Important for Designers

This is IMPORTANT so please, if you are a content creator and even a customer, please read. Also please help spread the word.

A few years ago we got hit with a very annoying bug, I did a post on it back then, and it helped those that read it. The bug is a perms bug, turning modify items into no modify items, even though they still show in inventory as being modify.

The situation then and now is this, if you set your perms in your inventory on prim items you have a very high chance of being bugged, and don’t think you haven’t been, or that this doesn’t apply to you because it hasn’t happened. Some customers wont let you know because they just think you made them that way, so frustrated they will trash them, or because you may have a fairly generic shape/size, your customers rarely need to mod an item.

The customer not letting you know, or just accepting it is the worst scenario, if you as a customer believe a prim attachment should be modify, so hair, clothing pieces etc – rarely shoes – then please look at how the perms show on the item in your inventory before you just accept that it just doesn’t mod. If an item says No Transfer, or No Copy ONLY then it should be modify, only when something says NO modify in the actual line of info is that the correct perm choice.

If you go to mod an item that should be mod, and it is usually when you go to edit size that you realise, if it doesn’t work please contact the creator as soon as you can, explain to them you have a no mod item that should be mod, and ask them to replace it. Also, and this is really important too, explain to them about the perms issue, and that they MUST set the perms on the ground, not in their inventories or it wont work.

Every single time this has happened to me in the past year, the response from creator has been they are setting perms in their inventories, and when they rez and set in world they stay the way they should, so please protect your items, because the constantly having to provide customer support for these things must be driving some of you nuts.

Spread the word….