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Vanity Universe Skin Fair 2009

Did you know Iris Ophelia did make ups? well I didn’t but I did, all at the same time. You see Iris did an incredible set of Geisha skins for Another Fundraiser 2008, and they were incredibly popular.
Well now she has taken her hand at creating make ups for another skin line.

Chia Skins with the Help of Iris Ophelia has released the ChaIris range. beautiful make ups that have been altered by Launa Fauna to fit her skin range, I love this idea, as potentially many could excell in make up creation, but lack the skill it takes to create a whole skin. I myself have played at doing that, I would actually love to see some stores embrace the idea, maybe even holding an event to have customers submit make up looks for a range.

These are just lovely, and the bodies of the Chai skins are drop dead sexy. Make sure you check out this collection at the Vanity Skin fair, but they will also be in Chai after the fair, as will all the skins from this event.

Now the clothes I am wearing are oldies and newies, the pants are the first amazing clothing item to come from Aemilia Case of Fusemelon, lovely cream linen pants. Aems spent a long time teaching herself to create clothing and I for one was so excited to see the outcome, the Fusemelon store was a rebranding of Philotic Energy, and the branding change has been a lovely success.

Wanting to point out also, some beautiful jewelry pieces from Sable Rose. Not only does Rosie Barthelmess make jewelry, but earlier this week I was BLESSED to hear her sing at The Patio, a space she has set aside near her store to perform at, and you will want to take time to hear her, she is INCREDIBLE.

The Jael Jewelry is very Boho Chic, can be worn dressy or casual, and has such lovely textures to it’s collection.

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Picture :

Hair: Two Hearts – Fusemelon

Skin: Chai Nova – Chairis – Chai Skins ( Vanity Skin Fair until 22nd Nov)

Clothes: Sela Sweater – Luminosity

Linen Pants – Fusemelon

Ver 24 Slip White – WTW Lingerie

Accessories: Jael Jewelry Set Azure – Sable Rose

Eyes: Thaw – Fusemelon

Poses/Animations: Miseria

Equipment: VR Professional Posestand and HUD – VR Foundry

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