Crush Factory OPENING

Mikayla and Paisley have opened a new store location for Crush Factory and the Cute Institute , and tonight is the opening celebration WOOHOOO, lots of newness and gifties YAY .


**We have done it again! Paisley and I have done another fabulous collaboration! It has been months in the making and it is FINALLY here!

Introducing *Hicadoola* the fun luau/beach themed set! We have clothes ranging from bathing suits,flip flops, dresses to a tourist outfit! Accessories such as a beach bag, sunglasses and FLOATIES! Decorations including a bar & stools, ice chest, wading pool, Feast table w/ a bbq pig, rafts, sand castle, lifeguard tower, and be buried as a mermaid! Furniture and lights to top it off. This is a must see must buy!

We also recently moved locations, so to celebrate our new stores and Hicadoola we are giving away *Hicadoola Bucks*!

We will have *Hicadoola Bucks* hidden around the entire build for various amounts of money. The bucks can be redeemed for any products sold by me, Mikayla Kohl or Paisley Poindexter!

*PLEASE NOTE* you CAN NOT be greedy and grab more than one gift card! If we find anyone grabbing more than one we will not validate it! These cards are first come first serve and are no transfer! If ur friend wants one … they must find one themselves.

Here is what is up for grabs…

15 *Hicadoola Bucks* worth $100
5 *Hicadoola Bucks* worth $500
2 *Hicadoola Bucks* worth $1000