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Every once in a while I put out a random challenge for people to comment on blogs. In the past it has been 10 comments in one day, but some find that difficult, so I changed it. I approached Katya Valeska with the challenge, and she was kind enough to put it on the SL Bloggers Support blog, spreading the word through the group, and letting people know of this idea. I was over the moon when I couldn’t sleep the other night, opened up Iheartsl and there at the top of the feed was this post by Sophee Mojo about it, I had not seen the SLBS post as of yet, so I was so excited to see Sophee do this.

I wrote:

This would hopefully turn into an ongoing practice. The idea is that ten times a week you comment on a blog post by another Second Life blogger. Each comment should be on a different blog, and should show support for what it is that bloggers do. A small comment such as ‘ great pics’ or ‘ really loved the styling’ or ‘ I found that information useful’ depending on what type of post it is, can really bring a smile to the faces of bloggers. If for some reason the blogs you choose do not have commenting available, then consider commenting on their Flickr pictures.

 We all know how much effort and passion goes into blogging, so with that in mind, go forth and comment your hearts out.

I do hope that you take on this challenge, and even if you don’t do ten a week, just one could really have an impact on someones day. It can be months of radio silence, and I have heard comments made to the effect of “does it matter that I blog at all ?” or “Do people like what I do ?” I think it is incredibly important to let people know that it is, and that it does matter. Without blogs Second Life can be a very big and overwhelming grid, and with the help of bloggers and their insight and tips, tricks and tutorials…it can definitely make it a little more manageable. I love when I get comments, and I love hearing from people in world about my blog, sometimes the IMs are to help find something I blogged, or just to ask questions about blogging, but it is because of blogging that those IMs come my way and I am grateful for that.

Now onto the fashion. This Electra hair is one of the three NEW styles released by LeLutka. I was lucky enough to have this one early, so for a week or so, off and on, I was hiding away in my sky platform loving it.. The longer I wore it, the more I became smitten by it, and especially the fact that the baby tendrils at the front are wonderful, if you also wear the hairbases that have similar tendrils at the hairline.

The style can be worn with many items, but I was definitely thinking of the Boho Baby dress from DCNY when planning the post, and it came out a great look. The dresses have incredible texture work, and the colours and vibrancy of the print, really make them something special. The solid contrast details add a lot to the look too, and I was especially excited that the blue was a great match with the shoes I chose to wear by Celoe.

The jewellery I have on is a mix of Epoque, which I am excited to see doing more mesh…with this great shard necklace and earrings on the left. It comes in five different colours, and this obsidian one was just perfect. The ring I have on is from LaGyo and is part of the fantastic Bees through the Seasons event that starts tomorrow…the designer list for this event is fantastic and the build is just stunning, so be sure to set aside the time to attend that, over and over again, as it will run for a month. The long silver necklace is one of the single strand versions of the Santa Fe necklace by Maxi Gossamer, that is at FaMESHed this month, so be sure to get over there before it ends, which is really soon.

I got a sneak peak at Bees through the Seasons, and it is such a charming build. I took a pic of some of the items that will be part of the event, not all of them as not everyone is set up yet. There is also a guest book when you enter and you can leave a message, which is so cute. I also could not resist a pic of the sign when you land, not sure if you can read the last line well enough, but it made me snicker, as that is what my friend did the first time he ever showed us SL via his camera.

In this post I am wearing the Geanna skin by Izzies. I had not featured this skin yet, don’t know how it managed to slip past me, but it really is a great looking skin. Be sure to try on the demo, and take full advantage of all the wonderful tattoo layer options for lips, freckles and eyeshadows that the skin has.

Click HERE to SLURL’s Page.

Poses by : Ploom 

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck


Ellis – LeLutka


Natural Curl Sculpted Lashes – LeLutka

Skin Worn:

Geanna Skin – Izzies


Electra – LeLutka 


Boho Baby Dress – DCNY


Aelia Wedge – Celoe 


Shard Necklace and Earrings – Epoque

Santa Fe Necklace – Gossamer Jewellery @ FaMESHed/November

Beehive Ring – LaGyo @ Bees through the Seasons Event (Coming Soon)

Studded Clutch – BeeHive 

Mesh Hands – SLink 


  • Evion

    Ok I’m in, admittedly it does make me smile when someone leaves a nice comment like you have in the past. I think it is very important, makes you feel like your hard work does matter to someone out there, and a wonderful comment or two has kept me fueled to keep on going for as long as I have 🙂

    What a fabulous look, I adore the DCNY dress and am off to buy it now lol, Your blog is fabulous Sasy, I have been reading it for years and look forward to each post <3

    ….and I cannot wait for Bees Through the Seasons 😀

  • luciebluebird

    This is such a nice challenge. It only takes a few minutes to comment on or (when it’s an option) like a blog post. I know that comments always make me smile. Well, not the spam ones. 😛

  • sopheemojo

    Thanks for mentioning me Sasy! I think it is a great concept and I have seen more comments than usual. I am going to try to make it a routine. Your pictures are always amazing! I can’t wait for Bees Through the Seasons.

  • Katya Valeska

    I hope more people do take note and comment more. Even if it’s just a thumbs up or even a “I like this!”

    Also, the Bees Through the Season event is soooo cute. I just can’t get over how adorable this event is!