original & Hourglass Physique Body – Slink

Avatar Enhanced Skin Appliers : League

Avatar Enhanced Nail Appliers : set 171 & 44 – Flair


Sasy – 

Bouffant – LeLutka

Hair Base 003 (LeLutka Head Only) – LeLutka @ Undivided

Whimsy –

Dakota – LeLutka


Sasy –

Leather Halter top, Adrianna Leather SkirtGizza

Whimsy – 

Kamala Swimsuit – Gizza

Shoes :

Sasy –

Nicky Boots – Phedora

Whimsy – 

Kendall Boots – Reign

Accessories :

Metalic Arrow Tattoo – Izzie’s