I ning’d and it felt soooo good

OK so I am hoping this makes sense to some, and helps many, unfortunatly whats new has blogger limits, and I feel wretched that I cant add more. there are so many limits with blogs and such but thanks to Zoe Connoly of SLBloggers I took a page out of her book and started another Ning Community HERE , now this might get used, it might not, it took me ten minutes to set up so I am not going to cry if it doesnt, but I do urge as many of you as possible to give it a look and see how easy it is to utilise and hopefully promote the hell out of your stores and your fashionable finds.

SL Bloggers is awesome, totally I love it, but I would love to see content creators and designers especially showcasing their wares to all, and spreading the word, this will keep things lively I am hoping and also has so many options for forums, events listing and so on, a great way to make things easier to track. You can blog directly there if you dont have your own blog or even just copy paste html code from your own posts to the blog system there, so an extra five seconds work to spread more to hopefully more people.

NO Drama though, really really I am over it, I know Ive contributed to it in the past, but its making me ill, we want to know the good things, we work to hard every day to not only get that but deserve that.

Like I said its there and I would love you all to use it, its a shame fashion planet cant be updated as much as possible but this is only one more click of a bookmark and hopefully you can get as much if not more info this way *fingers crossed* .

Ill try and make a logo lol I so suck at that as you all know, but hey lets make it fun ok .