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Vanity Universe Skin Fair 2009

Ok so behind behind behind, it’s been an incredibly crazy week. Our group have all been experiencing bloggers bleeps and blunders, no really if I could film it, this week would have been hilarious, frustrating but hilarious.

Skin Fair is still going strong, and I have to catch up on the few days I missed. This is Kelly, she is one of the latest skins by YS & YS. I always like how different these skins look on my shape, as I don’t touch my shape, so it is good to see what features a skin emphasises over another.

They have hair bases, and freckles, as well as light and dark brows options. There is a lovely range of make ups, so you can utilise one line from morning until night, which is always nice.

I was setting up a new store on What’s New SL today, and on my visit to the location I was astounded to find a room full of incredible AO’s, and not your average sit, stand, walk AO’s but amazing theme inspired ones.

From Vamps to Neko’s, Dolls and Puppets, to Robots and Mermaids…seriously they are all there and more. I wish I had known about this store prior to Halloween. They are called CI (Creative Insanity) and you really need to give them a whirl. There are also some fabulous dollarbie animations.

Whimsy of Virtually Dressed and I couldn’t resist picking up the Mermaid AO while there, it not only has wonderful animations, but also a full clam display poseset with one pose for pic taking, and that is where I thought it ended, but NOOOOO you also get a full Mermaid outfit in different colours, as shown in the pic up top in the blue. Really well put together and a bargain believe me.

Click HERE to TP to the stores shown. or HERE to return to

Picture :

Hair: Tesa (tinted) – Free from Savoir Hair @ Hairspray sim – created by Analog Dog

Skin: Kelly – YS & YS (Vanity Skin fair until 22nd Nov)

Clothes: Mermaid  outfit from Mermaid Ao – CI



Eyes: Thaw – Fusemelon

Poses/Animations: Mermaid AO -  CI Creative Insanity

Equipment: VR Professional Posestand and HUD – VR Foundry

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